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simply love it!
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Wow. That's awesome! I love it :D (Big Grin) 
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holy crap...the realism x3 great job. And soo creepy xD
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This is how he would look in real life
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Haha, this is really different :omg: I was led to your gallery from your Futurama pieces and then surprisingly stumbled upon my favourite Monster from what was my favourite Nicktoon (until Spongebob came out :giggle:). What really matches up so well is the fact that the environment and lighting is reminiscent of the way a lot of early 90's movies looked, dark, grungy and colourful, so that pairs up well with the time this cartoon was created, it actually looks like it could be a still from an animated live action movie they might have tried at the time, back when they would have had to use "puppets" instead before 3D software was advanced enough to produce a result like this :D
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I don't remember Krumm being so... scary.
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Any plans to do Ickis or Oblina?
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that's amazing :iconlaughingplz:
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WOW!!! He's so real!!
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Childhood memories and great 3D work!
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O.o Amazing! i remember this show xD
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wow I havn't seen that show in a logtme
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...I. I just.
Ahhhh all of the feels.
Still love this show ; v ; :heart:
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Totally having flashbacks with this one!
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Adequately ugly and disgusting. Good job!
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god i remember watching this as a kid but it wasn't as creepy as this 3D art very cool
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omg i saw this and i just thought EPIC! this was one of my fav cartoons as a kid!
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i seriously hope you did this for an upcoming movie..
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fuel of my nightmares ._.
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