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Doctor Crane, I Presume? by CrackedMack Doctor Crane, I Presume? :iconcrackedmack:CrackedMack 6 2
Journeyed Too Far West
January 24th, 1872
Arrived in Rose Dust today. Got a good overlook from the stagecoach as it crested a hill. Little more than a collection of shabby buildings all jumbled together in the bottom of horseshoe-shaped gulley. Timber frames of future dwellings out on the fringes, plenty of carpenters at work. Only places of merit seem to be the assay office and the town hall, maybe the local saloon. Not sure why Rose Dust has the name it does, but clearly a fresh boomtown; even the railroad hasn’t come out this far.
Met with Mayor Chandler, took me to Hoc’s saloon for drinks and to discuss my settling into town. Said his wife didn’t tolerate the thought of him drinking in his office. Friendly, just like in the letters. Offered to put me up in the hotel for the night while he finishes getting my place secured. Never met a man so outright welcoming in my life. Odd that he greets me so warmly; they must really need an undertaker.
January 27th, 1872
Been a few days now, and am
:iconcrackedmack:CrackedMack 60 10
Cardinal Directions
Happily ever after begins.
A medieval fantasy faire, alive
with carousel music, roundabout a sword
yet resting in a stone.
Never grow up,
don't take apples from strangers,
watch for trains and flying
Do you take bread and butterflies
with your tea?
Your attention, please!
Put on your Sunday clothes because
the Penny Arcade lights are flashing,
the opera house plays host to Mr. Lincoln,
and the barbershop quartet is crooning
"Sweet Betsy from Pike."
Summer nights from a golden childhood
that isn't ours, but feels like
it should be.
is 1986, and the future
has been knocked over
and rebuilt
shiny and new,
but somehow lacks the wonder
of that great big beautiful
I caught a boat upriver,
through jungle lands of enchantment,
home of tiki gods and a temple built
to the Buddha devil.
Adventure is out here, the blue bayou where I
threw in my lot with pirates
(and would have stayed with them,
if they h
:iconcrackedmack:CrackedMack 1 1
De Vliegende Hollander
"Sometimes I wonder if all the watery places in the world are haunted."
I looked up, mildly startled, from the tankard that I had been dreamily staring into. When last I had checked, I had been the only one about; the common room of the Cutty Shark tavern had been dark and empty, the innkeeper having long ago retired for the night and my only company being the muted sound of rain hitting the shingled roof. But I was no longer alone.
Into the dying lamplight, from the direction for the front door, came the speaker. He looked to be an old salt, dressed in oilskins to keep off the weather. The way he hobbled up to the bar, hood pulled up so as to nearly hide his face, one might mistake him for some wayward goblin off the road, yet he nimbly climbed onto the stool beside me. When he turned to face me, I could see a smile of crooked and missing teeth hidden amidst a salt-rimed gray beard. His skin was pale, wrinkled and cracked with the consistency of old leather.
"Here now, lad," said the
:iconcrackedmack:CrackedMack 4 10
Creak, creak...Urgh. Nearly...Squeak! Rattle. Snap!
Ahh. That is better. Dost thou curious soul now hear my voice? Verily, my attempts at speaking have at last come to fruition, and I may at last speak for myself.
Perhaps thou art frightened by my appearance, good sir or madam? Forgive me, for the gloom doth obstruct my vision of thee, and I cannot address thee with the proper decorum that I would like. Thou hast chanced upon what seems to be a curious geist; forsooth, though mine shape might intimidate thou, I am a chivalrous soul wrapped in a daunting visage, and thou will undoubtedly find worse troubles if thou wander further yet into the darkness of this ancient manor house.
I charge thee, please stay awhile and listen. It has been many a winter since I was able to bring myself to speak, and if thou cannot hear me, then pray, step closer so that thou might hear my tale of woe!
I was born of fire. My form was crafted of searing metal, and my shape was wrought by skilled hands. Throu
:iconcrackedmack:CrackedMack 4 2
Expedition Letters to Grace
Dear Grace,
You told me, back when we were visiting Peru and I was feeling down, that I would eventually find my calling in life. I write to you now to tell you, quite happily, that I have.
I can't explain much about it at the moment, only that my sudden absence from the university is for a reason. As I write, I am currently en route to New York City, to visit their museums and get a taste of the culture. I told you before how I wanted to visit New York while I had the chance, and now I travel with purpose.
I will say now, that while what I am about to do may seem strange to you, even mad, I can promise you that I am of sound mind and am determined to see my ambition through. Never before have I felt so strongly about the rightness of my decision. I will explain more in time. All I can tell you now is that I am launching my own expedition, and that it will be unorthodox, to say the least. I write you because you are my oldest and dearest friend, and I feel I can trust you.
Give my best
:iconcrackedmack:CrackedMack 130 24
Groundskeeper at Comic-Con by CrackedMack Groundskeeper at Comic-Con :iconcrackedmack:CrackedMack 40 24 David Contemplates the Mansion by CrackedMack David Contemplates the Mansion :iconcrackedmack:CrackedMack 5 3
The Library Plot
My master is a wizard of some repute; anyone could tell you that simply by observing his library. Even if you had never seen his face before, seen him strut about in his fancy embroidered robes and pointed wizard hat (which went out of style ages ago), you would know he was a wizard if you perused the books he has collected. His private library is a font of knowledge, a den of arcane secrets passed down through generations of sorcerers, savants, mystics and soothsayers. Here, scribed on papers bound in leather, cloth and dragonhide, are all the tricks of the trade my master plies.
And it is here, in his library, that I spend the majority of my time these days, plotting his downfall.
Oh, it's not like my master has ever treated me unkindly. Quite the opposite: he took me into his home when I was alone, a poor sad victim of the streets. He keeps me fed, offers me a place to sleep, has nothing but kind words to say to me. He gives me free reign of his household and lets me come and go as
:iconcrackedmack:CrackedMack 206 65
The Fragile - Part 2
A month was spent amid the ever-shifting sands, and our caravan trundled onward. After what seemed like an eternity, the landscape began to change: patches of grass, prickly bushes, palm and date trees started to appear in patches around us. I remembered the old tales, of how the djinn had made the first gardens out of the arid wastelands, that only those who survived the trials of the desert would see them. I felt, as the land became more rich with greenery, that we were wandering into such a paradise garden.
At last we came upon the city, the White Jewel of Suhalla, gleaming as brightly as the sea it rested beside, and my fantasies were confirmed. It is difficult to describe the wonder that fell over me as we passed under the great alabaster arch, coming upon the bustling entrance plaza of this greatest of cities. Everything here was grand and beautiful to behold: towers bore rounded, gleaming minarets. There were sprawling salons, bathhouses, temples, libraries, theaters, centers of
:iconcrackedmack:CrackedMack 2 0
Macken's ID by CrackedMack Macken's ID :iconcrackedmack:CrackedMack 0 0
The Fragile - Part 1
I will never forget how nighttime in Sida burned sensations into my addled brain, the way the desert sun's heat held in the stones long after it had vanished over the horizon. The night was humid, the streets filled with voices and choked with spiced aromas. I can still feel the dust that clung so stubbornly to my body; the only thing I could believe in then, the only thing solid in the confounding whirl of my life. The scents of the evening worked their way into my mind, making me numb.
The night changed things, for the sun had set in my life.
The Moonlight Market was a major event in the city. Merchants and artisans crowded the streets with their stalls, cantinas and shops burned their oil lamps late into the night, and shadows were pushed aside by the steady glimmer of the full moon. Sida was an exotic place as it was, but the Moonlight Market brought with it wonders that even a soul as jaded as mine could admire.
I was poor and destitute. I had not always been that way, but my yout
:iconcrackedmack:CrackedMack 1 2
The Race
The world was silent as the sun set.
In the town, bathed orange in the dying daylight, the market closed early, the sellers hastily packing their belongings away and advising their patrons to get indoors. Those walking the streets did not need to be told this, but found some small comfort in knowing other felt the same. They quietly, almost nervously returned to their homes, lit their paper lamps, put protective signs outside their dwellings and shut their screens tight. They huddled in the candlelight like scared rabbits. A few hummed old songs, while others quietly said prayers. Regardless, not a soul could be found outside as the shadow of the mountain crept across the village.
In the forest, the noises of coming night ceased. Unlike the humans, the animals were not afraid, just respectful, reverent. In their dens and nests, caves and burrows, they waited for the sun to go down.
In the graveyard, tucked within the forest, the last fiery glow of the sun illuminated the tall tombstone
:iconcrackedmack:CrackedMack 6 2


MIster Mix by nickkaur MIster Mix :iconnickkaur:nickkaur 43 9 Ickbarr Bigelsteine Creepypasta Fanart by nickkaur Ickbarr Bigelsteine Creepypasta Fanart :iconnickkaur:nickkaur 66 20 String Theory Creepypasta Fanart by nickkaur String Theory Creepypasta Fanart :iconnickkaur:nickkaur 46 0 Little Wooden Box Creepypasta Fanart by nickkaur Little Wooden Box Creepypasta Fanart :iconnickkaur:nickkaur 37 9 Midnight Marinara Pasta Shade by nickkaur Midnight Marinara Pasta Shade :iconnickkaur:nickkaur 45 21 Forenzik - for the 'Undercooked Analysis' podcast by nickkaur Forenzik - for the 'Undercooked Analysis' podcast :iconnickkaur:nickkaur 78 10 Bluebird by Bucketfox Bluebird :iconbucketfox:Bucketfox 3 0 Congratulations, Midnight Marinara! by Bucketfox Congratulations, Midnight Marinara! :iconbucketfox:Bucketfox 5 4 Whispers by Bucketfox Whispers :iconbucketfox:Bucketfox 3 0 Knocking by Bucketfox Knocking :iconbucketfox:Bucketfox 5 0 The Good People by Bucketfox The Good People :iconbucketfox:Bucketfox 1 0 The Welcoming Committee by Knadire The Welcoming Committee :iconknadire:Knadire 10 12 Midnight Marinara - Daycare by Bucketfox Midnight Marinara - Daycare :iconbucketfox:Bucketfox 6 3
The Writer's Ink
Jonathan sat trembling in the dark. He stared at nothing, his eyes not penetrating the circle of blackness that surrounded him. A single lamp illuminated the round table he sat at, allowing him enough light to see the edges of it and nothing more. A tea pot and half-empty cup sat in the centre. With a trembling hand he reached toward it and took it towards his lips, not truly looking at it as he drank. He set the cup down on a plate. The cup rattled against it, the only sound save for the thunder that rumbled in the distance.
He heard a switch flick. Jonathan shut his eyes for a moment, temporarily blinded by the harshness of the light that filled the room. He opened them again to see a small, white kitchen. A single window and two doors broke the array of cabinets the covered the walls.
Standing in an open door was Chris, Jonathan’s friend and housemate. He had a hand on the light switch.
“John, what are you doing? It’s after midnight!” Chris asked.
Jonathan ke
:iconericambm:EricAMBM 200 121
Midnight Marinara Logo - Final by Bucketfox Midnight Marinara Logo - Final :iconbucketfox:Bucketfox 5 2




United States
Don't mind me, I just serve drinks at this themed restaurant.

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Oh. Hey. This is still here? Huh. Haven't checked dA in awhile. Wonder what's new...

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Well! Four days late, and I finally notice that my Expedition Letters story got a DD! I can't thank you all enough for the boost in spirit this has given me, and for all the kind comments I've received! I'll see if I can reply to a few of them, but just in case I don't, here's a big general shout-out to everyone! I am incredibly grateful.
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