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Ok so i received a couple of complaints regarding the folder reading to its size limit...
guys i made a featured folder 2 a long time ago and no art has been submitted through that one.
so u want your art submitted then please summit it to the featured folder that's at the bottom of the gallery page
Hello, everyone. I'm hosting an art jam with a twist- all participants get a small prize. All you have to do is submit something pertaining to femslash and post it during the month of February!
Check it out!…
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Red Robin Sandwiched 7 by Rouek by Schwartzwald
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Red Robin Sandwiched 7 by Rouek :iconschwartzwald:Schwartzwald 48 10
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Love From Another World chapter one :icongizzygizzygizzy:gizzygizzygizzy 1 0


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Group Info


This is a list of all of the unusual pairings that the members and admins are fans of. When you join just tell us the fandom of origin and then the pairing, and you'll be instantly added to the list! Heck, if you find a pairing you enjoy that you've never thought of on here, feel free to request to add your name next to it!


It's in alphabetical order, too! 8D

:: PAIRING LIST (of crack!) ::

Adventure Time:

Finn x Lumpy Space Princess <--xCaligula

Avatar: The Last Airbender:

Aang x Toph <--YOYOLOVER5656, Rairox64
Zuko x Katara <--YOYOLOVER5656
Mai x Ty Lee <--YOYOLOVER5656
Roku x Sozin <--YOYOLOVER5656
Zuko x Ty Lee <--YOYOLOVER5656
Zuko x Sokka <--YOYOLOVER5656, Rairox64
Zuko x Toph <--YOYOLOVER5656, hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Toph x Sokka <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Sokka x Azula <--Skidzz

The Avengers

Thor x Loki <--Kkboombox, Femalefonzie
Tony Stark (Iron Man) x Steve Rogers (Captain America) <--Femalefonzie

Avenue Q:

Rod x Nicky <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich

The Big Bang Theory:

Raj x Howard <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich, Rairox64
Amy x Penny <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Penny x Sheldon <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich, Rairox64


Rukia x Gin <--EvilwomaN
Orihime x Grimmjow <--Evilwomen, pocky-massacre
Orihime x Aizen <--Evilwomen
Unohana x Ukitake <--Evilwomen
Szayel x Orihime <--pocky-massacre
Byakuya x Orihime <--pocky-massacre
Shuuhei x Soifon <--pocky-massacre
Ggio x Soifon <--pocky-massacre
Grimmjow x Nel <--pocky-massacre
Ukitake x Rukia <--Queen-of-Disturbia
Ulquiorra x Orihime <--Queen-of-Disturbia, Flurffy
Ryuuken x Ichigo <--Liz-kun
Ichigo x Tensa Zangetsu <--Liz-kun
Ulquiorra x Uryuu Ishida <--Liz-kun
Kaname Tosen x Yourchi <--1337deidara
Aizen x Rangiku <--misspagette
Ichigo x Rangiku <--ForbiddenchasmX
Kenpachi x Hanataro <--tsukikokyochi
Barragan x Soifon <--PGS0890
Starrk x Orihime <--Hellguard274
Abirama x Mila Rose <--Hellguard274
Starrk x Nelliel <--Hellguard274
Grimmjow x Ulquiorra <--Ephere
Renji Abarai x Senna <--SakuraIchigo15


Don Patch x Beauty <--MissusPatches
Bobobo x Don Patch <--MissusPatches


Smiley x Phoney <--MissusPatches
Phoney x Fone <--MissusPatches


Sweets x Camille Saroyan <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Sweets x Vincent Nigel Murray <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Bones x Angela <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Bones x Zack <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Spike x Angel <--Femalefonzie
Spike x Oz <--Femalefonzie

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command:

NOS-4-A2 x Ty Parsec <--UrbanBanshee

Chrono Trigger:

Lavos x Zeal <--XxKraitxX
Cyrus x Schala <--XxKraitxX
Magus x FemFlea <--XxKraitxX

Class of the Titans

Archie x Theresa <--HoneyGoddess57
Herry x Atlanta <--HoneyGoddess57
Archie x Herry <--HoneyGoddess57

Crash Bandicoot

Doctor Nefarious Tropy x Megumi <--nightchildmoonchild

Criminal Minds

Hotch x Prentiss<--AmethystFire


Cross x Allen <--xCaligula
Lavi x Road <--LongLiveLink


Harleen Quinzel x Jonathan Crane <--Queen-of-Disturbia
Killer Moth x Harley Quinn <--lollirotfest
Edward Nygma x Harleen Quinzel <--xCaligula
Jonathan Crane x Pamela Isly <--xCaligula

Danny Phantom:

Evil!Danny x Clockwork <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich


Bob,Agent of HydraDeadpool <--Queen-of-Disturbia
JuiceBargirl x Deadpool <--Queen-of-Disturbia

Death Note:

L x Misa <--XxKraitxX, Rairox64, YOYOLOVER5656, bionicman2, Evilwomen, xCaligula
Near x Sayu <--XxKraitxX, Queen-of-Disturbia
Mello x Misa <--bionicman2
Misa x Rem <--Evilwomen
B x Misa <--Queen-of-Disturbia
Misa x Sayu <--xCaligula
Mikami x Raito <--Queen-of-Disturbia
Maomi x BB <--Queen-of-Disturbia
Sayu x L <--Queen-of-Disturbia, xCaligula
Matsuda x Misa <--xCaligula
Ryuk x Rem <--Snowhippy

Deep Fear

Dubois Amalric x John Mayor <--queenofshiba

Devil May Cry

Dante x Credo <--Yama-shadow-wolf

Dragon Ball Z:

Goku x Vegeta <--Marsha-chan


Jo x Fargo <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Stark x Carter <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich

Fairly Odd Parents:

Cosmo x Timmy <--Marsha-chan
Anti-Cosmo x Nega-Timmy <--Marsha-chan
Nega-Timmy x Timmy <--Marsha-chan
Sanderson x Timmy <--Marsha-chan

Final Fantasy VI:

Setzer x Edgar <--MrTwinklehead
Gau x Sabin <--MrTwinklehead
Terra x Sabin <--Shade-Duelist
Terra x Cyan <--Shade-Duelist

Final Fantasy VII:

Cid x Yuffie <--pencilofdoom
Angeal x Vincent <--DamnWhiteRabbit
Angeal x Cloud <--DamnWhiteRabbit
Cid x Vincent <--Shade-Duelist
Red XIII/Cait Sith <--FenrirDarkWolfe
Cid x Aeris <--queenofshiba

Final Fantasy VIII

Edea x Kiros <--bionicman2
Ultimecia X Squall <--MyEmail
Quistis x Nida <--nightchildmoonchild
Zell x Rinoa <--nightchildmoonchild
Zell x Selphie <--nightchildmoonchild
Irvine x Zell <--FenrirDarkWolfe

Final Fantasy IX

Steiner x Zidane <--emilythesmelly
Freya x Baku <--emilythesmelly

Final Fantasy X

Clasko x Calli <--nightchildmoonchild
Wakka x Tidus <--FenrirDarkWolfe
Lulu x Yuna <--FenrirDarkWolfe
Auron x Kimahri <--FenrirDarkWolfe

Final Fantasy XII

Vaan x Tomaj <--emilythesmelly
Penelo x Fran <--emilythesmelly
Vayne x Cid <--emilythesmelly
Vaan x Mjrn <--nightchildmoonchild
Baralai x Leblanc <--queenofshiba

Final Fantasy X-2

Paine x Rikku <--FenrirDarkWolfe
Baralai x Gippal <--FenrirDarkWolfe
Brother x Buddy <--FenrirDarkWolfe

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest

Kaeli x Reuben <--Shade-Duelist


Joey x Chandler <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich

Full Metal Alchemist

Roy Mustang x Edward Eric <--SakuraIchigo15, marziyyih
Riza Hawkeye x Jean Havoc <--SakuraIchigo15
Edward Elric x Lust <--marziyyih


Bender x Robot Devil <--MissusPatches
Leela x Robot Devil <--MissusPatches
Leela x Bender <--MissusPatches
Bender x Fry <--MissusPatches
Smitty x URL <--MissusPatches


Finn x Puck <--Femalefonzie
Sebastian x Karofsky <--Femalefonzie
Brittney x Joe <--Femalefonzie

Harry Potter:

Draco x Harry <--YOYOLOVER5656, hallo-ich-Liebe-dich, Femalefonzie
Harry x Ron <--Rairox64
Peeves x Moaning Myrtle <--MissusPatches
Draco x Hermione <--Rairox64, princessaquarius, hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Hermione x Fleur Delacour <--Freyja-Valkyrie
Harry Potter x Luna Lovegood <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich, Darklight-phoenix
Sirius x Lupin <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich, yuki-louve
Hermione x Minerva <--unknownvizard
Severus x Hermione <--LadyZaria
James x Hermione <--LadyZaria
Harry x Bellatrix <--swchick

Happy Tree Friends

Flaky x Lumpy <--lollirotfest


Kroenen x Nuala <--nightchildmoonchild

Hetalia: Axis Powers / Hetalia: World Series

Germany x America <--YOYOLOVER5656
Germany x Ukraine <--YOYOLOVER5656, King-Mylaxu
America x Japan <--Rairox64, xCaligula, PastaNotWar
America x Canada <--YOYOLOVER5656, Rairox64
Estonia x Ukraine <--YOYOLOVER5656
World x World <--YOYOLOVER5656, Rairox64
N. Italy x S. Italy <--YOYOLOVER5656
France x UK <--YOYOLOVER5656, Rairox64
America x UK <--YOYOLOVER5656, Rairox64
America x Prussia <--Rairox64, K224
Germany x Prussia <--YOYOLOVER5656
Romano x Prussia <--Rairox64, June-Malatesta, hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
America x China <--Rairox64, hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Netherlands x Liechtenstein <--King-Mylaxu
Russia x Belgium <--King-Mylaxu
Canada x Belarus <--King-Mylaxu
Russia x Taiwan <--SerketXXI
Russia x Norway <--SerketXXI
Russia x Japan <--Ryuiki-kitana
UK x Prussia <--K224
Russia x Germany <--K224
Vietnam x Belarus <--K224
Switzerland x Poland <--lollirotfest
Liechtenstein x Sealand <--lollirotfest
Bulgaria x Lithuania <--lollirotfest
Ukraine x Lithuania <--lollirotfest
Hungary x Belarus <--lollirotfest
Hungary x Belgium <--lollirotfest
Turkey x Hungary <--lollirotfest
Switzerland x Belgium <--lollirotfest
America x Ice Cream <--lollirotfest, Rairox64
Germany x Denmark <--joeythekangaroo
Canada x North Italy <--June-Malatesta
Germany x Hungary <--BettasPage
Turkey x Ukraine <--BettasPage
Germany x Seychelles <--YOYOLOVER5656
Russia x France <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Russia x America <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Greece x Turkey <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Belgium x Estonia <--ssbb2010
Belarus x Sweden <--ssbb2010
Romania x Taiwan <--Mundochibi
Male!Belarus x Romano <--DtKFTW
Pirate!England x China <--SlashGod
America x N. Italy <--UndyingSins
Switzerland x Belarus <--PastaNotWar
Lithuania x Liechtenstein <--PastaNotWar
Romano x Liechtenstein <--PastaNotWar
Germany x Canada <--AcidicGumdrops
ChinaxKumajirou <--IAmTheBlackbird
SouthKoreaxRussia <--IAmTheBlackbird
HongKongxRussia <--IAmTheBlackbird
ChinaxCanada <--IAmTheBlackbird
ChinaxBelarus <--IAmTheBlackbird
ChinaxUkraine <--IAmTheBlackbird
ChinaxLatvia <--IAmTheBlackbird
ChinaxEstonia <--IAmTheBlackbird
ChinaxLithuania <--IAmTheBlackbird
ChinaxItaly <--IAmTheBlackbird
SouthKoreaxJapan <--IAmTheBlackbird
HongKongxJapan <--IAmTheBlackbird
PrussiaxJapan <--IAmTheBlackbird
RussiaxItaly <--IAmTheBlackbird
RussiaxSouthKorea <--IAmTheBlackbird
RussiaxHongKong <--IAmTheBlackbird
RussiaxMexico <--IAmTheBlackbird
Dark!RussiaxRussia <--IAmTheBlackbird
Dark!ChinaxChina <--IAmTheBlackbird
Dark!PrussiaxPrussia <--IAmTheBlackbird
N. Italy x Taiwan <--Giganotus
England x Monaco <--Giganotus
Liechtenstein x Latvia <--Giganotus
America x Vietnam <--Giganotus
Holy Roman Empire x Liechtenstein <--RogueWarrior869
Prussia x Ukraine <--RogueWarrior869
South Italy x Belarus <--RogueWarrior869

Homestuck/MS Paint Adventures
KaratxTavros <--lollirotfest
KaratxBucket <--lollirotfest

House of the Dead

Kate Green x Caleb Goldman <--queenofshiba

The Hunger Games Trilogy

Finnick x Katniss <--YOYOLOVER5656
Gale x Peeta <--YOYOLOVER5656, likaspain
Gale x Prim <--YOYOLOVER5656
Gale x Johanna <--YOYOLOVER5656
Marvel x Cato <--Femalefonzie
Cato x Katniss <--jasminesamazashi


Sesshomaru x Kagume <--pocky-massacre
Bankotsu x Kagome <--pocky-massacre
Inuyasha x Sango <--WingzemonX
Naraku x Yura of Hairs <--WingzemonX

Invader Zim

Zim x Gaz <--zizkir

Jimmy Neutron

Nick x Jimmy <--Femalefonzie

King of Fighters

K' x Athena <--Vulpixi-Misa
Kyo x Shingo <--Vulpixi-Misa
Terry x Rock <--Vulpixi-Misa
Iori x Leona <--AmethystFire
Iori x Chizuru <--AmethystFire
Iori x Vice <--AmethystFire
Iori x Mature <--AmethystFire

Kingdom Hearts

Leon/Squall Leonhart x Sora <--Tysonkaiexperiment
Roxas x Namine <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Ventus x Namine <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Xaldin x Lexaeus <--FenrirDarkWolfe
Xigbar x Luxord <--FenrirDarkWolfe
Vanitas x Zexion <--firepokemonluva

Canterbury x Hannah <--Jashin4Hidan

Kyo Kara Maoh

Wolfram x Guinter <--Saika96
Gunter x Conrad <--Saika96
Gwendal x Conrad <--Saika96
Ken x Yuri <--Saika96
The Great One x Yuri <--Saika96
Meko x Conrad <--Saika96
Raven x Yuri <--Saika96

League of Legends:

Shaco x Jinx <--xCaligula
Yasuo x Twisted Fate <--Ladarknille
Yasuo x Xin zhao <--Ladarknille


Louis x Zoey <--YOYOLOVER5656
Witch x Hunter <--YOYOLOVER5656


Nick x Ellis <--YOYOLOVER5656
Witch x Hunter <--YOYOLOVER5656
Nick x Rochelle <--YOYOLOVER5656

Legend of Zelda

Ganondorf x Link <--AwesomeBlossomPossum

Looney Toons:

Bugs Bunny x Daffy Duck <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich

Lord of the Flies

Jack x Ralph <--mellosky, Rairox64

Monster High

Clawdeen x Deuce <--Femalefonzie
Draculaura x Holt <--Femalefonzie
Abbey x Cupid <--xCaligula

My Candy Love

Nathaniel x Castiel <--Femalefonzie

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:

Discord x Pinkie Pie <--xCaligula
Rainbow Dash x Fluttershy <--xCaligula
Applejack x Rarity <--xCaligula
Rainbow Dash x Scootaloo <--xCaligula


Gaara x Hinata <--YOYOLOVER5656, Rairox64, pocky-massacre
Neji x Konan <--XxKraitxX
Sasuke x Kurenai <--XxKraitxX
Pein x Hanabi <--XxKraitxX
Tobi x Tenten <--XxKraitxX
Kisame x Ino <--puppetmastah
TenTen x Jiraiya <--pencilofdoom, bionicman2
Sasuke x Tenten <--SabrinaUtake, Evilwomen, Sasuke4Tenten
Naruto x Lee <--tsuki50
Shino x Ino <--tsuki50
Kankuro x Tenten <--tsuki50, Rairox64, YOYOLOVER5656, Evilwomen, Sasuke4Tenten
Sasori x Konan <--YOYOLOVER5656, Rairox64
Kakashi x Kurenai <--Rairox64
Hidan x Temari <--Rairox64
Naruto x Temari <YOYOLOVER5656, Hikuraschi
Kyuubi x Naruto <--tsuki50
Neji x Kiba <--aki-no-mia
Sasuke x Deidara <--snickerpiggy9021
Jiraiya x 3rdHokage <--arikoh
Hidan x Deidara x Sasori <--Rairox64
Akatsuki x Sakura <--Rairox64, pocky-massacre
Akatsuki x Konan <--Rairox64
Sasori x Deidara <--Rairox64, YOYOLOVER5656
Neji x Hinata <--bionicman2, Evilwomen, pocky-massacre
Jiraiya x Hinata <--bionicman2
Sasori x Shizune <--xMimameidx
Itachi x Hana <--xMimameidx
Iruka x Sasuke <--Evilwomen
Kakashi x Sakura <--YOYOLOVER5656, Evilwomen, pocky-massacre
Naruto x Ino <--xCaligula
Shino x Sakura <--xCaligula
Deidara x Sakura <--YOYOLOVER5656, Rairox64, Nami-ya, pocky-massacre
Kiba x Sakura <--YOYOLOVER5656, pocky-massacre
Hidan x Deidara <--YOYOLOVER5656
Hidan x Sakura <--pocky-massacre
Pein x Sakura <--pocky-massacre
Deidara x Konan <--YOYOLOVER5656, pocky-massacre
Neji x Sakura <--pocky-massacre
Sasori x Kankuro <--SasoXKanklover666
Sasori x Sakura <--Queen-of-Disturbia
Madara x Sakura <--Queen-of-Disturbia
Sasuke x Hinata <--masaki-jamie
Lee x Ino <--xCaligula
Shikamaru x Hinata <--YOYOLOVER5656
Deidara x Ino <--xCaligula
Jiraiya x Ino <--xCaligula
Shizune x Tenten <--xCaligula
Ebisu x Karin <--xCaligula
Shisui x Sakura <--Queen-of-Disturbia
Izuna x Sakura <--Queen-of-Disturbia
Izuna x Madara <--Queen-of-Disturbia
Madara x Itachi <--Queen-of-Disturbia
Minato Namikaze x Sasuke <--Liz-kun
Jiraiya x Naruto <--xCaligula
Ino x Hinata <--xCaligula
Kakashi x Tenten <--xCaligula
Kakashi x Karin <--xCaligula
Kushina x Kurara <--Panur
Minato x Yondaime <--Panur
Orochimaru X Tenzou (Yamato) <--DracoAries
Tsunade x Gai <--xox-sasaki-xox
Gai x Rock Lee <--RyeUkitake
Gai x Kakashi <--RyeUkitake
Kiba x Tenten <--Sasuke4Tenten
Naruto x Tenten <--Sasuke4Tenten
Kisame X Itachi <--OTMarch
Tsunade x Deidara <--Demon-Slayer13, Saika96
Jiraiya x Kakashi <--Demon-Slayer13


Nodoka x Setsuna <--Cult-of-Yoshikawa

Marvel Comics:

Deadpool x Spiderman <--Fenrize
Steve Rogers (Captain America) x Deadpool <--GuildPrincipalDio

The Adventures of Merlin:

Arthur x Merlin <--Rairox64, YOYOLOVER5656, hallo-ich-Liebe-dich, touch-of-jade, Darklight-phoenix
Arthur x Morgana <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich

One Piece:

Buggy x Shanks <--MissusPatches
Tashigi x Smoker <--MissusPatches

The Outsiders

Steve x Soda <--Femalefonzie
Dally x Johnny <--Femalefonzie

Pandora Hearts:

Liam x Ada <--HikaruFan555

Phoenix Wright:

Daryan Crescend x Older!Regina Berry <--pikazard

Pinky and the Brain

Pinky x Brain <--MissusPatches
Brain x Snowball <--MissusPatches


Brock x May <--xCaligula
James x Gardenia <--xCaligula
Ash x May <--Rairox64
Officer Jenny x Nurse Joy <--lollirotfest, Darklight-phoenix
Rotom x Ditto <--lollirotfest
Mew x MewTwo <--lollirotfest
Gold x Yellow <--ForbiddenchasmX
Steven Stone x Cynthia <--saniyoyousefi
Tyranitar x Aggron <--saniyoyousefi
Brendan x May <--saniyoyousefi
Dawn x Paul <--saniyoyousefi
Barry x Bianca <--saniyoyousefi
Blaziken x Sceptile <--saniyoyousefi
Ash x Dawn <--saniyoyousefi
Dawn x Zoey <--saniyoyousefi
Ruby x N <--Meruna-chan
Youngster Joey x Silver <--Meruna-chan
Ruby x Silver <--Meruna-chan
Kanto Pokedex x Hoenn Pokedex <--Meruna-chan
Gold x N <--Meruna-chan
Gold x Ruby <--Meruna-chan
Morty x Volkner <--Meruna-chan
Maxie x May <--xCaligula

Powerpuff Girls

Blossom x Boomer <--KazunaPikachu

Red vs. Blue

York x Caboose <--nightchildmoonchild
Sarge x Tex <--nightchildmoonchild
Maine x 479er <--:devxCaligula

Regular Show:

Benson x Eileen <--xCaligula

Resident Evil Series:

Nemesis x Jill <--TheTentacleCommander
Chris x Sheva <--YOYOLOVER5656
Wesker x Sheva <--YOYOLOVER5656
Jill x Sheva <--YOYOLOVER5656
Chris x Wesker <--YOYOLOVER5656
Josh Stone x Sheva Alomar <--1337deidara
Carter x Yoko <--nightchildmoonchild
Ada Wong x Agent HUNK <--nightchildmoonchild
Claire and Agent HUNK <--angelic-noir

Rice Boy:

TOE x Calabash <--MissusPatches

Robin Hood:

Guy x Robin <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Robin x Much <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Little John x Eleanor of Aquitaine <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich

Rockman Classic Universe:

Gyroman x Shadowman <--MrTwinklehead

Rockman EXE Universe:

Blues x Elecman <--MrTwinklehead
Colonel x Searchman <--MrTwinklehead

Rurounin Kenshin

Aoishi x Enishi <--Liz-kun
Yukishiro Enishi x Sayo Amakusa <--WingzemonX

Sailor Moon:

Sailor Saturn x Tuxedo Kamen <--Evilwomen
Sailor Moon x Prince Diamond <--Evilwomen
Usagi x Rei <--DavisJes Darklight-phoenix
Usagi/Minako <--DavisJes
Ami/Rei <--DavisJes
Ami/Minako <--DavisJes
Ami/Usagi <--DavisJes
Rei/Minako <--DavisJes
Rei/Hotaru <--DavisJes
Makoto/Ami <--DavisJes
Makoto/Minako <--DavisJes
Makoto/Haruka <--DavisJes
Makoto/Usagi <--DavisJes
Minako/Artemis <--DavisJes
ChibiUsa/Setsuna <--DavisJes
Setsuna/Minako <--DavisJes
Setsuna/Usagi <--DavisJes
Setsuna/Ami <--DavisJes
Haruka/Michiru/Setsuna <--DavisJes
Haruka/Usagi <--DavisJes
Haruka/Setsuna <--DavisJes
Michiru/Setsuna <--DavisJes
Michiru/Ami <--DavisJes
Hotaru/Minako <--DavisJes
Hotaru/Setsuna <--DavisJes
Hotaru/Helios <--DavisJes, TheRealJerseyDevil
Seiya/Kakyuu <--DavisJes
Seiya/Usagi <--DavisJes
Yaten/Luna <--DavisJes
Kakyuu/Usagi <--DavisJes
Kousagi/ChibiChibi <--DavisJes
Queen Serenity/Setsuna <--DavisJes
Luna/Usagi <--DavisJes
Usagi/Galaxia <--DavisJes
Usagi/En <--DavisJes
Usagi/Rubeus <--DavisJes
Ami/Sapphire <--DavisJes
Minako/Diamond <--DavisJes
Setsuna/Beryl <--DavisJes
Setsuna/Sapphire <--DavisJes
Setsuna/Professor Tomoe <--DavisJes
Setsuna/Nehellenia <--DavisJes
Hotaru/Peruru <--DavisJes
Kakyuu/Galaxia <--DavisJes
Queen Serenity/Beryl <--DavisJes
Beryl/Metallia <--DavisJes
Black Lady/Mistress Nine <--DavisJes
Diamond/Emerald <--DavisJes
Beruche/Diamond <--DavisJes
Diamond/Black Lady <--DavisJes
Prof Tomoe/Kaori <--DavisJes
Mistress 9/Pharoh 90 <--DavisJes
Fisheye/Aluminum Siren <--DavisJes
Lead Crow/Aluminum Siren <--DavisJes
Iron Mouse/Tin Nyakyo <--DavisJes
Galaxia/Nehellenia <--DavisJes
Dark Mercury/Kunzite PGSM <--DavisJes

Shaman King

Horo Horo x Anna <--Vulpixi-Misa
Manta x Anna <--Vulpixi-Misa
Horo Horo x Pirika <--Vulpixi-Misa
Hao Asakura x Iron Maiden Jeanne <--WingzemonX

Sherlock Holmes:

Sherlock x Watson <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Sherlock x Moriarty <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Sherlock x Lestrade <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

Prokhor Zakharov x Deirdre Skye <--Shade-Duelist

Silent Hill

Harry Mason x James Sunderland <--Liz-kun, YOYOLOVER5656
Joseph Schreiber x Lisa Garland <--nightchildmoonchild
Walter x Henry <--AwesomeBlossomPossum

The Simpsons

Bart x Milhouse <--Thelittlefairy95
Burns x Smithers <--Thelittlefairy95
Lenny x Carl <--Thelittlefairy95
Ralph x Allison <--Thelittlefairy95

Skip Beat

Sho x Ren <--likaspain

Sonic The Hedgehog:

Sonic x Tikal <--XxKraitxX
Shadow x Amy <--Rairox64
Shadow x Mina <--Evilwomen
Shadow x Rouge <--saniyoyousefi
Tails x Mina <--saniyoyousefi
Rouge x Tikal <--AwesomeBlossomPossum

Soul Calibur

Maxi x Cassandra (Soulcalibur II) <--nightchildmoonchild
Raphael Sorel x Ivy Valentine <--XxTheFireOkamiXx

Soul Eater

Black*Star x Patty <--xCaligula
Black*Star x Death the Kidd <--Rairox64
Sid x Nygus <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Spirit x Asuza <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Eruka x Free <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich, xCaligula
Justin x Giriko <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Stein x Marie <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich

South Park

Tweek Tweak x Jimmy Vulmer <--lollirotfest
Dylan(Red Goth) x Tweek <--lollirotfest
Craig Tucker x Damien Thorn <--lollirotfest
Eric Cartman x Henrietta Biggle <--lollirotfest
Clyde Donovan x Bradley Biggle <--lollirotfest
Terrance Mephesto x Tweek Tweak <--lollirotfest
Terrance Mephesto x Mint Berry Crunch <--lollirotfest
Clyde Donovan x Taco <--lollirotfest
Kyle x Wendy <--lollirotfest
Jason x Kevin Stoley <--lollirotfest
Red x Token <--lollirotfest
Kenny x Towelie <--lollirotfest

Spongebob Squarepants

Squidward x Sandy <--nightchildmoonchild

Star Fox

Falco Lombardi x Fox McCloud <--Rairox64
Falco Lombardi x Krystal <--Rairox64
Wolf O'Donnell x Fox McCloud <--YOYOLOVER5656

Sucker Punch

Sweet Pea x Tommy Soldier <--nightchildmoonchild

Super Smash Bros:

Marth x Pit <--Rairox64
Ike x Red <--Vulpixi-Misa
Mr. Game & Watch x Jigglypuff <--Vulpixi-Misa
Link x Young Link <--Vulpixi-Misa
Falco x Fox <--Rairox64
Ike x Marth <--Rairox64
Captain Falcon x Samus Aran <--nightchildmoonchild
Wii Fit Trainer x Little Mac <--xCaligula

Time Crisis and Eternal Darkness

Wild Dog x Alex Roivas <--queenofshiba
Alicia Winston x Wild Fang <--queenofshiba

Teen Titians

Jinx x Kole <--RetroRedTD
Slade x Terra <--xCaligula

Tokyo Mew Mew:

Ichigo x Mint <--xCaligula
Keiichiro x Mint <--xCaligula
Mint x Pudding <--xCaligula

True Blood:

Debbie x Sookie <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Tara x Alcide <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Jessica x Tommy <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich

Umineko no Naku Koro Ni:

Gaap x Cornelia <--werq1996
Ange x Kanon <--werq1996
Willard x Clair <--werq1996
Amakusa x Dlanor <--werq1996

The X-Files:

Skinner x Maggie Scully <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich


Rinnosuke Morichika (Touhou) x Reimu Hakurei <--Giganotus

Wizard of Oz:

The Scarecrow x Dorothy Gale <--xCaligula

Yu-Gi-Oh GX

Alexis x Chumley <--emilythesmelly

Yuru Yuri

Akari x Chitose <--Cult-of-Yoshikawa
Kyoko x Akari <--Cult-of-Yoshikawa

Yu Yu Hakusho:

Yusuke x Jin <--Marsha-chan


Crossover pairings:

Flying Mint Bunny (Hetalia) x Pikachu (Pokemon) <--ninjafaeri1
Squall (FFVIII) x Dante (Devil May Cry) <--DamnWhiteRabbit
Zack (FFVII) x Axel (Kingdom Hearts) <--DamnWhiteRabbit
Lulu (FFX) x Terra (KH Birth by Sleep) <--DamnWhiteRabbit
Sephiroth FFVII x Schrodinger- Hellsing <--DamnWhiteRabbit
Waldo (Where's Waldo?) x Carmen SanDiego (Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego?) <--YOYOLOVER5656, Rairox64
Vash the Stampede x Sailormoon <--ConcreteRose08-14
Woody Pride x Makoto Kino <--ConcreteRose08-14
Buzz Lightyear x Ami Mizuno <--ConcreteRose08-14
Blind Mag (Repo! The Genetic Opera x Karl Ruprecht Kroenen (Hellboy) <--nightchildmoonchild
Soul Eater Blair X Dex-Starr (DC comics) <--StarWarsMarvel
Il Lupo (Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood) X (Alistair Dragon Age: Origins) <--Lee-Kate
Italy(Hetalia) x Flying Spaghetti Monster <--lollirotfest
Porygon-Z(Pokemon) x Companion Cube(Portal) <--lollirotfest
Onion Head x Charrmy Kitty <--lollirotfest
Nutty(Happy Tree Friends) x Gummi Bear(from the Gummi Bear song) <--lollirotfest
Nutty(HTF) x Nutella <--lollirotfest
Lavi (D.Gray-Man) x Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach) <--AngyValentine
Samara(The Ring)xCousin IT(Addams Family) <--lollirotfest
Liliana Vess(Magic The Gathering) x Kenny McCormick(South Park) <--lollirotfest
Jhudora(Neopets/Neopia) x Liliana Vess(Magic The Gathering) <--lollirotfest
Thor(Marvel) x Marie Mjolnier(Soul Eater) <--StarWarsMarvel
Dormammu(Marvel) x Minerva(Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core) <--StarWarsMarvel
Kaito (Vocaloid) x Zexion (Kingdom Hearts) <--Reinden16
Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Rodger Rabbit?) X Joker (Dark Knight version) <--LongLiveLink
Darui (Naruto) x Shinbou Jacbos (No More Heros 1&2) <--1337deidara
Sasori (Naruto) x Rubi Maloon (Wet) <--1337deidara
Deidara (Naruto) x Matsuri Kudo (Bleach) <--1337deidara
Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji) x Kaiba (Yugioh) <--Cazuuki
Sniper (Team Fortress 2) x GLaDOS (Portal) <--nightchildmoonchild
Medic (Team Fortress 2) x Bridget Tenenbaum (Bioshock) <--nightchildmoonchild
Jack Spicer (Xiaolin showdown) x Gaz Membrane (Invader Zim) <--Panur
Xehenort(Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep) X Moogle(Final Fantasy) <--UltySo
Vanitas(Kingdom Hearts Birth BY Sleep) x Hope (Final Fantasy XIII) <--UltySo
Minato(Persona) x Ventus(Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep) <--UltySo
Chocobo (Final Fantasy) x Moogle(Final Fantasy) <--UltySo
Vergil (DMC3) x Demyx (Kingdom Hearts II) <--Yama-shadow-wolf
Rikku (FFX) x Taokaka (Blazblue) <--Yama-shadow-wolf
Momiji (Fruits Basket) x Minto (Tokyo-Mew-Mew) <--LongLiveLink
Jack Carter (Eureka) x Camille Saroyan x (Bones) <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Roxas (Kingdom Hearts) x Miss Martian (Young Justice) <--JessPeachee
Spy (Team Fortress) x Violet (The Incredibles) <--Spycrabby
Crona (Soul Eater) x Raven (Teen Titans) <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter) x Madame Morrible (Wicked) <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
The Wicked Witch of the West (The Wizard of Oz) x Darth Vader (Star Wars) <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender) x Hannibal Lector (The Silence of the Lambs) <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Dana Scully (The X-Files) x Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Rayne (BloodRayne) x Viktor Reznov (Call of Duty: World At War) <--nightchildmoonchild
Ram (Tron) x Aelita (Code Lyoko) <--nightchildmoonchild
Rae (DC Comics) x Jinx (Teen Titans) <--TammyV
Benedict Arnold (Liberty's Kids) x Albert Wesker (Resident Evil) <--nightchildmoonchild
Near (Death Note) x Alice Margatroid (Touhou) <--Giganotus
Mello (Death Note) x Marisa Kirisame (Touhou) <--Giganotus
Sesshoumaru (Inuyasha) x Momiji Inubashiri (Touhou) <--Giganotus
BB (Death Note) x Flandre Scarlet (Touhou) <--Giganotus
Matt (Death Note) X Nitori Kawashiro (Touhou) <--Giganotus
MCP (Tron) x SHODAN (System Shock series) <--nightchildmoonchild
HAL 9000 (2001: A Space Odyssey) x GLaDOS (Portal series) <--nightchildmoonchild
XANA (Code Lyoko) x ARIIA (Eagle Eye) <--nightchildmoonchild
Zero (Vampire Knight ) x Ikuto (Shugo Chara) <--Jashin4Hidan
Yami Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh!) x Yoko Suzuki (Resident Evil series) <--nightchildmoonchild
The Chicks of Highschool of the Dead x Howard the Duck <--:StarWarsMarvel:
Trish (Devil May Cry) x Wesker (Resident Evil) <--IceyTHORlover432
Tsunade (Naruto) x Dante (Devil May Cry) <--Saika96
Kyoko Mogami (Skip Beat) x Byakuya Kuchiki (Bleach) <--mangaaddict300
Raven (Teen Titans) x Zuko (Avatar: the Last Airbender) <--touch-of-jade
Ryuichi Sakuma (Gravitation) x Beast Boy (Teen Titans) <--touch-of-jade
Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender) X Slade (Teen Titans) <--touch-of-jade
Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender) X Ben Linus (LOST) <--touch-of-jade
Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender) X Joker (Dark Knight) <--touch-of-jade
Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender) X Tohma Seguchi (Gravitation) <--touch-of-jade
Beast Boy (Teen Titans) x Billie (Charmed) <--touch-of-jade
Go-4 (Wall-e) X Turret (Portal) <--dragontamer75
Ritsuka Aoyagi (Loveless) x Ciel Phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji) <--AoiAoyagiPhantomhive
Silver (Pokemon) x Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji) <--Lipton1990
Lady Eboshi (Princess Mononoke) x Colonel Miles Quaritch (Avatar) <--nightchildmoonchild
Pegasus (Hercules) x Princess Celestia (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic) <--nightchildmoonchild
Dante (Devil May Cry) x Makoto (Sailor Moon) <--ShadowShikome
Lady (Devil May Cry) x Rei (Sailor Moon) <--ShadowShikome
Killer Bee (Naruto) x Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach) <--:PGS0890:
Kratos(God of War) x Saber (Fate/Stay Night) <--:PGS0890:
Kakashi (Naruto) x Yoruichi (Bleach) <--:PGS0890:
Bertha (Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City) x Medic (Team Fortress 2) <--nightchildmoonchild
Zarbon (Dragonball Z) x Pegasus (Yu Gi Oh) <--LillyKitten-MOVED
Cygnus Hyoga (Saint Seiya) x Jade Harley (Homestuck) <--Perrcy
Spyro (Spyro the Dragon) x Rainbow Dash (MLP: FIM) <--Perrcy
Legolas (Lord of the Rings) x Sakura (Naruto) <--LadyxxHysteria, Rairox64
Fenrir (Norse Mythology) x Anubis (Egyptian God-like-thing) <--FenrirDarkWolfe
Yellow (Pokemon Special x Yugi Moto (Yugioh) <--:devforbiddemchasmx:
Draco (Harry Potter) x Sakura (Naruto) <--TwixnSnickerz34
Isabella Valentine (Soul Calibur) x Lord Cutler Beckett (Pirates of the Caribbean) <--nightchildmoonchild
America (Hetalia) x Steve Rogers (Avengers) <--IAmTheBlackbird
Cordelia (Angel/Buffy The Vampire Slayer) x Darry (The Outsiders) <--Femalefonzie
Jareth (Labyrinth) x Adrian (Little Nicky) <--Femalefonzie
Edward Elric (FMA) x Toshiro Hitsugaya (Bleach) <--SakuraIchigo15
Momiji Sohma (Fruits Basket) x Nelliel Tu Odelschwank (Bleach) <--SakuraIchigo15
Yachiru Kusajishi (Bleach) x Shippo (InuYasha) <--SakuraIchigo15
Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach) x Ichigo Momomiya (Tokyo Mew Mew) <--SakuraIchigo15
Ling Yao (Bleach) x OrihimeInoue (FMA) <--SakuraIchigo15
Gin Ichimaru (Bleach) x Ling Yao (FMA) <--SakuraIchigo15
May Chang (Bleach) x Yachiru Kusajishi (FMA) <--SakuraIchigo15
Vader (Star Wars) x Zuse (TRON: Legacy) <--MiscNapier
Russia (Hetalia) x Yuuka Kazami (Touhou) <--Giganotus
China (Hetalia) x Hong Meiling (Touhou) <--Giganotus
Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter) x Mrs. Lovett (Sweeney Todd) <--swchick
Rita Skeeter (Harry Potter) x Queen Mab (Romeo and Juliet) <--swchick
Tony Stark (Iron Man) x Bruce Wayne (Batman) <--Cazuuki
Anakin (Star Wars) x Elphaba (Wicked) <--swchick
Rita Skeeter (Harry Potter) x Ledian (Pokemon) <--swchick
McGonagall (Harry Potter) x Kyo Sohma (Fruits Basket) <--swchick
Akito Sohma (Fruits Basket) x Sirius Black (Harry Potter) <--swchick
Uchiha Itachi (Naruto) x North Italy (Hetalia) <--RogueWarrior869
Sabaku no Temari (Naruto) x Kagura (Inuyasha) <--RogueWarrior869
Haruno Sakura (Naruto) x Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid) <--RogueWarrior869
Tsubaki Nakatsukasa (Soul Eater) X Itachi Uchiha (Naruto) <--RappingKillerBee
Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson) X Deidara (Naruto) <--RappingKillerBee
Hinata (Naruto) X Death the Kid (Soul Eater) <--RappingKillerBee
Rukia (Bleach) X Gohan (DBZ) <--RappingKillerBee
Izzy (Total Drama series) x Luna (Harry Potter) <--swchick
Bellatrix (Harry Potter) x Heather (Total Drama series) <--swchick
Bellatrix (Harry Potter) x Darth Vader (Star Wars) <--swchick
Isabeau (Ladyhawke) x Tobias (Animorphs) <--swchick
Jake (Animorphs) x Kisa (Fruits Basket) <--swchick
Edaniel (Bizenghast) x Luna (Harry Potter) <--swchick
Ellone (Final Fantasy VIII) x Auron (Final Fantasy X) <--queenofshiba
Wild Fang (Time Crisis) x Alex Roivas (Eternal Darkness) <--queenofshiba
Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog) x Hilda (Pokemon) <--HildaSaikixFuuWhite
Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog) x Mei (Pokemon) <--HildaSaikixFuuWhite
Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog) x Clair (Pokemon) <--HildaSaikixFuuWhite
Jinx (League of Legends) x Harley Quinn (Batman)


OTIs (One-true Infinisomes) or multi-character pairings! (Not Crossovers)

(Naruto)Deidara x Hidan x Sasori <--YOYOLOVER5656, Rairox64
(Naruto) Ino x Jiraiya x Naruto x Sakura <--xCaligula
(Naruto) Ino x Jiraiya x Moegi <--xCaligula
(Resident Evil 5)Chris x Wesker x Sheva <--YOYOLOVER5656
(Harry Potter) Harry x Ron x Hermione <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
(Wicked) Glinda x Boq <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Glinda x Elphaba x Fiyero <--hallo-ich-Liebe-dich
Hichigo Shirosaki x Dark Rukia x Deak (Bleach and D.Gray-Man) <--AngyValentine
Gold x Ruby x Silver <--Meruna-chan
Ruby x N x Silver <--Meruna-chan
Gold x Ruby x N x Silver <--Meruna-chan
Yasuo x Twisted Fate x Xin zhao <--Ladarknille


OTIs (One True Infinisomes) or multi-character pairings! (Crossovers)

Roy Mustang (FMA) x Edward Elric (FMA) x Toshiro Hitsugaya (Bleach) <--SakuraIchigo15
Medusa Gorgon (Soul Eater) x Marvel: The End's Akhenaten (Marvel Comics) x Mizore Shirayuki (+ Vampire) x Belarus (Axis Powers Hetalia) <--StarWarsMarvel
Moka Akashiya (Rosario+Vampire) x Kaname Kuran (Vampire Knight) <--Cazuuki
Carrieta White (Carrie) x Erik (Phantom of the Opera) <--nightchildmoonchild
Atrocitus(DC Comics) x Ruby Toujo(Rosario + Vampire) x Tifa Lockheart(FF7) x Hattori Junko(Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou) <--StarWarsMarvel
Spiderman x Arachne Gorgon(Soul Eater) x Juri Han(Street Fighter) x Spiderwoman <--StarWarsMarvel
Hellboy x Harry Potter x Captain America <--superkhrys
Shaula Gorgon x Courage the Cowardly Dog x The Annoying Orange x Vanessa Hudgens <--StarWarsMarvel
Flander Scarlet x Palpatine x Galacta x King Harkinian x Mandy (Grim Adventures) x Ayeka Masaki Jurai x Anti-Monitor x Powergirl x Spiderwoman x Maka Albarn x Road Kamelot x Bright (Tag Force) x Aetan x ED's Mascot x Mr. T x Akiza Izinski x Cheetara x Chris Griffin x Morrigan (Darkstalkers) <--StarWarsMarvel
Paranoid Parrot x Socially Awkward Penguin x Technology Impaired Duck <--swchick


Inanimate Objects and etc.

Encyclopedia Dramatica x Uncyclopedia <--StarWarsMarvel
Awesome face x Rage face x Troll face x Rape face <--StarWarsMarvel



Jon Stewart x Stephen Colbert <--YOYOLOVER5656
Bradley James x Colin Morgan <--Rairox64, YOYOLOVER5656
Richard Hawkins x Fred Phelps <--StarWarsMarvel