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Sophie Pinup 3

By crabbyoldman
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A few more tweaks. Let me know what you think!
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She's pretty cute.

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dA--bogeymanHobbyist Digital Artist
Dig it
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That is a nice piece of meat. 
dage0003's avatar
I like her very much! Just her !
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IIWinterWolfIIHobbyist Filmographer
As gorgeous as always. She an Annabelle seem like good parents. Or as a trainer for her daughters.
Legion1a's avatar
Lovely lady
mattpantyhose's avatar
mattpantyhoseHobbyist Writer
andersbac's avatar
Absolutely stunning! The most beautiful CG woman in the world just turned even prettier. I take it this is a de-aged, youthful version of her, which will be subjected to wear and tear in time? (I miss all her piercings and scars.) Her hips are just perfect, lads! This is Sophie, remember!
Jackcadereb's avatar
Gorgeous, as usual but would also like to see her in clothes sometimes. I still think her master should take her for a night out. (When he's between steady partners, perhaps?).
Oleg25176's avatar
Beautiful pictures 
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mcrocksHobbyist Digital Artist
You always make such great characters. :-)
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DarkLightArtistCGHobbyist Digital Artist


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Really first class work.

However, I think her hips are a bit too wide.  They should be the same width as her shoulders for a classic hourglass figure.
mahashiva001's avatar
I can hardly envision a more realistic-looking 3-D girl. Now if you could just put her back in chains... :-)
Kalenz123's avatar
Amazing detail, especially on the skin. Her pubes also look very good and realistic. The lighting/shadows are near perfect.
Some of her proportions look off though. I think the tight gap is too huge and her hips a but too wide, though not unfeasible.
The tight gap isn't healthy in general and women have to do a lot of specific workout to reach even a small gap. (and she doesn't look like the workout type)

If I were to change anything I would add some more (minor) blemishes to her skin (moles, freckles, scars, etc.) just too make her seem a bit more realistic and I'd also narrow her hips at least slightly. I'd also narrow the tight gap or make it disappear entirely. 

If you wanna have a char with a tight gap it's more plausible to have an athletic body, so less soft tissue and more toned muscles.
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BillMoisukProfessional Photographer
 Send her over !!! ~~~
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