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The Eye of Gnome Blue GTK

By CraazyT
I finished it and uploaded the gtk theme!! :D

I Created this GTK theme to match the colors of the wallpaper.

OS: Arch Linux
DE: Gnome 3.2.1
Gnome Shell Theme: Clear Gnome Shell (by me) [link]
GTK Theme: The-Eye-of-Gnome-Blue-GTK (mine) with window borders by alecive [link]
Icons: Awoken [link]
Wallpaper: [link]
© 2012 - 2021 CraazyT
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vitalisGDL's avatar
can it work for ubuntu am new to linux
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It doesn't work on Ubuntu anymore that I know of. I made this a while ago.
SparkieSparkeChu's avatar
How do I install it.
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I don't remember this is for gnome 3.2.1   I don't even use gnome anymore I'm using kde.  I don't think it will work with the newest version of gnome anyways.
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Looks awesome dude, but cant make it work properly, the selection color in nautilus is black and cant see the name of the selection =(
I have Ubuntu 12.04 with gnome-shell 3.4.2, I'd be glad to see any sugestion. Here is a screenshot:
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Thank you but it was made for gtk 3.2 that's why it's not working. I dont use gtk anymore I use kde.
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Ok, no problem, somehow I manage to "fix" some things with a tool named GTK Theme Preferences [link]
Good luck dude
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awesome work dudeee!!
CraazyT's avatar
Thanks man! ;)
Just2Like's avatar
very cool ^__^
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Yeah that is one of my favorites thanks ;)
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ssuuddoo's avatar
great, thnx bro
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Which dock are you using? Can you share its theme too? :)
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Cairo-Dock and I'm not using a theme it's transparent and the icons are awoken
Good choice! Thank you :)
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Thanks and your welcome ;)
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What is the color of the icons, in numbers?
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franko-gap's avatar
...or not. That is red. I did come pretty close by myself, though, with 00-164-226. But I think yours are a little bit brighter.
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