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Black n Green Gnome Shell Theme v1



Update 1/15/2012: I uploaded newer screenshots with the dark gtk theme. The more I've been working on this the more I like it. The theme I'm using but changing a few settings is this one [link] Here is the link for my version of the gtk theme [link] . Also I uploaded a fix I made the border around the notifier in the bottom right smaller.

This one is basically my Black and Blue one but I changed all the Blue to match the greenish color in the wallpaper :D

OS: ArchBang [link] (Arch Linux)

My Gnome Shell Theme for 3.2: Black and Green (with Green borders around popups, calendar and modal dialog)

GTK3 Theme: Based off of BleuFear for GTK [link] (I changed the blue links in it to the greenish of the wallpaper. Here is my version of the theme [link] )

Icons: Awoken [link] (CMY Setting 241493 for the greenish color)

Font: Cantarell

Added Arch icon to mint menu and removed the menu text

Removed the app icon from the top panel (I think it just looks cleaner plus I use globalmenu)

Cairo-Dock with AwOken CMY Settigs 241493 Icons at the bottom.

Wingpanel Notifier "Like" at the bottom right with a cloudy transparent backgroud.

Wallpaper: [link] (Awesome Wallpaper!)
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Hello, I like your theme and I now want to change to ArchBang linux (not just because of the theme), I just want to confirm that you have this OS… , and its beta right?