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Rayne Holds the UK Foxy Boxing Championship Belt


Penelope Primrose did not stir as she was slowly counted out. There was a silence in the air when the count reached 10 and that silence was broken by the announcement: "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, YOUR WINNER BY KNOCKOUT IN THE 3RD ROUND AND NEW UK FOXY BOXING CHAMPION… RAYNE!!"

Rayne grabbed her new belt and held it up like like a trinket for all the crowd to see. And then she did the unexpected.

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Like Sam Fox, we will always love Penny, but we have stopped betting on her. 
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So what was the 'unexpected' that Rayne did?
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In my gallery is a folder called 'A Legend Is Born' which features a multi-part story. This image is from Part 6 of that story:…
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Oh, I see. That certainly was unexpected. A shame we didn't see Panelope get stepped on though.
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so sad she's gone now!  
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such a sad outlook for Penelope Primrose i don't want her to die, but i'd love her boxing gloves please, down and out, i think Rayne is a good brawler, she is just keeping people in the dark of her next task. :)
Great ko pic! love it!
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A destroyer lol, now i have a little idea at how the story will move^^

great works^^
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This is a very good image.
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