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F.L.O.W. - Ep2 - Dream Girls vs. Nightshade

The Dream Girls Ready for Their Next Challenge 07

The Dream Girls Ready for Their Next Challenge 06

The Dream Girls Ready for Their Next Challenge 05

The Dream Girls Ready for Their Next Challenge 04

The Dream Girls Ready for Their Next Challenge 03

The Dream Girls Ready for Their Next Challenge 02

The Dream Girls Ready for Their Next Challenge 01

F.L.O.W. - Episode 2 - Picante vs. Kayla Kash

Alanza Rivera Thinks of the Future 10

F.L.O.W.: Prelude To Payback!

00 The History of F.L.O.W.

01 Miss Glory!

02 Miss Glory Contemplates Her Reign

03 The Red Scare!

04 Rivals Clash!

05 The First Match

06 The Second Match

07 Tragedy Strikes the F.L.O.W. Champion!

08 Forced To Abdicate the Title

Dp Vs Maddox

Fighter girl

Sexy boxer

Classic Foxy Boxing Title Fight

Another Tough Loss To Jungle Jane


~china in my hand~





Ladyhawke and The Silk Assassin

My Bio
The official website of Beautiful Angels of Boxing Entertainment: babe-boxing.com

A huge fan of foxy boxing and wrestling, probably since that Popeye cartoon which featured Olive Oyl boxing.

I like boxing between well-defined heels and faces. I like the boxers in foxy boxing outfits which, to me, means boxing boots, tight short shorts, skimpy top, and gloves.

Topless boxing is okay to me, but I do prefer a skimpy top. I'm not that into nude boxing because the clothes leave more to the imagination.

I'm also not into mixed boxing. I want women facing each other.

My biggest influences are GLOW, WOW, POWW, WWE, and all the great boxing art and 3D art that has come before.

Also, it's very important to note that I am not the artist here. So many great people have made their figures, clothes, props, etc. available on Renderosity for others to use. I purchase those figures, tweak them, and use them to create these stories and matches.

MY WISH: To see someone cosplay one of these fighters!

Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
Foxy Boxing, female wrestling/boxing
Jesus! What happend to DeviantArt? Where did the user-friendly design go? Bring it back!

Women In Prison Story

Women In Prison Story

Because I'm not busy enough, I just started work on a new story, separate from B.A.B.E. and F.L.O.W. I want to apologize for the slow output but it's only because I'm juggling so many ideas and they do take time. For instance, I just put aside some B.A.B.E. matches in order to concentrate on a new story: a women-in-prison story! This is going to take some time and I'm hoping to try something new: an actual comic-book style format with page grids. I've never done that before and I know it'll take time. I'll actually need to storyboard this. But this story will be influenced by various old films: i.e., Lust For Freedom, Vendetta, Caged Heat,

B.A.B.E. Write-Ups from The Georgia Peach

B.A.B.E. Write-Ups from The Georgia Peach

Hi guys, I just need to send a shout-out to someone who, if you like B.A.B.E., should be keeping up with. Not to put him on the spot but he has been writing some amazing re-cap of B.A.B.E. matches that give even me new perspective on these fights. When you have a moment, check out the journal of https://www.deviantart.com/thegeorgiapeach It'll be worth your time! -Cpunch

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Thanks for the watch!

hope to see Maxine Dupont matches soon..

Liberty Lane matches

Clarisse Cloutier matches

I can't help but feel the need to say thanks again for all the hard work you've put into your characters and stories over the years. I know we all don't say it enough, and probably don't comment nearly enough as well, but your work is always a bright spot on dreary days and it always makes me smile to see an update.

Take care and stay safe during these tough times.
Thank you very much! I love that people have really taken to these characters/stories. I never thought this 'hobby' would ever have gotten as far as it has when I first thought up the idea of 'G.L.O.W.' but with boxers. I appreciate every comment/like/etc. and wish I had more time to respond to all. But every free moment, which has become more rare, I get I try to put into getting stories out.

And on that note, I have a new F.L.O.W. episode starting up in the next day or so!
femmmaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch. I have enjoyed your art for years. We probably have that popeye cartoon in common.
BikiniKOProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks For Watching BikiniKO!