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Hey, France, we have your back! x
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

As a French and Muslim artist, committed for a message of Faith and Peace, I join myself with all the "humanity" to condemn the slaughter of Paris and to offer my sincere condolences to the saddened families.
I am profoundly sad because France that welcomed my parents 50 years ago, today, has been meanly assaulted and bruised. When I hear that one of these barbarians shouted "ALLAHOU AKBAR", I have even more pain because my religion is again soiled...

Let us remain united, quiet, and do not mix haters and innocent people.

A/ To those fools of ISIS:

You are not warriors!!!
You are not soldiers!!!
You are not even men!!!
You are cowards...
You are weak...
You do not have ANYTHING in common with our Beloved Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم ...
You are inequitable...
You are pitiful...
You are manipulated...
You kill and dream to kill innocents, at moments they do not expect it, while they cannot protect themselves or even defend themselves!!
But you are completely crazy!!
Wake up!!!!
By ALLAH wake up!!!!
No, this is not Islam and I would continue to say it loud and clear until ALLAH takes my life away!

B/ Answer to those who ask to the Muslims to "clean up" their community.

I answer at first that the Muslim woman that I am is just a citizen like you are, and as you, overcome by the events and powerless in front of this savagery which has just broken out on our country.

I also answer that, as being a citizen exactly as you are, I have no power on the hatred which extends beyond certain bad hearts on fire.

I also answer that the fact of asking for it to me, make me be a different citizen, thing that I am not, and which is not just conceivable.

But I would tell too that to condemn a religion which counts a billion and two hundred million of peaceful believers because of some terrorists, would mean condemning all the love because of some crimes of passion.

But these blind killers who shout "Allahu Akbar", before murdering in the name of the same Koran which proclaims: "the one who kills a soul, this one amounts to the murder of all the men, and who saves one from it, saved the humanity", laugh at first at the One that they indicate as their God before laughing at their fellow men whose life was made sacred by the same God. We dread them as you, and we condemn them of all our strengths. Yesterday, today, tomorrow.

Thus understand very dear fellow citizens that the Muslims of this country are overcome, bruised, and even more worried, because it is the future of their children that is at stake. The Muslims of France and West are exposed to the worst mixtures and to the the worst of the suspicions today, and are already kept by certain irresponsible as responsible for a situation which is totally foreign to them and in whom they understand absolutely nothing.

But these same Muslims are also convinced that the future builds itself together, beyond the memberships, the colors and the origins.

Today, there is no more Muslim, Christian, Jewish, agnostic or atheistic community, or still black, white, or yellow … it has there more than a single community and it is the human community.

With all the brotherhood of which is capable my heart.

Samira, citizen of the World.