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Creating Depth In Photoshop

My latest tutorial.

It explains in detail how to create depth using a variety of different techniques in photoshop for all your digital art or even photomanipulation.

This and many more great tutorials over at [link]
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this was super helpful. ive been really struggling getting depth into my photomanipulations and this was super helpful
2Noob4You's avatar
Nice work:D It helped me a lot:)
cptpomeroy's avatar
thanks :) I'm glad it helped!
SilentGaiden's avatar
i love linking people to your tut. you should thank me more :P
cptpomeroy's avatar
haha thanks dude :)
st3wART's avatar
what logan said in the first comment^ i cant believe i havnt found this here yet lolz

awesome tutorial, top notch

i never knew u liked the smiths :o
cptpomeroy's avatar
thanks dude :) love the smiths.
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not sure how I forgot to comment on this, but thats one hell of a tut:P If people still screw up depth after that, then they need to close PS lol.
cptpomeroy's avatar
hehe thanks a lot dude. :D yeah that drained the hell out of all my energy for like 3 days :P

im glad it wasnt all in vain lol
Jason010's avatar
man that was a read

coolies very coolies
cptpomeroy's avatar
hehe yeah its big but i wanted to make it detailed :)

Leongfx's avatar
Very nice, great work :)
cptpomeroy's avatar
thanks a lot :) glad you like it
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