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Ryu 3D Pavement Art

By CptMunta
Heres my entry to the Street Fighter Tribute contest. Didn't make the cut unfortunately, but nevermind.

I drew it outside a local game shop over 2 days. It's really huge. I'll post a pic from the other angle sometime.

Congrats to all those who made it in the book. :)
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Woah, got a DD ages ago. Cheers :) been ages since I've checked my DA. Thanks for all the favs and comments :)
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xD Litterally a _Street_ fighter! That is awesome!
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i really like it SF lV ftw!
Lizalaya's avatar
holy fff that's amazing D:
I love 3-D pavement art
Enaicioh's avatar
Sweetness! Hmm, did you have it blocked off or were people nice enough to not try to sabatage it?
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Thats so funny I love it when ppl make things like this ^^
breakula's avatar
Hadoken! Ryu has no facial expression!
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Hi, we featured this picture on split/screen co-op [link] . Please, have a look and let us know if you are not happy with the way we've used your art or credited you. Thanks.
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now thats some street popping art! :eyepopping: the debris of the street flying off in all directions looks really nice cause it adds a sense of force in Ryu's punch :clap: Ryu looks serious as always but maybe would have been more dramatic if he was clenching his teeth with a fierce look of anger on his face, but on the other hand it makes him look calm and collected and it was no big deal punching through the hard cement. the amount of detail in the art is amazing! :clap: I'm loving how you did the wrinkles in his clothes, along with the shadowing and brilliant coloring :D and it was a cool idea to put him in a parking space! :la: I'm sure he wouldn't mind slaming his fist through the bottom of someones car :XD: a very nice work of art budd! it deserved the DD it got :clap:
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simply amazing!
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spikerommel's avatar
SHORYUKEN! this made my day before it even started!
that's coke!!!!
RoyTheFlamboyant's avatar
Ah, what a shame it didn't make it! It's fucking amazing, dude. Keep rockin' it. b:
Neitzarr's avatar
Bwahaha, that's really awesomely done. I love the depth to it.
lembuk's avatar
that looks real :wow:
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