DND Back Stories: Balthazar Michaelis

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   This is the character back story for my Tiefling Phoenix Sorcerer, Balthazar Michaelis.

 Born and raised in the town of Masquerade, Balthazar has never known the homeland of his people, or what it's like to not be hated by those around him. Hearing tales of how his people suffered not only inside but outside the city, Balthazar spent much of his youth wishing for things to change for not only himself but Tieflings everywhere. From a young age, Balthazar found that he had a gift for magic, especially those that involved flames, and that he had quite the silver tongue. At the age of 12, Balthazar last saw his parents when they left him in the care of an associate of his father. A man he would come to know as Talon.
    Talon, a member of the Ledger, took Balthazar under his wing in an attempt to teach him the art of thievery. However, it became painfully obvious that the boy had no talent for the craft. Instead, Talon decided to teach Balthazar how to use his silver tongue to his advantage while running cons on the street. For the next 6 years Balthazar would run his scams on the street, earning the money that he would use to provide for both himself and the Ledger. When the occasional bloke seemed to catch on to him, Balthazar could always rely on his flames to get him out of situations that he couldn’t talk himself out of. Talon didn’t always approve of these instances as it would draw Ledger business out into the open, but he did encourage the boy to grow in his abilities.
    While Balthazar enjoyed having the money he made off of his jobs, he didn’t like the feelings that came from taking advantage of those that were actually trying to make an honest living for themselves. Talon could feel the splintering in his charge’s heart and urged him keep his emotions in check, and that this was no life for someone with any kind of weakness. So, for the next 4 years Balthazar tried to live a life without emotions getting in the way of his work. It seemed to be working, until the day when he betrayed one of his own people. It was a simple job. Talon needed Balthazar to distract a courier by pretending to sell him some potions as another Ledger member slipped an item into the courier’s bag. What Talon neglected to tell Balthazar was that this time the mark was another Tiefling, and what the cost of setting up this mark would be.
    The Tiefling was apparently working for a small outfit that had been stealing some of the Ledger’s business in other cities, so the higher ups wanted an example made out of him. Before he knew it, Balthazar had read that the courier had been revealed to the public as some sort of devil or demon, they really couldn’t decide what to call him, and had been tortured and executed by the local guards and priests. Knowing that he had played a part in the death of one of his own people was almost too much to bear. Balthazar knew he was too deep in with the Ledger to just leave the life behind, but he knew that someday he would have to pay for what he had done. Someday he would make amends.
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