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Winds of Change, Pt. 2 by cptlfrghtr Winds of Change, Pt. 2 by cptlfrghtr
I'm sure there are errors in here. Consider them intentional on my part.

Doc would be Dr. George E. Valley, SAGE's creator
Where are they? MIT's Lincoln Laboratory at Hanscom AFB.
Where are they? Lexington, MA
Who's Mr. Thomas? Fictional driver and MIT representative, long standing friend of SAGE and Whirlwind-hime.
The 50's USAF woman's uniform look like? [link]

Please be as honest as possible when commenting :smoking:

Paper image is ~Ginnyhaha-Stock

Check out [link] or :icondeviantos-tans: for more way better OS-tan stuff.
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BellaCielo Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gwah, so SAGE-sama was even shorter then? And scrawny? Kawaaaaaaiii--! *has piano dropped on head*

What a melancholy scene... it seems SAGE-sama was quite popular at her home. Although, I'm sure she was much more personable at this time...

Do you mean, "...even if we had been able to have the same home..."? I always thought Whirlwind was a bit distant from SAGE (geographically speaking) during her childhood.

Notes on YOUR notes:
Hmm, so that's who's responsible for SAGE! Woo, Lexington Mass! That's even closer to NH than Boston is. It's a cute uniform, but yes, that round hat is fugly. Pug-fugly.
cptlfrghtr Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2010
Well at this point she would physically still be an older teenager, so she's not quite out of gawky awkwardness yet. hahaha

And they had just spent a decade putting her together, no doubt lil SAGE was endearing ^^'

You're right, I think I just botched the syntax there, if it doesn't make sense with the preceding words..... yeaaaah.

And Whirlwind-hime's new life! Yes it is (The Shot Heard Round the World and all that). Even with my lack of fashion sense I know that hat looks terrible.
BellaCielo Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't think she ever grew out of her awkwardness-stage. ^^'

*Has head piano'd again*

A decade and BILLIONS OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS building her, you mean to say? As endearing as a little asskicker could be, I'm sure. <3

And wasn't Olsen in on that Whirlwind revamp project as well?
cptlfrghtr Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2010
No no, it mutated.

Indeed :smoking:

Yep, he was in charge of the whole thing.
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