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Welcome to Almaden, Pt. 2



Part 2!

Also it is my sincere hope that all this makes sense :smoking:

Paper image is :iconannfrost-stock:

Check out [link] or :icondeviantos-tans: for more way better OS-tan stuff.
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In one corner, 5-foot-something and 100-and-something pounds, it's SAGE-SAMA AND HER HICCUP BEAM OF DOOOOOOOM~! In corner two, we have the mean lean PDP with the hiccup disease, WAITS-SAAAAAAN! Who will win this showdown on Mount Umunhum?!

Oh my, where do I start? SAGE-sama being giggly is quite out-of-character, but perfectly understandable considering her appreciation for screwing around with "lesser OS-tans". Hiccupy-and-pissed WAITS-tan is a pretty awesome mental image, and SAGE-sama's "grad student" crack made me lose it (again!).

But that final schmaltzy moment between SAGE and WAITS was the most brilliant part for me (you better believe I'm doing an illustration). xD

This was a short and sweet and surprisingly un-melancholistic arc, but I quite liked it. Now I can go to sleep with a grin. xD