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Water Cooler, Pt. 1 by cptlfrghtr Water Cooler, Pt. 1 by cptlfrghtr
Eh, not completely satisfied with this one, but I'll let you the reader pass final judgment.

Who are these strangers SAGE-sama seems to be so familiar with yet have never before appeared or even been referenced you ask? How about some answers for anyone who's curious!

UNIVAC U1050-II "Ursula", a modified version of a standard UNIVAC product used extensively by Air Material Command for inventory control. One of SAGE's good friends, she's responsible for her own "team". She's a bit of an oddity, in my vague concept for military-tans, as a hardware-tan that's an officer.
Rank: Major

FASTRAN II "Randy", okay so Randy's shown up several times before but he never really got explained well. Randy's U1050-II's memory drum system, who functions similarly to Ivan as a sort of aide/body guard for her. Still alive, don't ask exactly how ><, and another good friend *coughcough* of SAGE.
Rank: Staff Sergeant, USAF

Logically Integrated FORTRAN Translator "Lily", Never before even referenced, LIFT-chan is some sort of special assistant to U1050-II-tan. In actuality a translator for FORTRAN II to FORTRAN V. Why is she a mute? Because she wasn't designed for verbal communication, or really her expanded roll on Ursula's staff.
Rank: Staff Sergeant, MA-ANG

IBM 728 "Ivan", I don't think Ivan's job has ever been spelled out. As SAGE's purpose built memory drum, he's essentially responsible for acting as her chief attendant/body guard. Losing him is probably one of the major factors in why she has trouble remembering things.
Rank: Technical Sergeant, USAF

Please be as honest as possible when reviewing :smoking:

Paper image is :iconannfrost-stock:

Check out [link] or :icondeviantos-tans: for more way better OS-tan stuff.
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BellaCielo Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhh, it's good to see a fuller explanation of these characters. To be honest, I never was sure if Randy and Ivan were supposed to be people or some sort of software/hardware characters (I forget if you mentioned it before ^^;).

Ursula should feel right at home, I'd say about 90% of our OS-tans are "oddities". Lily would probably get along with DTSS-tan, if they could communicate effectively (DTSS-tan is mute too)... hmm, so losing Ivan hurt SAGE-sama's memory? Don't worry about FASTRAN-kun's still being alive, it seems like there are a lot of OS-tan characters who should be dead but aren't. What I'd worry about is the *coughcough* friend part-- you aren't coming down with the flu, are you? :ohnoes:
cptlfrghtr Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2010
That's why I added this, I couldn't remember if I'd ever explained it before ><.

Not a bad thing. Lily's easy to get along with, despite the verbal communication barrier. (Perhaps). Again, she may or may not be alive today, (I'm undecided). Somewhat, he is the physical personification of her storage device. I'm not terribly, storyline exceptions FTW. Oh, a little bit of a cold, but nothing to worry about.
BellaCielo Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good thinking.

Most of SAGE-sama's friends seem a lot more... amicable... than she is... i guess opposites DO attract? ^^' (Maybe you should meet it halfway and say she's a zombie! lol, jk.)

Well, losing a storage device cannot help a OS-tan's sanity. :nerd: Hope your over your cold~!
cptlfrghtr Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2010
Well most of them are in less demanding fields. (signing brains over and over)

Probably not. Thanks!
BellaCielo Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mmmm, brain-singeing... getting things nice and tender for the zombie apocalypse.
cptlfrghtr Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2010
Mmm, zombie apocalypse
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