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The Missile Gap, Pt. 2 by cptlfrghtr The Missile Gap, Pt. 2 by cptlfrghtr
Editors note: At the end it should be not just the birds.
What's the point of those last couple of lines? Maybe that SAGE really isn't someone you want angry at you/that nice of an OS-tan?

Again, some cursing, steer clear if you do not want.

Please be as honest as possible when reviewing :smoking:

Paper image is :iconannfrost-stock:

Check out [link] or :icondeviantos-tans: for more way better OS-tan stuff.
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BellaCielo Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This was a short arc (and one of the more psychotic ones), but I found it to be a great insight into SAGE-sama's past and the reasons behind her current attitude. All OS-tans have to deal with the potential of being deemed "obsolete"-- but SAGE-sama's unparalleled position of power set her up for one hell of a fall from grace.

It's sad that she became "useless" with the introduction of the Soviet missile; it's even worse that most of the missile gap threat was hyperbole. In light of this, I can understand why she's so angry in the present-day... and sympathetic toward her, even.

"Maybe that SAGE really isn't someone you want angry at you/that nice of an OS-tan?"

Nah, I think she's plenty nice... it's just that that side of her has been lost/buried under all the traumas she's lived through.

Who'd she stab?
cptlfrghtr Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2010
Psychotic background explication was the objective this time around, good to hear the point got across. Drop like a plane with one wing blown off.

Perceived as useless. To tell the truth, I think SAGE was still a vital part of the national air defense network until it was turned off. Not just a hyperbole, but essentially a complete fiction.

Nice is probably a bit of a stretch, but polite for sure and that has gone the way of the dodo at this point. Its still probably a seriously bad idea to cross her.

An as yet unnamed professor. (She's quite fond of stabbing people isn't she?)
BellaCielo Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It worked perfectly.

It's plausible... it wouldn't be the first or last time a useful system was perceived as otherwise. Unfortunately, usefulness doesn't have as much weight as cutting-edgeness in the high-end commercial and military sectors and "older" will alway be considered worse.

Politeness seems to be a pretty common trait among the OS-tans of her time, so it seems natural. I'm sure it would be. @@

That poor professor! :V She's the Stabby Automated Ground Environment. :stab:
cptlfrghtr Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2010
*sigh* Yes, as a student of military history this is something that crops up a lot.

A different age, now you've got these hedonistic new fangled PC's what with their "hentai" and their "music television" and their "raspberries".

Never knew what hit'im.
BellaCielo Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And just in life in general, if you ask me. But yes, militaries do seem to have an especially strong interest in the newest and therefor, best; maybe because most militaries have a great deal of funding and can decide not to "just make do" with what they have? (Not to diminish the value of useful technological advancements... and of course that's probably only applies to the modern day...)


I guess not. O.o
cptlfrghtr Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2010
Sort if compensating for all the time congress wouldn't pay for bullets, horses for artillery, or really anything else.
BellaCielo Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, payback is sweet...
cptlfrghtr Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2010
Yeah, the military's still panic tripping them from the Spanish-American War.
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