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An Apple a Day, Pt. 2 by cptlfrghtr An Apple a Day, Pt. 2 by cptlfrghtr
Look it's Part 2! Enjoy everybody.

By the pricking of my thumbs, something Apple this way comes. Finally, some of *BellaCielo's ideas are getting center stage here in SAGE Land. She came up with the Lost inspired connection that forms the basis for the friendship between these two, since it didn't really click with me :dummy:

Please be as honest as possible when reviewing :smoking:

Paper image is :iconannfrost-stock:

Check out [link] or :icondeviantos-tans: for more way better OS-tan stuff.
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BellaCielo Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*imagines SAGE-sama in DHARMA jumpsuit*



So SAGE-sama's memory and vision was fine while on the island? I see somebody's been brushing up on his Lost mythology (and yep, it even cured one character... a rather rambly Massachusan no less... of his amnesia). ^^

But apparently it didn't stick, if her whole stopping-in-the-middle-of-the-monologue-to-recollect-her-thoughts-thing is any indication. ^^;

Apple ///-tan has crazy people-finding skillz, I see... nice, nice, it's good SAGE-sama can have a living friend to talk to. That doesn't sound like very good company cuisine, but it is the thought that counts, right? ^^'
cptlfrghtr Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2010
hahaha, it must have been the Desmond & SAGE cartoon of yours that got me thinking.

Figured the same sort of things would apply to OS-tans just as much as people. Perhaps :paranoid: (Faraday filled the Massachusetts quota for the island).

Nope, not really ^^;. Maybe she should have stayed around longer?

Maybe she installed a chip in SAGE :ohnoes: Maybe it'll calm her down some, having something living to focus on. No it doesn't, and I'm sure Apple ///-tan will appreciate the offer... and decline...
BellaCielo Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aye, brotha? </Desmond impersonation>

Of course, OS-tans are mostly human behaving/function... except for the rare androidic OS-tans. (And then some! ;v; )

Yeah, probably. :V

:ohnoes::ohnoes::ohnoes: One can only hope... stress kills, and so do ancient rations! xD;;
cptlfrghtr Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2010

Indeed (Damn him :shakefist:)

:dummy: Everyone should stay longer on the island >>

Hey, a colonel ate a forty year old fruitcake and was fine. But I wouldn't try it :><:
BellaCielo Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(Don't worry, he got his... he kinda ended up being shot by another Massachusettsan [at least a future one]. :ohnoes:)

Fo sure, it has so many old computers just lying around for the taking! :^)

That's fruit cake, its freshness has a half life of two hundred years. Couldn't get me to eat NEW fruitcake, let alone a fine vintage kind.
cptlfrghtr Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2010
(I know, it all balances out)


I meant pound cake, but the principle remains the same.
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April 18, 2010
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