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Mon Jan 9, 2017, 12:20 PM
Before commissioning me, remember to read TERMS OF SERVICE. The price might change depending on what you are asking. These prices are only giving the idea what it might be. One additional character add 15 € to the price and NSFW +10 €. Client will get the full resolution picture.

If you are interested, note me and follow this format:

Order: (Sketch, portrait.. Scene with additional character etc.)
Character name: (name here)
Character info: (You can add here something about your character. Poses etc. Also bg is welcome if it helps visioning the picture but please spare me from novels. Only necessary info.)
Reference: (Link to your character's picture, unless it is a custom design. Then you can add images to help me get the vision of what you want.)

Paypal Stamp by artist4com

SKETCH - 5 € / 500 points (ap. $6)

Request -Arma by CPT-Elizaye Request -Elija by CPT-Elizaye Sketch PC  - Clover by CPT-Elizaye

CHARACTER SHEET - 25 € (ap. $29)
You can request a color map without any additional charges.
Customs add +10 €
More poses add +5 €

Wuup by CPT-Elizaye CM: Aralyn Darkwhisper by CPT-Elizaye

PORTRAIT - 30 € (ap. $35)

80 € (ap. $94)
(might change depending on complexity)

I'm Not Sugar! by CPT-Elizaye Oh Hi Mark by CPT-Elizaye Time For Tea by CPT-Elizaye

DAKIMAKURA - 80 € (ap. $94)
Size: 3000 x 9000 px
Resolution: 1000

Dakimakura Mike by CPT-Elizaye

CHIBI - 15 € / 1700 points (ap. $17)

FNAF Plushies by CPT-Elizaye

Mature Content

Trade - Suke by CPT-Elizaye

What I can draw
  • Humans and humanoids
  • Animals and anthros
  • Monsters / fantasy creatures
  • Gore and NSFW
  • Both OC and FanArt
  • Custom designs
  • Steampunk or similar

What I won't do
  • Things what mock religion
  • Copy same pose and character from a screenshot

  • Listening to: Anything
  • Drinking: Tea [as always]
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January 9, 2017


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