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Before commissioning me, remember to read TERMS OF SERVICE. The price might change depending on complexity and other additional things. These prices are giving the idea what it might be.

:bulletblack: One additional character add + 10€ and for painting + 20€
:bulletblack: Complexity add might be around + 5€ or more
:bulletblack: NSFW costs more (price depends on what you order)
:bulletblack: Client will get the full resolution picture via note
:bulletblack: A sketch is showed before further progress (unless you are commissioning me a sketch)
:bulletblack: Payment in euros
:bulletblack: You send the payment after agreement
:bulletblack: Only point cm possibilities: Sketch and chibi
:bulletblack: Please be patient with me on big works. A sketch is the fastest option.

If you want to check specific price for your currency, you can for example use this:

About paying with points, check how much will be charged since dollars and euros are different: DeviantArt Point Calculator

If you are interested, note me and follow this format:

Order: (Sketch, portrait.. Scene with additional character etc.)
Character name: (name here)
Character info: (You can add here something about your character. Posing, character traits, extra info etc. However don't make it too long and keep it on point.)
Reference: (Link to your character's picture, unless it is a custom design.)
Payment: (Paypal, points)
Extra: (Additional character, transparent bg etc.)

SKETCH - 8 € or 720 points (ap. $9)
from head to toes as you wish
Bust up
with flat background and transparent

or with simple bg 20€

PAINTED PORTRAIT - 40 € (ap. $45)
Waist up with background

A SCENE - Starting 90 €

Dino Crisis by CPT-Elizaye I'm Not Sugar! by CPT-Elizaye Oh Hi Mark by CPT-Elizaye

CHIBI - 15 € or 1360 points (ap. $17)
Full body

CHARACTER SHEET - 25 - 35 € (ap. $28 - $39)
Please note that designing a custom character from written description will add extra charges.
Commissioner will get both shaded and only colored versions.

One pose 25 €
Wuup by CPT-Elizaye Jabberwocky by CPT-Elizaye Sirius by CPT-Elizaye

2 poses (front and back) 30 €

3 poses 35 €
CM: Aralyn Darkwhisper by CPT-Elizaye

Depends on how many and complexity.

Waist up - 30 €
Full body - 50 €

What I can draw
  • Humans and humanoids
  • Animals and anthros
  • Monsters / fantasy creatures
  • Gore and NSFW
  • Both OC and FanArt
  • Custom designs
  • Steampunk, goth or similar

What I won't do
  • Things what mock religion
  • Copy another picture or tracing

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January 9, 2017


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