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Before commissioning me, remember to read TERMS OF SERVICE. The price might change depending on complexity and other additional things. These prices are giving the idea what it might be.

:bulletblack: One additional character depends on order. Exp. for fullbody sketches is around + 18€
:bulletblack: Complexity add might be around + 6€ or more.
:bulletblack: All pictures start off as no bg / simple bg expect for scene. Depending on complexity bg add price will variate.
:bulletblack: NSFW costs more (price depends on what you order).
:bulletblack: Client will get the full resolution picture.
:bulletblack: A sketch is showed before further progress.
:bulletblack: Payment in euros via PayPal.
:bulletblack: Please be patient with me on big works.
:bulletblack: If there is something I don't know or have experience, I will study it.

If you want to check specific price for your currency, you can for example use this:

<s>About paying with points, check how much will be charged since dollars and euros are different: DeviantArt Point Calculator</s>

If you are interested, please note me or send email:

CM Price Sheet Sketch by CPT-Elizaye

CM Price Sheet Colored Sketch by CPT-Elizaye

Full body 70€

Waist up 55€
Headshot 40€

A SCENE - Starting 90€

Please note that designing a custom character from written description will add extra charges.
Commissioner will get both shaded and base colored versions.

One pose 31€
Wuup by CPT-Elizaye Jabberwocky by CPT-Elizaye Sirius by CPT-Elizaye Fluff by CPT-Elizaye

2 poses (front and back) 60€

3 poses 90€
CM: Aralyn Darkwhisper by CPT-Elizaye

One side 80€
Two sides 140€

What I can draw
  • Humans and humanoids
  • Feral and anthros
  • Monsters / fantasy creatures
  • SFW, gore and NSFW
  • OC and FanArt
  • Custom designs

What I won't do
  • Things what mock religion
  • Copy another picture or tracing
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