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White Fang Vs Black Skull



NOTE: not canon 

The Black Skull is a secret military organisation run by humans, who's soul purpose is to rid the world of Faunus, Their first target is the Kingdom of Vale 
unlike the White Fang they have more numbers, better armour and equipment, they are trained and well disciplined much like Atlas.

The organisation has picked up reports of the White Fangs failed little skirmishes against the students of Beacon, calling it pathetic, although the Black Skull do respect Hunters in one regard, that they're good at what they do and that's killing Grimm but it hasn't been uncommon for them to face Human targets either.

The Black Skull have been preparing and waiting for three generations to make their move and reveal themselves to the world, they intend on conquering Vale, claiming it was rightfully theirs and rid the Faunus population from its land, though better equipment their methods of combat are much more brutal than their counterpart the White Fang making them a force not to be trifled with.

their words are "Humanity prevails!" 

(RWBY is owned by Monty and Rooster Teeth) 
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Dude, that is bleeding awesome. The logo is so sinister.