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In about an hour I will be taking my hour-ish drive to work. I was selected to be a part of an opening team for a retail store, and I must say, I love it so far! The grand opening is tomorrow, and I am nervous but excited!Nuu  The people are all nice, and it's clean and just nice. :happybounce: So, even with this new job I'll keep updating this and my website ( as often as I can! It almost feels like in the movies "I'm in love with this person, but I swear I don't love you any less!!!" *Insert work vs. DeviantArt* Giggle 

Also, the other day I was told a photo of mine was boring because it was only a flower, and that "flowers are usually boring."

Stare wut. 
I know he was trying to help in explaining why my deviation was declined to their group because I did ask, but I must agree to disagree.

 So, I want to feature some beautiful flower photos that I believe are FAR from boring. These are all very exciting and beautiful in my humble opinion, and I felt they should be shared to help people see how exciting flowers really are 
I am a dummy! Nod
  Abstract Floral 5 by darkgoddess05 <da:thumb id="469634221"/>  Summer Rain by dashakern <da:thumb id="459897328"/> <da:thumb id="447127069"/> <da:thumb id="469276434"/>  waiting to understand by akthuro <da:thumb id="453628786"/>  Friends of a daisy by mydarkeyes <da:thumb id="454102975"/> <da:thumb id="469763123"/>  Once upon a Spring by FlabnBone  ice cream by hv1234  Cherry blossoms by Syzygi <da:thumb id="468812194"/> <da:thumb id="468772348"/>  Flowers by YuukiKoiOokiHyuuga  Hydrandras by 14-7  Leopard Lily by cheslah  Pale by EliseEnchanted  Rain Drops by ericariane  Tiny forget-me-not Bouquet by byNici  Like the Fingers of an Angel by byNici  Golden flower by kouki1  Blue paradise by IsabellaJainePhoto  Sakura Spring IV by stg123  spring time by stg123  Darkness Surrounds Us by Deb-e-ann  Nocturne In The Lacrimosa Garden by orpheas  Cactus Flower by theresahelmer  Flower Ball by KironStrife  yellow and white by Mittelfranke  Plum Blossoms 6 by XxSilverOwl13xX  Flower by StainXY <da:thumb id="386765272"/>  29.52 - Dreams by head-in-the-cloud  Nocturne by Borboletra

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Sorry for my super late reply, but wow, thanks so much for the feature!!! means a ton to me. :squee: :D