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Princess starting an Adventure by Sicarius8
Picture done by the amazing
i commissioned it for a fantasy themed Princess project that's a work in progress. I love how it turned out. 👸🏼
i wanted her beautiful pink dress to look fit for a princess but still be relatively practical..
Interrogation by eriyal
This picture was done by  
I am posting this picture with permission and he has posted another version of it with a rebel pilot instead of a starfleet officer.
i have wrote a little scene because I need the practice and wanted to. Can I request critique on my writing please and not the picture.

Adelaide's gloved finger hovered over the door release button to the prisoner's cell, she held in her left hand a metal flask with a black leather grip and behind her hummed the sound of her I6 interrogator Droids called Dread and Cyclops. 
"What's her name again.? Adelaide quizzed.
Cyclops replied quickly with its quirky robotic voice 
"The subjects designation is Sumiko Nakamura."
Adelaide pulled a little smile and without turning round asked Dread the same question.
Answering in its deep robotic voice Dread corrected Cyclops.
"The woman's name is Sumiko."
After Dread had finished Adelaide pressed the button and opened the door. Sumiko startled by the loud sound of the door opening rushed to her feet and looked at Adelaide standing in the threshold.
"Impressive." Adelaide spoke in her honeyed voice.
After a seemingly long silence Sumiko finally and quietly said.
"What is."
"I've never seen anyone get to their feet so elegantly with wrist binders on."
Sumiko looked a little puzzled and stayed silent.
Adelaide friendly smiled at Sumiko and stepped into the room, taking her cap off to distract Sumiko from seeing the two Droids enter the room.
"Your Sumiko right? I'm Adelaide. I love your name but it's not one I've ever heard before. Wherabouts are you from?"
Sumiko stayed silent and after careful consideration responded clearly.
" I'm Lieutenant Nakamura. Starfleet. 40416788."
Adelaide grinned excitedly and put her finger in her mouth biting the tip of her glove and pulling it slightly off her hand. Keeping eye contact with Sumiko she slid off the leather glove and removed the other before dropping them and her cap onto the cold floor. 
"Are you thirsty? I know the stormtroopers get a little carried away sometimes and can forget to care for prisoners."
"So your a welfare officer are you?" Sumiko snidely remarked.
"Yes, I'm a welfare officer. In that I genuinely care about you Sumiko and want you to be left unharmed." Adelaide spoke with honeyed words.
"Here, drink this. It'll make you feel better and I know your thirsty." Adelaide unscrewed the top of the flask and began pouring the water into it.
She stretched out her arm to let Sumiko sip the water. But she turned her head and told Adelaide.
"No, you have drugged it."
Adelaide smiled and laughed slightly.
"Oh no don't worry it's not drugged, let me show you!"
Adelaide raised the flask to her lips and gulped down a quarter of the water. 
"See!, please drink I'm really only here to help.
Sumiko nodded in agreement.
"Can you take off these handcuffs please there digging into me?" She asked politely 
"No sorry, I..I'm not allowed by superior would shoot me and its against the rules. When I leave I'll get the guard to loosen them a little if it'll help."
Adelaide spoke sincerely then lifted the lid up to Sumiko so she could sip the water. 
Her lips touched the metal lid and Adelaide gently raised it to aid Sumiko. Her eyes wondered down Sumiko's body inspecting her red short skirt uniform and glistening badge before moving back up to watch Sumiko's throat as she gulps down the water.
Adelaide waited until Sumiko finished drinking the whole lid before asking.
"Is that better."
Nodding Sumiko replied.
"What about the other crew members? Have you seen them?"
Adelaide reassured her.
"Yes off course their all fine, Captain Poonam Patel told me all about you, how you fought that Bolian on Rigel and you still live with your parents in Akita city on the planet called Japan."

Sumiko's eyes began to get heavy. 
"Japan's not a whole planet silly."
She giggled as she tried to focus on Adelaide.
Adelaide laughed with Sumiko as though she told a joke.
"Off course it's not.. What planet are you from?"
Sumiko's eyes closed then reopened and Adelaide could see her beginning to sway slightly. 
Dread and Cyclops looked on at the helpless starfleet prisoner and enjoyed watching Adelaide do her job. 
Sumiko still hadn't replied to Adelaide's question and instead just stood there struggling to stay awake. Adelaide put the flask down and stepped closer to Sumiko so she could feel the warmth coming from her body and gently reached down her hand to touch Sumiko's waist and moved behind her.
Adelaide whispered to her Droids "the drug has taken effect."
Cyclops commented.
"And quite quickly too. The subject reacted as calculated."
"Remember the subject is a person. Sweet Sumiko here could have made this very difficult for herself."
Dread butted in.
" it would have been fun to use these new bone saws! Can't I just scoop one of her eyes out? She's got another!"
Adelaide rolled her eyes in disapproval.
" only on a man, us women deserve different, not better treatment then men but different."

Adelaide got even closer to Sumiko and wrapped her right hand around her body and rested her finger tips on her throat before pressing Sumiko's body into hers. 
Controlling Sumiko Adelaide slowly and gently sat down onto the floor keeping Sumiko from dropping and her upper body upright.
Adelaide tutored her Droids.
" the key between treating men and women equal but different is to break men with physical pain and women with emotional pain." As Adelaide felt Sumiko's pulse and heartbeat she reminisced about the real reason she refuses to torture women the same as men. 

"The subject is entering the second phase."
Cyclops alerted Adelaide. 
"Aww sleeping beauty is waking up."
Dread said with sarcasm in its robotic voice.
Sumiko let out a little moan as she got hold of her senses and tried to reopen her still heavy eyes.

"And so the fun begins." Adelaide muttered to herself.
"Where am I?" Sumiko quizzed,
"Your here with me." Adelaide replied in a friendly tone and as she did Dread hovered over to Sumiko's face getting close and scanning her expressions, it's talons lowered and raised around Sumiko's face and a piercing red glow lit her up. 
"Who are you?" Sumiko asked.
"I'm Adelaide remember. Your Sumiko right?"
As Sumiko said "yes" Dreads scanners detected if she's telling the truth. Cyclops monitored Sumiko's heart rate and whether the drug is wearing off. 
Adelaide could hear both Droids telling her all the information about Sumiko in a earpiece and so she carried on her work. 

Three hours passed and both women were soaked in sweat Adelaide found her grip on Sumiko's skin hard to keep because her fingers slid off her sweat wet skin and her military uniform was uncomfortable under the hot and very humid conditions. 
"The drug is wearing off. Admiral Attala wanted to hear your report in a hour."
Cyclops reminded Adelaide.
She let out a sigh of disappointment and caressed Sumiko's lower lip with her finger.
"Our time together has been cut short, we should do this again sometime sweety."
"Don't go!" Sumiko begged.
"Sorry babes, playtime is over. I have to go to work now."
Adelaide wriggled back a little and laid Sumiko gently down onto the floor. Weak and shivering from all the sweat Sumiko groaned and writhed in discomfort on the hard surface.
Adelaide collected her gloves and placed them into her pocket and put her cap back on before standing up. She grimaced at the pain of not having moved for hours and she felt the agony of the blood coming back into her legs.
"Worth it." She said to herself.
As she hobbled to the door and pressed the button to open it she looked back at Sumiko fondly before walking out followed by Dread and Cyclops.

"And what would the Admiral like to know?" Adelaide asked Cyclops 
"Maybe she'd like to know Sumiko's only and ex for that matter boyfriends name is Tai who also lives in Akita. Or that she has five sisters and two brothers and she's the second youngest. I suppose she just wants the boring stuff like the location of Earth in a galaxy far far away and where starfleet and the rebels are fitting Hyperwarp Drives to all federation and Klingon ships."
Adelaide said gloatingly.
The Admiral will be pleased with your results."
 Cyclops responded
"Pleased! Sumiko got owned! Adelaide had her talking like a R2 series and we know they can talk!"
Dread interrupted.
Just as Adelaide was about to walk away she turned to the guard waiting outside Sumiko's cell.
"Trooper, bring that prisoner a blanket and loosen her restraints."
I started creating a Sisters of Battle fleet for the game 'Battlefleet Gothic' so I can use my favourite 40k army in that game against my brother.
the basic idea behind the backstory is that the ships are not warships and so don't have a lot of weapons, instead they rely on acts of faith to literally and miraculously burn heretic ships  that get close and protect them from harm. The ships are just spaceborne Convents that recruite and train Sisters and don't have a actuel fighting purpose.

i have played around with creating BFG rules for Star Trek and Star Wars ships 
this is all just a rough idea that I wanted to show people.


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United Kingdom
I just like to draw, and I know Im not going to win awards with my pics but its fun so I do it anyway. If you know hungarian feel free to talk to me as I'm learning the language and need the practice, plus I want to meet new people. :)

Which endings do you prefer for a Princess story 

4 deviants said Happily ending
1 deviant said Sad ending


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