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testing the waters

2019 following another incursion by Confederate ships the FPS Witham is escorting the intruders out of Federation space. Captain Kate Diega looked towards the view screen and gazed at the green planet being passed by the ships. Her light brown hair swivelled in its ponytail as she turned her head to look at her first officer. “Are our guests onboard yet Mr Reynolds?” She asked in her British accent and calming voice.
Mr Reynolds turned around and nodded as he caught her eye. Diega took a slightly deeper breath as she contemplated how this meeting was going to go. Her left hand moving up to feel her wedding ring hanging from a chain around her neck. Its familiar form comforted her if only for a second as the doors to the bridge opened and the guest arrived. Coming through the threshold was a woman her uniform was a grey jacket zipped up revealing only a black and white stripped shirt underneath. Her jacket is emblazoned with Grand Fleet emblems and on its dark green epaulets the Star Anchor sat proud along with the woman’s Captain rank insignia. Her left breast like Diega’s had her surname and on her right was C.C.S. The woman’s pitch black trousers contrasting with the blue Star Agency uniforms.
Diega stood and smiled nervously “welcome onboard the FPS Witham I’m-“ her sentence cut off as the guest interrupted. “ Kate Diega, or is it Katherine?” She said in a friendly way as she admired Diega’s curves through her uniform. Taken aback slightly Diega wasn’t sure if she was being genuinely friendly or if her tone had hidden meaning. Diega held her hand out to shake hands and her beautiful smile lit up her now rosy cheeks. “Kate..” Diega’s soft hand seemed to crumble under the guest’s hard grip. “ I’m Captain Zanele of the Human Confederation Of Colonies Starship Makarov.” Despite the shortness of their handshake Diega’s hurting hand resisted as she squeezed back against Zanele’s hand making her let out a tiny smile as she came to respect Diega a little more.
Diega thought Zanele was from Africa when she first saw her black ethnicity but curiosity made her ask. “ where are you from?”. Both women began walking into the ready room next to the bridge. Zanele replied. “My family moved from Zedanta to Aachwald Colony then we became part of the Confederacy.” Zanele looked around the luxurious Captains room and saw the soft sofa’s and wooden furniture, she was even slightly impressed. “ do you fancy a drink?” Diega Asked.
Zanele looked at the 3D Printer that was incorporated into the wall and paused for second to think. “Vodka.” Diega turned to look at her. “Your machine will do Vodka no?” Zanele queried. With raised eyebrows Diega nodded and typed into the interface. In a moment a tumbler of Vodka appeared and she gave it to Zanele. “Thank you Kate,” Zanele’s strange accent and tone continued to puzzle Diega, she still wasn’t sure how sincere her guest was or if she was a threat.

Diega made herself a cup of tea and took it over to her desk. “ you’re allowed to drink when on duty?” She asked as she pulled out her chair to sit on. “ No, but I am not on duty.” As Zanele finished speaking it got silent again and Diega fiddled with the rim of her cup. She wondered what to say and she felt awkward, not just from the silence but because she felt Zanele’s eyes on her.
She felt hot under her collar and became aware of every little thing she did. Her breathing, where her eyes looked even the wetness of her mouth as she nibbled her lower lip. Each second seemed to last a aeon then Zanele broke the silence. “This is a fine ship you have here Kate. I’m glad to have been allowed to come onboard to look around.”
Diega smiled, relieved the awkwardness was subsiding slightly. “Yes thank you. The crew are very good and we’re happy to have you here,”
“It’s always been fascinating to me to see so many aliens on one ship. You’re an Earthling and you command officers from Uni and the colonies. Also I saw Dovians and Kampans and Talites and Saylans. Surely you must have fights or arguments every day with such a multicultural bunch.” Zanele for the first time seemed genuinely interested as she finished talking.
Diega looked away and thought of her answer, “No. we all get along very well. Our diversity makes us stronger.” She said.
Zanele wasn’t convinced and replied. “ that’s very interesting. It’s just we hear exaggerated stories of riots in some of the colonies when police officers arrest aliens for actual crimes they commit.”
Diega remembered the riots in England some time ago and said with a smile. “ like you say, exaggerated. Perhaps you can answer a question of mine?” Diega sipped from her mug as Zanele looked intrigued at her.
“Why are your ships camouflaged? I mean it seems pointless.” She asked as her cup touched her lips.
Zanele laughed slightly and sipped her Vodka. “Let me explain. If two people go for a job interview which would you pick? The one wearing a shirt and tie or the one wearing scruffy jacket.”
Diega paused for a moment to figure out where she’s going with this. “I’d pick the first one.” She said. Zanele smirked and continued “exactly, you’d pick the one that looks the part. The scruffy one may be better at his job but he doesn’t look fit for the job. When your people see Star Agency ships in the news following an alien attack they’ll see cruise liners and ships of peace and fear for their lives. When our people see Grand Fleet ships during an alien invasion they’ll see warriors and Warships ready to die for their defence.”
Zanele said as she finished her drink.
Homecoming 1918
1918 after a four year mission to explore deep space the People's Federation starship FPS Rojahn finally got its first glimpse of Uni.
Captain Meredith Foxington was excited, she sat in the comfy command chair and leant forward to better see the screen. Her short blonde hair tickled her neck as the middle aged woman from Peleu braced in anticipation.
Dressed warmly in her brown leather away jacket with sheepskin collars she contrasted with the blue Dungaree wearing crew. One crewman called LT Benny approached Foxington and she saw his shiny name tag leaning outwards before noticing his top button was also undone.
“Benny, correct your name tag you look scruffy.. and do your top button up. Do you think you're a pilot or something?” Foxington said almost as if she joked.
“Yes ma'am.” Benny replied
“Is that Uni I see there Mr Henderson?” Foxington asked as she looked intensely.
Mr Henderson looked at the sensor display and nav board before turning to Foxington ,
“It must be. I can't remember it being so small.”
“Magnify the screen if you please Mr Henderson.” Ordered Foxington.
Henderson turned the dial on the console and the telescopic periscope mumbled outwards to zoom in on the faraway planet.
Her eyes lit up as she got her first view in almost five years of her home planet.
“Magnificent.” She muttered under her breath.
“Ma'am, we're being hailed.” Called out Ms Strasser as she turned around from her black and green Monochrome monitor.
“Thank you Ms Strasser put it through.” Foxington said.
The view of the planet changed to that of a slightly unfocused picture of a old Vidiian woman wearing an unfamiliar uniform. Her pointed eye brows lead up to her mostly grey hair that still showed a hint of its natural crimson colour.
“Captain Foxington i presume? We have been expecting you. I'm Admiral Verren of Uni One starbase. Please proceed to route A1-5  my girls will give your Helm the navigation information. “
The Admiral gave a little smile.
“Welcome home Rojahn.”
“Ms Strasser are you receiving the Nav information?” Asked Foxington.
“Yes ma'am. I'm downloading the information into a Floppy disk.”
“Good. Once you have it give the disk to Mr Henderson if you please.”
Foxington turned to look back at the screen that now showed Uni again.

As the FPS Rojahn got closer captain Foxington noticed a strange starship lurking in the blackness of space.
“Mr Henderson what is that?” Asked Foxington.
“What? That blip? He said as he looked at the sensor readout then peered into the scope.
“That's a … a … a starship, but I've never seen anything like it.”
He questioned.
Foxington sat back down in her seat and said to Mr Henderson.
“It's a strange new galaxy. Take us in and prepare for docking.”
“Yes ma'am, Uni One requests mooring position Two and has requested walkways extend to airlock one.” Mr Henderson says.
Foxington agree’s “whatever they want, cut sublight engines and set retard thrusters to one quarter. Turn one five mark six to two side and level off approach.”
“Aye ma'am.” Mr Henderson says
Soon enough the FPS Rojahn docks at one of the moorings strutting away from the spherical starbase and the base crew extend the Walkway towards the designated airlock.
As the ship began powering down and the docking clamps held the ship in position the crew of the Rojahn gathered at the Airlock. All excited some wore their blue dungarees over grey shirts and others wore their dress uniforms pressed and polished just for the occasion.
Ms Strasser walked passed Foxington who stood on the bridge, she gave a courtesy before leaving to join the others. Foxington now alone looked across the empty command area and admired the eggshell white interior walls and brass controls. The now black monitors surrounded by round typewriter styled buttons. She saw the large dials of the engineering section encased in brass now showing zero for most except the life support and those that are stuck and her fingers caressed the wooden armrests of her command chair. Feeling the warming touch of a familiar piece of furniture and the nail marks of previous tense situations.
Slightly emotional Captain Meredith Foxington left the bridge taking in the last sight as she closed the black elevator gate and the wooden interior of the lift took her away.
Meredith’s eyes followed the green letters as they changed eventually stopping at E deck. She opened the black gate and stepped out to see all her crew with their families, some carried children they only saw in ultrasound images and others hugged sons and daughters who had grown up and brought along their partners. Captain Meredith Foxington walked off the FPS Rojahn and carried on through the crowded arrivals section looking for her husband.
Her eyes rested on a girl, her young eyes wide and her long blonde hair framed her innocent face. Her blue cardigan and white under dress showed her curvy body. Just below the end of her blonde hair was her shiny name tag. Meredith instantly recognised her younger daughter Hermione and the girl stretched out her arms as her mum got close and hugged her. Meredith felt Hermione’s hair and warm skin against hers and everything else seemed to become unimportant and silent.
Tears ran down her face and she finally found words to say to Hermione but struggled to get them out for the flood of emotions, made worse by the sight of Hermione's rosy cheeks and tearful eyes and her huge smile that still makes Meredith think back to her daughters first day of school.
“God I've missed you soo much.” She managed between the tears.
“Awww I love you mom, we've missed you too.” Hermione's hand wiped the tears welling up in her eyes.
“I have so much to tell you.” Hermione spoke quickly and carried on telling her mum all about her sister Dorothy becoming a doctor at Rosing hospital for allied veterans and told her she's joined the Star Agency to follow in her mums footsteps.
Meredith finally got a word in.
“I can see, you look fantastic! Is this the new uniform?
“Yes! Don't I. See I've even got the Purple pin badge. One day it'll be red.”
Meredith admired her uniform and replied.
“I don't know what the colours mean, where's your dad?”
Hermione looked down and paused.
“Yeah about dad, me and Dorothy decided not to tell you until you got back.”
Meredith looked puzzled.
“Tell me what dear?”
She questioned.
“Dad had an accident, he's ok and Dorothy has been looking after him at the hospital.”
Meredith slightly concerned asks her.
“At the RMHV?”
Hermione nods.
“Why there? Why not at the Rosing General Hospital?”
Hermione responds.
“Mom, dad has lost his legs.” She paused to let it sink in before carrying on.
“When the visiting hours start we'll go.”
Meredith smiles and hugs her.
“Love you, now show me where you're staying.”
Hermione giggles slightly and points out the window at the large ship outside. It's sleek beige coloured hull and shiny chrome front dwarfed the old Discovery Class FPS Rojahn.
“That's a Slater and Smith built Hero Class Starcraft. Come I'll show you around.”
I started creating a Sisters of Battle fleet for the game 'Battlefleet Gothic' so I can use my favourite 40k army in that game against my brother.
the basic idea behind the backstory is that the ships are not warships and so don't have a lot of weapons, instead they rely on acts of faith to literally and miraculously burn heretic ships  that get close and protect them from harm. The ships are just spaceborne Convents that recruite and train Sisters and don't have a actuel fighting purpose.

i have played around with creating BFG rules for Star Trek and Star Wars ships 
this is all just a rough idea that I wanted to show people.


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