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We are not a very active group but we are still very happy that we are getting new members and entries! Please continue to post to us <3

A BIG welcome to our new members <3
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- Be respectful:
**Not only to the admin but to all the members as well. If you have any personal issues with a member, leave it at the door. Here, we are like family.

-Be constructive:
**If a member has submitted a picture that they requested critique on, be constructive and courteous. This doesn't mean 'pussy foot' around them... Tell them what you think but also, help them to fix the problems.

-Submission restrictions:
**We understand not everyone has the latest super awesome amazing cameras or a nice place to take photos... So, submit your best! If the photo is too dark, grainy, out of focus... Do not submit it. Stray hairs are okay because we, as humans, have that as well. But if it is obvious you did not take any care for the photo, do not expect us to approve. This is a haven for amateur and professional photographers alike.
**EXCEPTION: I would just like to say that if you have a dark/grainy/blurry photo that you're really proud of, send us a note. Sometimes pics like this can be really awesome, and it takes a lot of effort to get them to look good. We want to see your effort.

-ONLY CP dolls allowed:
**If you do not have CP casted dolls, this is fine! This club is for people who enjoy them as well as those who collect them. We also have an artwork section. Have fun with it!

-No spamming:
**Please do not flood the comment area with a link back to your gallery. Those comments will be marked as spam.

-No flaming:
**If you do not like a photo, don't look at it. We will not tolerate flaming or any sort of harsh actions toward our staff or members.

-Identification for artwork:
**Let us know what doll the picture is of. This will prevent people from just submitting whatever they feel to get pageviews. If the doll in the art is not yours, say so as well.

-Have fun:
**I want us all to have fun with this! We are so eager to make new friends and for others to have fun while here.

(more will be added as we see fit.)

Group Info

This is a group dedicated to the Asian ball-jointed dolls cast by the company Cerberus Project. :3
This group is for owners and fans alike.
We welcome photos and art of all CP dolls, and they can be depicted with other dolls as long as the CP doll is the focus.

Here is a list of dolls that ARE cast by CP:
- Delf
- Feeple
- Mini Fee (MNF)
- Little Fee (LTF)
- Puki Fee (PKF)
- Puki Puki
- Real Puki
- Chic Line
- Kid Delf (KDF)- grandfathered in because some are CP

Dolls that ARE NOT cast by CP:
- Super Senior Delf (SSDF)
- Senior Delf (SDF)
- Junior Delf (JDF)
- Honey Delf (HDF)
- Zuzu Delf
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Cerberus Project BJDs

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fat-mabari Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Amusingly enough, though they have both been rehomed, Ttori and Woori were the only two kid delfs I ever had. Won't be an empty folder now~
Eddie-chan Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
YAy! I'm so happy! I think we had one or two pics in there at one point, and then the owner removed them. It's good not to have an empty folder. And it's still nice to look at dolls you may not own anymore. :3
Kaine69 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Dido to *Eleanor Anne
Eddie-chan Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012
Huh? What do you mean?
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I'm not sure if its normal but instead of just uploading I have to wait for a consent and sometimes I never hear back on a deviant contribute its strange
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