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Volleyball | Ludwig Beilschmidt x Reader
The sun shining brightly, the sand warm under his toes, the crashes of the water hitting the shore emitted a peaceful noise. Other than Feli yelling and bouncing across the beach, the day felt promising.
“Doitsu Doitsu! Come play volleyball with me and-a Kiku!” The bubbly Italian chirped, bouncing around Ludwig as he pulled on his hand, urging him to the volleyball net.
“Feliciano, stop. There are already girls over there using the net,” He said, gesturing to a group of girls laughing. One of them caught his eye, one girl in a black high-cut bikini who held the ball in her hands, her laughs turning into giggles as one of her friends pointed at Ludwig and Feli. Turning around, the girl noticed Ludwig staring a bit and waved, a smile gracing her cheeks, making Ludwig’s cheeks glow with colour.
“Come on! Please, Doitsu? Do it for the Bella~” Feliciano purred, pulling him unwillingly.
“Fine fine. Stop pulling my arm!” Ludwig snapped, pu
:icongureirin:Gureirin 6 2
the Matchmaker Dating Sim by LOTOLLE the Matchmaker Dating Sim :iconlotolle:LOTOLLE 9 1
Komorebi (Yagi Toshinori)

(Yagi Toshinori x F!Reader)
Sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees
Sometimes our day can be as bad as a day can get 
but the moment we catch a glimpse of this one special person,
 it brightens up in an instant.

There weren't many disadvantages being the world's smartest animal's sidekick. Actually there weren't any if you overlooked the fact that Nezu wasn't just the world's smartest animal but also the principal of one of Japans most renowned schools, Yuuei Highschool. Because of this it often happened that you had to deal with annoying requests and interviews in Nezu's stead or paperwork in general. 
This time when he called you into his office wasn't any different. 
"I have unfortunately no time to handle this, [Name]-san,
:iconnikaryu:NikaRyu 92 19
What was she like? (Azumane Asahi X Reader)
Warnings: angst, slight language
Key: Italics implies flashbacks, 
"This is speech" 'This is thoughts' 

    He promised he would take care of her. She was the stars, the sun, and the moon. Her laugh and smile could power the world, and her hugs could repair the most damaged of hearts. When she cried, he was there for her, when she was sick, he took care of her. She was the light of his world.
    She was all that was left of you.
    “Daddy?” His daughter called out to him. Her 7-year-old hands gripped tightly to a blanket that had belonged to someone special. It had belonged to you.
    A man with long brown hair and a beard looked up at his daughter. She looked just like you did.
    “Yes, pumpkin?” He calls, and his daughter curled up with him.
    “What was mom like?” the man froze. He’d been avoiding the subject of her mother for
:iconwritingtheinserts:WritingTheInserts 19 7
Doctor!Germany x reader- incurable

"Here's the last diagnosis you have to check for tonight, Doctor Ludwig" His secretary purred his name while handing him the large folder.
"Thank you, Agnes. You can go." he bluntly told her without taking his eyes off the papers he had to sign.
Agnes sighed in frustration as another attempt to capture her boss' attention miserably failed.
Ludwig Beilschmidt was one of the most famous and rich doctors in Germany. A very powerful and cruel man. He was like a celebrity to his country. With his imposing, muscular body and his handsome face he'd always be turning heads whenever he walked in a room. His sexy appearance, his money and his status made him the most desirable pray for the women of the elite. Of course, Ludwig had taken advantage of this a couple of times, having many different love affairs with not only beautiful, but also wealthy women, such as models, journalists, ambassadors etc.
Ludwig was sure that no matter what, every female
:iconthe-fatal-sun:the-fatal-sun 22 8
GermanyXReader - Memories of Her
    “Alright, one small classic milk tea with boba,” Ludwig says, placing your favorite drink on the side table next to you. You set your book face down on your lap and begin to take out your wallet.
    “It’s $6.31, right?” you ask, only to be met with Ludwig’s shaking head.
    “Don’t worry about it. You got it last time, remember?”
    ‘Yeah, I did, but that was when we were still dating, remember?’ you think to yourself, but instead of pointing it out, you just sigh and return to your page after a belligerent “Okay, thanks.”
    Every other Friday, you and Ludwig had a bi-weekly ritual of going to your favorite tea shop and reading books together until they close at 11:00. It was something you two started when you were dating – your own personal book club, originally having started as a bet from your friend to see if you two could read every book the
:iconmamithesemechan:MamiTheSemeChan 13 4
Not Fine (Young! All Might x Reader)
You had been friends with Toshinori since childhood, the two of you practically inseparable. When he had learned that he was quirkless, or rather supposedly quirkless as his new-found quirk indicated, you had been the one to cheer him up. Now, as high school students at U.A., not much had changed, the two of you usually seen together rather than individually...
So what the hell was this?
You stabbed a piece of egg with more violence than necessary, shoving it in your mouth and chewing on it savagely.
"(y-y/n), are you okay? You're kinda freaking me out," you're friend, Kayama Nemuri, asked you tentatively, holding her own lunch close to her body protectively.
"I'm fine. I'm totally fine! I'm more than fine! What makes you think I'm not fine?" Another piece of egg met a more violent end than it deserved.
"Well for starters, Yagi-san isn't attached to you like he usually is. I didn't even know it was possible for the two of you to be apart for the space of three minutes." She smiled teas
:iconlordsister:LordSister 54 74
Safe In Your Arms (All Might x Reader)
A/N: There don't seem to be very many All Might fanfics and JordanDonges requested one, so here this is! I had a wonderful time writing it, so I hope you have a wonderful time reading it! I do not own My Hero Academia or any of its characters. Enjoy!XD
He was the world's greatest hero, the symbol of peace, a beacon of hope to all those in need.
...And he sure as hell felt the weight of that position.
After the injury that essentially destroyed his body, the burden upon his shoulders only increased, the struggle to maintain his strength a losing battle.
It hurt. It hurt so badly. His body protesting as he coughed up blood and his health deteriorating with every use of One For All.
But while he knew he could handle the pain, that he must handle the pain, he could not handle the pain that his position was causing you.
You, his strong, beautiful, caring wife whom he had tried in vain to keep secret from the rest of the world out of fear that you would become the target of countless super v
:iconlordsister:LordSister 43 14
rainy days [kageyama tobio]
Rainy season is finally here! Here, have some Kageyama Tobio to warm your chilly days ;)
You were slowly pulled to consciousness by the sudden warmth you felt behind your back. You cracked one eye open and looked over your shoulder, and you were greeted by a wonderful sight.
Kageyama had one cheek mushed against his pillow, making his face look funny.
You silently laugh. How adorable.
Despite your efforts to stifle your laughter, his eyelids still flutter open, revealing those starry-night eyes you adore so much.
You face him and smile softly as you reach out to brush his bangs out of his eyes. “Sorry for waking you up.”
He’s blushing, but you refrain from teasing him about it. “It’s fine,” he mumbles in a voice hoarse from sleep. The sound of it causes tingles to run through your body, causing goosebumps to blossom on your arms.
You smile wider before wrapping your arms around him and burying your face into his warm chest. “Tobio, you a
:iconpotatingpotato:potatingpotato 29 14
APH x OW - Commander Alfred by chigoplush APH x OW - Commander Alfred :iconchigoplush:chigoplush 87 18
Hair Days 11 [Saitama x Reader]
            “Babe, this can’t go on any longer.”
            “I mean, I love you bald head but your ugly wigs are killing our relationship.”
            “Wait, what was that about wigs?”
            “Glad I have your attention now.”
            “I was listening before, ___.”
            “___, you still there?”
            “You attention span notwithstanding, we’
:iconabvore:abvore 45 23
Tendo Satori | Monster
‘You’re a monster!’ Was written in messy scrawl on the back of his hand, he hated it. Yeah, sure his team dubbed him the ‘Guess Monster’ but to be called a monster by his soulmate disheartened him. Did that phrase mean instant rejection? Were they disappointed in what they saw? Would he be forever alone?
On the outside, he would joke about it coming off as uncaring but on the inside he was in turmoil. No one ever approached him outside of volleyball so he thought it would be someone on the volleyball court, an opponent. Tendō wasn’t sure how he felt about that he didn’t swing that way. Maybe it was some kind of joke for his warped personality. What bothered him the most was that it was written on the back of his hand, where everyone could see it, where he could see it, every day.
Tendō would take a sharpie and color over it or use sports tape to cover it up but then the questions would follow.
‘What happened?’
:iconezaito:ezaito 64 18
Bokuto Kotaro | Back Muscles
You weren’t sure which god to thank for the sight before you so you decided to pray to them all. Fukurōdani, Karasuno, and Nekoma had scheduled a practice match at Nekoma’s gymnasium. Unfortunately, the air conditioning quit resulting in half the guys removing their T-shirts. Were you complaining as the manager of Nekoma? Hell no. Was everyone else? Yes. Desiring to snap a photo of the muscles, you hold yourself back clutching the water bottle tighter in your grip and spooking when a voice startles you from behind causing water to explode everywhere, “Awe shit.”
“Oya [Name] you’ve been staring awfully hard at Kō’s back you perv,” scowling you tilt your head back to see Kuroo smirking, a towel draped over his shoulder sweat beading down his face. The downside of the air condition quitting was the collective man sweat stinking up the place. Grimacing, you raise your shirt up to your nose stepping back as his smirk falters, “
:iconezaito:ezaito 82 19
Azumane Asahi | Bold
Everyone thought his soulmate would have been a sweet girl with a quiet demeanor who made adorable lunches, dressed appropriately, and would compliment his personality. His preference would have been that, but the vulgar statement written on his collarbone had him wracked with fear.
I’ve always wondered what a thigh burn would feel like.’
At first, when he read that he had no idea what it meant, the wording appeared on his collarbone around the age of ten. Azumane excitedly ran to his parents to show it off only for them to gasp with mortification. Ever since it appeared, he always wore a shirt to the pool to hide the vulgar statement from prying eyes. Years later in junior high when his facial hair started to grow he finally understood what it meant and vehemently attempted to keep it hidden always changing in the bathroom stalls.
Exhausted from the practice camp at Nekoma he mindlessly ripped off his shirt to change into less sweaty clothes. A snort was he
:iconezaito:ezaito 80 28
soulmates and where to find them|asahi azumane
asahi azumane x reader
gender : neutral
soulmate au wherein the first word(s) your soulmate says to you are tatted on your wrist
also future au wherein nishi and tanaka are smart enough to get into college
sports scholariship, go figure.

Asahi didn't like the situation he was currently in.
The night had started out simply enough. He remembered sitting cross legged on a bar stool, staring hopelessly at his two obviously drunk former teammates in front of him. Nishinoya and Tanaka had somehow teleported his firm derriere from his dorm to this lowly pub. Apparently, the occasion was to commemorate Tadashi's meeting with his soulmate and under normal circumstances, Asahi would have actually agreed that it was a good enough reason to celebrate. But there was a teeny catch there. Tadashi was miles away. Hours of chugging brought to his attention that his mates were actually downing
:iconkagamichhi:Kagamichhi 20 12
A True Hero (Saitama x reader)
Fandom:  One-Punch Man
Reader-insert: Female
Word Count: 799
Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes
(y/n) was standing on the rooftop of a building next to Silver Fang who was telling Genos not the be afraid of failure and to think about the best possible way to destroy the comet that was threatening to destroy Z City whatever the outcome was. The young cyborg gave his all, but it was not enough to stop the asteroid.
(y/n) was known as the Antihero due to her resentment towards those who called themselves heroes but were nothing more than selfish cowards that were only interested in personal gains, like metal Knight. She knew that if he had agreed to work with Genos, both of them could have destroyed it. But all that S-Class Rank 6 Hero wanted to do was to test his new weapons.
However, that didn’t matter anymore, it was all too late. There were only nine seconds left before the impact. (y/n) closed her eyes
:iconvenulus:Venulus 24 10


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