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Reader x Erwin - For You
Reader x Erwin - For You
Title: For You
Fandom: Attack on Titan
Character: Erwin Smith
Genre: Poem
Warnings: sappy
Intended Gender Audience: Female Audience
Word Count: 284 Words
Other comments: setting: romantic date w/ daddy
Erwin takes your hand and smiles. “I-I wanted to give you something… But I’m rather scared because it’s not very good.”
         “What is it?”
         He pulls a scroll of paper from his pocket and puts it in your palm. You smile and accept it because Erwin is blushing, and you’ve never seen him this nervous.
For You
I’ll be the first to admit
that I am not good at these types of things
I am much better suited
at filling out paperwork
for how many training drills have been completed
and how many more families need apologies
But enough of that,
for you, I’ll try
I would run to you whenever
:iconmythiica:Mythiica 14 4
High Renaissance artists as high school students!? by Cioccolatodorima High Renaissance artists as high school students!? :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 808 36
Message to You
To you,
Forgive me for I’ve become so guarded.
I’m still wounded and scarred.
Please don’t exploit my vulnerability.
Listen to me when I voice my doubts.
I know it can be trying.
Knowing that someone listens is comforting.
Please be patient with me when I toss and turn, unable to rest.
My ghosts will not stop playing in the dead of night.
Gentle arms around me may bring me solace.
Unwillingly, I dance with devils.
I’m engulfed in their tempting embrace.
Don’t be afraid to pull me back into a more tender one.
Help remind me of reality when I’ve lost touch.
Forgetting who I am is terrifying.
Trusting others is even more daunting.
When I’m screaming in tears, please don’t leave.
I will push you to do so.
Only because I’m scared of how you’ll see me.
Tell me you love me.
Actions speak louder than words.
But the words are always soothing.
If you are out there,
I hope to meet y
:iconpyrrahdakwhil:PyrrahDakwhil 4 0
Erwin x Reader |Kissing Booth| Modern!AU
If only video games never existed. Then, you wouldn't be sitting here, worrying over a stranger wanting to kiss you.
If only.
You think back to a simpler time - a time in which you didn't owe Hanji a favor or two. It wasn't your fault, not entirely; at least. It was the fact that an abundance of video games had come out recently. As soon as you heard the news of all the new releases, you ran to your wallet. That's when you began to recall something important:
You're broke.
All you could manage to do as of late is scrape by on a decent salary, working a full time job at an office workplace. It wasn't the best thing in the world, but it was far from awful too.
A few days pass after the incident. Time after time, the games that you can't afford taunted you. They were everywhere. It doesn't help that your new intern, Eren, could afford it. It only serves to make you feel worse about yourself.
It doesn't take long for you to grovel in your desire for video games. You confront Hanji - and wi
:iconattackonfanfiction:Attackonfanfiction 225 58
Prompts - College!AU Erwin x Reader [RQ]
This is it; you’re finally here. The application process, the whole moving across two states thing and trying to find somewhere to live with your best friend Christa has been more than stressful, but all that you can think is that it has definitely been more than worth it as you stand in front of the welcoming gates of Trost University.
You sigh dreamily, causing Christa to smirk at you. “Do you two need a moment alone?”
You glare at her, lifting your chin haughtily. “No, Miss I-can’t-stop-staring-at-Ymir’s-ass.”
She laughs, tugging on your satchel. “Hurry up then, [Y/N]! Oh wow, I can’t believe we’re finally here… It seems so surreal; I mean, it feels like just yesterday that we started high school!”
“You got that right…” You murmur, following after her. High school had been comprised of some of the most uneventful years of your life. Apart from making a few lifelong friends –
:iconthefireflyfromhell:TheFireflyFromHell 158 34
Mature content
Up Close Series: Erwin Smith x Reader :iconpyrrahdakwhil:PyrrahDakwhil 12 3
Ten Times In Total [Erwin Smith | Female! Reader]
The first time, she was certain, came when her husband tugged at her hand at the ball. It was an official event that gathered together many sponsors and clients of noble heritage. Then there were the soldiers.
Whatever they did, however they dressed, however silent they stayed, they popped out. They were an attraction. They were something abnormal, like a wild animal let loose at a social gathering. Of course, soldiers hardly scared her as much as she would've wished for them to. She was, in actual fact, rather fascinated with them. They were always stoic and when they weren't - they were pretending. It was a funny thing, how every single one of them put on a different mask and underneath hid the same grief-striken face lined with years of experience they would've preferred to die before rather than live through. And their eyes, oh, how pitiful that sight was.
Pools of silver, blue and brown and green, sad and desperate and sometimes searching for hope that wasn't the
:iconstilemawillow:StilemaWillow 25 8
Doctor!Germany x reader- incurable (pt.2)

 "Please sit down. Dr. Beilscmeit will accept you in his office soon." The gorgeous secretary merely informed (y/n).
The (h/c) female thanked Agnes, the secretary, with a flinch of her head and patiently waited for her appointment to start.
She was vacantly admiring the luxurious and tastefully decorated room, until an austere tone behind the closed door called her name.
"(y/n) (l/n)"
(y/n) tactfully knocked on the door.
The voice sounded pretty familiar. But, why does this faint memory prevent her to open the door?
She momentarily hesitated only for the same voice to call her again, this time more sternly.
" I said. (Y/N) (L/N). COME IN" The male voice strictly ordered.
With a soft crack the door was eventually opened revealing her smaller figure. (y/n) almost inaudibly gasped in shock.
Ludwig, on the contrary, had paid no attention to the person that had stepped in his office. Being absorbed by his notes, as usual, he didn't even look at
:iconthe-fatal-sun:the-fatal-sun 13 6
bets and dares [azumane asahi]
I am never, ever going to agree to a bet again—
—is what Asahi thinks as the tall clock tower of the haunted house looms over him. Every toll of the bell warns of his doom.
What did I get myself into?

The (family) team outing started out fine. After all, who doesn’t love going to amusement parks?
The more adventurous ones—Tanaka, Nishinoya, and Hinata (although he looked like he was going to puke the moment he saw it—suggested ongoing on the most extreme ride first.
Hinata made an ‘uwoooh!’ as soon as they spotted the tallest, largest, most extreme ride in the park: a roller coaster with hard twists and turns and one loop.
Everyone watches in awe as the train passes by...
...before turning upside down and going through the tracks again, but this time backwards.
“Wow! Exciting!” Hinata exclaims brightly, but then his expression drops and he looks like he’s gonna puke. (No one will admit it but everyone in
:iconpotatingpotato:potatingpotato 15 10
filling the empty spaces | erwin
She was the girl who was all smiles and laughter, the girl who expressed her dreams with a fiery passion only one other person in the Corps possessed.
            He was the man who was late nights sitting by the window, candlelight illuminating the circles under his eyes and the ever-present frown on his lips. He knew many thought of him as uncaring for the people he had sent to their deaths. He had never talked to most of the dead men who whispered faults and anger into his ear, either. The weight sitting on his being, his soul, only grew heavier with each failed expedition and the families who had no fathers, no mothers, no brothers or sisters that followed.
            Finding him in such positions with such thoughts reminded her that he would always be the one who cared the most.
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 19 11
Caligo ~ WWI!AU!{Soldier!Erwin x Reader}
Erwin's POV:
Without the blood, the land was originally covered with white. It was like God himself pulled a wintry blanket over the Earth on a chilly night, or like the way one would put on a sweater when the weather grew nippy. But droplets of blood soaked in the sheets of ice, and the droplets grew into buckets.
It haunted me.
I hated snow.
The sky was red mixed with oil. It was as if an artist was painting, but unintentionally spilled inky paint over his masterpiece. Such a shame, I bitterly thought. It was a pretty color, but it somehow remained beautiful all the same... Remarkably beautiful. 
Underneath the devastating heavens above was a town flung apart. Concrete and wooden homes tumbled and moaned. Blood streamed until it dried and crusted on the road, like chunks of bark endlessly floating in a river. Bodies of soldiers, women, and children were planted on the ground and seemed like they were permanently glued there.
Apart from everything else, I wanted to go home. Every
:iconpostie-toastie:postie-toastie 65 31
Emorior ~ WWII AU!{Death!Erwin x Pianist!Reader}
note: this is a bit of a one-sided romance.
Erwin's POV:
Humans are confusing creatures with perpetual emotions. They're invigorating, yet enervate themselves. They come from opulent families, yet continue to loot and heist other's riches. They claim to try to help others... yet in the end, one way or another, they bring each other down. How is it that after my millenniums of residing and roaming this earth, I could never place my finger on why the human race persists on remaining the same deep down in their skin. 
I've always asked myself: What is their motive? As death itself, I could never understand the human ways and intelligence - the way they shell themselves and wage war on different nations and races for ludicrous reasons. However, there was part of me that was, dare I say, jealous of humans. Yes, Death coated in blackness felt jealousy of the human life; one of the only emotion
:iconpostie-toastie:postie-toastie 117 56
midnight frights | erwin smith
The sound of fingers tapping against keyboards, the flipping of pages, and the occasional whisper of a couple that were seated in a corner of a university library were the only signs of life on campus; it was rather late, ten minutes till midnight. 
A plethora of coffee cups, biology and chemistry textbooks, notebooks, and a laptop were scattered on top of the antique wooden table where a blond male and a [hair color] female sat, the blond male typing away on his laptop at the speed of light.
“Erwin! We've been here for hours and hours! Let’s go!” you whined rather loudly. “Shh! You’re being loud [Name], and I already told you that you could go on without me. I’m almost done with this…” Erwin whispered. “Ugh! You said the same EXACT thing an hour ago!” you exclaimed, pointing your index finger at Erwin. “Shh!” he rebuked. “Why are you ‘sh!’ at me for? We are the only ones here, you douche bag
:iconmaikkuma:maikkuma 48 12
ineffective human heater | erwin

As requested by Mythiica, who asked for more Erwin fics.

"Gosh," you mutter, breath fogging against the glass as you gaze out the window and at the rapidly falling snow, worry evident on your features. "I hope he's okay."
Watching the snowfall for several moments, you sigh, eyes fluttering closed as you lean your head against the window. He was supposed to be home by seven, and it was already twelve in the damn morning. Anxiety brims in your stomach, your chest, constricting your heart as you think of the things that could have happened to your wonderful husband. 
No, you growl to yourself, brows meeting. He's strong. He'll be fine.
And, as if on cue, you perceive keys dangling outside. Hurriedly, you rush to your front door, swinging it open. You're greeted by the sight of Erwin covered in white specks of snow, his hair, his suit, his shoes, his pants, everywhere. Quickly ushering him inside, you slam the door closed, the powerful winds resisting y
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 32 15
. of lazy saturdays and crude dares | Erwin Smith
It was a lazy Saturday like any other: [Name] was sprawled across Erwin' couch, waiting for her boyfriend to return with snacks so they could begin their day in earnest. Last weekend, they subjected themselves to a horror movie marathon (with such classics as The Notebook, Twilight, and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes), but this weekend, there was to be a battle of epic proportions; a tournament like no other the world had ever seen.
They were going to play Mario Kart until their thumbs bled.
From the kitchen, [Name] heard the dulcet tones of a blender, followed by a microwave's beep, and she quickly realized that she wasn't going to get fed. True to her assumption, Erwin returned from the kitchen with two milkshakes in hand, one looking suspiciously like chocolate soup. [Name] would have complained, but she quickly had much more important things to worry about – Erwin threw a Wiimote at her head, and the tournament had begun.
The two combatants were fairly evenly matched, a
:iconangelicinferno:AngelicInferno 31 15
Safety Belt | Erwin
[Modern!AU] [Reader's POV towards Erwin]
Your eyes flutter as I poke your side.  Ice blue hues focus on me as I bring you back to consciousness.
'Erwin, we should probably start driving again,' some regret tones my voice. 
'Sure.' Your voice is the voice I fell in love with. It is a velvety masquerade, a jewell of vocal cords. 
Our bodies move apart, your warm frame no longer supporting mine. Relaxing leather scents mingle with mint car freshener. My travel pillow lays discarded on a back seat- no longer necessary now I can lean on you.
The dusty road ahead twists on with the sun scratching at its surface. Tumbleweed prances over dying fields- like a western movie scene. The land spreads around us- suffocated by dead bushes and disappearing paths that hold history. 
It is just us now, driving across land, moving to the rhythm of the road's stubble. No sound plays out of installed speakers, no words are exchanged between chapped lips. 
:iconjustabrokenspirit:JustABrokenSpirit 11 8


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