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Rad Cam by cpbrown Rad Cam :iconcpbrown:cpbrown 0 2 backlit by the sun by cpbrown backlit by the sun :iconcpbrown:cpbrown 1 4 sky portrait one by cpbrown sky portrait one :iconcpbrown:cpbrown 6 14 Gold pot by cpbrown Gold pot :iconcpbrown:cpbrown 3 1 say cheese by cpbrown say cheese :iconcpbrown:cpbrown 0 3
Soaring above our heads fly the words.
Geometric cacophony, in explosive
Progeny of inspiration, it sings my song-
      not so much an echo
as a refrain
sung by the voice of another.
This complex art emanates wonderful,
a germinal instant in space,
the transition into existence -
it is birthed by mere possibility:
      a blank page,
      a willing silence.
I filled you,
and now when I hush,
I can still hear
my song.
:iconcpbrown:cpbrown 1 2
Grass by cpbrown Grass :iconcpbrown:cpbrown 0 2
blacks, orientals, croutons; it was a veritable soup of a brothel - though I, christian brown, was not there to sample mere culinary grit - I was imprisoned, mistakenly, in a male whore house, when an incident forced my chauffeur to take a detour through red. a nihilist living his philosophy, my life was spiraling madly out of control, i do recall having once had a plot. sitting in darkness i peer through the venetian blinds at a purple sky. the impression of existing in more than one moment gives us the impression of free will, so a terrible short term memory, and limited perception lead me effectively nowhere, but really through a buzzing whirring lomographic flash of experience, a jag hurtling through tokyoronto, neon endorphins pumping magenta round my physicality - a lull, i breathe, think too hard and you stop. - crying out for more our bodies reek of need, incoherency happy, for how could we be happier? we're pigs who learnt how to build and that's the extent to which our intell
:iconcpbrown:cpbrown 0 2
Dragonfly by cpbrown Dragonfly :iconcpbrown:cpbrown 1 1 Iris by cpbrown Iris :iconcpbrown:cpbrown 0 3 inverted by cpbrown inverted :iconcpbrown:cpbrown 0 7 shards by cpbrown shards :iconcpbrown:cpbrown 1 3 my arm by cpbrown my arm :iconcpbrown:cpbrown 2 2 cut by cpbrown cut :iconcpbrown:cpbrown 0 1 admission by cpbrown admission :iconcpbrown:cpbrown 1 4 disorder by cpbrown disorder :iconcpbrown:cpbrown 1 6


Irina by the sea, 2 by vuda Irina by the sea, 2 :iconvuda:vuda 94 13 All Along by solefield All Along :iconsolefield:solefield 272 68 Stock-82 by Dagwanoenyent-Stock
Mature content
Stock-82 :icondagwanoenyent-stock:Dagwanoenyent-Stock 1,256 442
A poem
These mesmerizing words,
Have you fallen under their spell?
Can you feel their magic,
The whispers of aeons,
Rustling like a library of pages through the leaves of branches long since dead?
They are with you always,
Those slight glimmers, phantasms of your imagination.
Catch one. Can you see it?
Hear it, almost, if you strain your ears
Into the unknown.
The last dying sighs of an age that has not yet begun
Echo, reverberating, across the space of possibilities real and imagined.
Conceive, if you will, of a flower,
Its petals immaculate, untainted by the glistening of dew that sparkles in your mind.
What colour is it?
Can you picture the stem, the leaves,
Creating a world radiating, rushing outwards from this arbitrary point that I have chosen, as we speak?
Catch a draft, adrift, and float
Upwards, away
To reality.
:iconrobin14159265359:Robin14159265359 2 0
CMYK Love by efilArt CMYK Love :iconefilart:efilArt 74 57 Natural Blues by lee25 Natural Blues :iconlee25:lee25 213 87 tgtg g boyal by piccolo tgtg g boyal :iconpiccolo:piccolo 6 11 Gift Art for DJMattRicks by Breakoutthecookies Gift Art for DJMattRicks :iconbreakoutthecookies:Breakoutthecookies 5 27 In The Moonlight by VacantBox In The Moonlight :iconvacantbox:VacantBox 25 56 'Eve' by tigerzi 'Eve' :icontigerzi:tigerzi 11 7 areao4.2 by heylove areao4.2 :iconheylove:heylove 2,095 800 A Nuestros Huesos by binarymind A Nuestros Huesos :iconbinarymind:binarymind 4 4 heaven by detail24 heaven :icondetail24:detail24 453 166 ... by efilArt ... :iconefilart:efilArt 10 6 Aesthetic Groove by heylove Aesthetic Groove :iconheylove:heylove 663 228
Today, Again...
Helpless, hopeless feelings blur
Out of focus.
They know that for every strike
There is a re-
Action, reverberating
Into my soul.
I can never see clearly;
Time hides it all.
:iconrobin14159265359:Robin14159265359 1 13


  • Listening to: Music!
  • Playing: My beautiful keyboard
I'm obviously too sentimental :p

I want to start photographing stuff again - it's been so long.


Christian Brown
United Kingdom
photography, poetry, music and cycling.
typography, philosophy, science and flying.

i've been here for a while now.

Current Residence: oxford
Favourite style of art: music + colour


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CFKane Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2010
Well I'm glad you like the redux. I'm a little annoyed people aren't listening to my plea for it not to be faved. I didn't do the work. I just hope you're getting the traffic you deserve :)
XTHEREVENGEX Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey hey! I haven't spoken 2 u in ages! Thnx 4 the add :)
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So I just finished on the road...

The last two parts were great. Which part did you say you loved the most?
sammykaye Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2007
Thank you so much :) You have some beautiful pieces in yours.
SophieNS Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2007
Heyyyy Chris. Lol. How are you? How is life? Is philo on this Thursday or not? Life with me is good at the moment actually. Loooot of concerts and rehearsals. We have five and a half hours of rehearsals on Sunday. Blahhhh. Not what I need right now. And I have been trying to sleep this afternoon but my brother keeps demanding things. He's soooo annoying. And cute. I suppose most two year olds are. But grrrrrr. Sometimes I just want a big hippo to come and sit on him, for an hour or so. And then we can unsquash him afterwards. Mum doesn't seem too keen on the idea. Something about cartoon physics and the fact that he will remain squashed once he has been squashed first time round. I say, let's try it and see.
tigerzi Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2007
I was gonna facebook you but you never reply to me on there :P


I need to get myself some kind of Mac for proper art school next year and i don't know which oooone. You are like, the all-knowing Mac geek (=P) so I would be so grateful if you could use your great expertise to help me out?

Please? *offers a cookie*
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Breakoutthecookies Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2007
OMG YOUR 2K!!!! CONGRATS :dance:
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hi i love ur site o yer by da way i'm DDC's sis so i fort we could be m8's....? :+devwatch:
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Thanks for your comment.
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Your gallery is pretty amazing :wave: !!! Keep it up!!
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thank you for all your kind comments :) stay well, keep on with good photos :)
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Get your ass on MSN sometime.


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Thank you so much for all your kind comments!
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love the new mushroom pics - very trippy. having fun with the wide-angle lense? jealous... :shakefist:
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Breakoutthecookies Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2006
I love your webcam pic... I'm just that emo... :lmao:
Totally. I hate MySpace. *sets up IHATEMYSPACE club*
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Hemmer Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2006
now your talking!
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Breakoutthecookies Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2006
Hello brother of Simon :P
Nice gallery. Must Watch.
Heard you're learning Claire de Lune on piano? I play it. Beautiful piece.
Enough rambling from me.
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Unicornfish Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2006
you're welcome. its rather spooky n__n
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