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I hate doing such things but I'll keep that as a reminder for me and warning for other users.

This is not an attack or act of revenge. I tried to get in contact and got no response. Therefore I have to believe these people tricked/scamed me.
Time for holidays! XD
In two weeks I'll travel to Japan.
I'm so excited!!!!!!!! XD XD
The cities, the culture, the people, the environment. Everything have to be sooooo awsome! (^.^)
Maybe I' ll meet some of my idols, like Eichiro Oda or Akira Toriyama!

OMG I' am really fuzzy right now! XD XD XD
  • Listening to: Technologic Daft Punk
  • Watching: At the screen!^^
  • Eating: Oh.. I need something to eat! XD
  • Drinking: Cola-Mix