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⊹ hi I'm caky and i draw sometimes. 𖥔

𖥔 feel free to look around <3 ⊹

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🚫Do Not:

🚫 copy, trace, reference my artworks.

🚫 use my artworks for AI & n/ft shit

🚫 repost or use my artworks without permission.

i WILL hunt you down.

✅You may:

✅ draw my characters (i prefer if you tag me so i can see it!)

✅ use SOME of my artworks as your banner/profile picture. (please ask first before you do so, some artworks are not meant for others to use.)

i am not always active on deviantart so i may take a while to reply to any questions, i hope you understand!

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for core :3

if u want to

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Happy birthday week !! 🎂🎂 Have an amazing one this year ❤️💐

My gosh, your art is so dang fun.

I love your artstyle

it's like spooky, cute, and just all together cool

the colour schemes for each of your characters is just MWAH <3

Your art style is so spooky and so silly :3 I luv it ^^

your page is such aesthetically pleasing

omg i love your style, it looks so cool!

Tyyy so, so much for the core! Can’t wait to decorate my profile! One question, once my core trial is up, it won’t start taking money out of my wallet right? It’ll just end unless i keep it going correct?