Daisy will educate the kiddies!

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So I just got this e-mail:

"Ms. Smith,

I am a volunteer at the Carnegie Library. I'm planning to run a program called the "Create a Comic Project" (CCP), which was previously run at the New Haven Public Library. The CCP is designed to help kids from 3rd grade through high school practice their creative writing skills and improve their literacy by way of using comics. You can read more about the CCP here:


For the CCP, I use two kinds of templates: blank panels for children to draw on and photocopies of comics with the dialogue removed. Currently, I'm using templates based on several webcomics whose creators have given me permission, such as Questionable Content, Shortpacked, and Penny & Aggie. I would like permission to use Daisy is Dead in the CCP, as well.

I have a website where I post copies of comics made by the students:


I would like your permission to post comic templates based on your art with dialogue written by my kids. Even though Fair Use would let me do so without asking, I feel it's important that you know and approve of how your art is used. If you don't feel comfortable with either of these requests, please reply and I won't use your comic for my English literacy exercise. At the end of its last run, the CCP met with considerable success; I'm hoping to achieve the same results this time. Thank you!


John Baird "

I was a wee bit suspicious at first, but after reading the articles he linked to and poking around the website for a bit, it's become pretty obvious that it's legit (and now I'm sure I'm gonna get someone asking how I could have possibly not heard about this yet.) I asked John to send me some examples of what the kids come up with using Daisy templates, and if there are any really good ones, I might do as Jeph Jacques did on QC and post 'em. www.questionablecontent.net/vi…

Also, check out the webcomic one of the kids was inspired to do after attending one of the CCP sessions: mooseyandgosh.com/


Check out my webcomic! Updates Wednesdays and Saturdays!


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That sounds like something that could be very fun, I wish other language classes would use this technique. It'd make my classes a whole lot more fun. (Almost said 'funner' ha.)
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Thanks for letting me use your comic! I shall definitely keep you appraised of the results!
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For a moment, that title misled me - I was just thinking on how a Zombie Girl could teach kids what happens when we die...

But the Comic Project sounds cooler! I'd say if you're game, go for it! :)
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he sounds awesome, nice and i'm going to keep a tab on that page with the kids results!

go you!
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The first and foremost rule is Daisy is dead...but she can be lively and cute when motivated.

The kiddies can take it from there.
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Oh, that ROCKS Linds. I remember when Jeph posted 'em, I was all sorts of ecstatic.
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He he, I'd love to see what the kiddies will do with your strip! :giggle:

For a moment I thought you were going to teach kids to make comics, which would have rocked too!
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That would also be awesome! :D
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I think they actually let you something like that some kid-friendly conventions? Or at least they let you draw with the kinds! =P
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Neat! Hopefull I'll actually be able to go to another convention someday! =P
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If you ever do plan to go to one, please tell me! I intend to go to one in the US next year, and it will probably be SDCC, but if lots of people I want to people go to another one, I might change my mind! :3
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If I go to one, it'll most likely be SDCC. :3
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Ooh! It would rock to meet you and Kyle! :D
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Totally! Even if we can't make it to the con, we're only a couple hours from San Diego. I'm sure we could come out there for an afternoon of hanging out. :3
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I had a similar reaction, wondering how exactly Daisy was going to "educate" the kiddies :)
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I don't know why, but it seems like that the DD comics have the right atmosphere for kids to rewrite. But when I read the title, I thought that for some weired reason you going to get some chick to dress up as Daisy for preschool kids. That would have been odd.

*imagines a hot girl dressed up as Daisy*
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Ha! That would've been an education, all right. =P
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:phew: When I saw the Headline, my first thought was how Daisy is trying to find a job in the strip right now. :fear: It was too terrible to contemplate!


Congratulations! See? You ARE awesome!
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That's so awesome!
Congrats, lady!
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