Daisy's Glorious Return!

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That's right kids. The moment you've all been waiting YEARS for is finally HERE!

New Daisy, 2013: daisy-is-dead.tumblr.com/
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I watched you a few days ago, yes? And last night, I was bored. So I went to your page again, and I noticed this post.

I was like "Hmm... this might be interesting". So I went and checked out your comics on the old website.

Let me tell you; once I started, I literally could not stop until I read every last one. All 200 odd of them. It just gave me so many feels that I haven't experienced since I was a child and new cartoons would come out; cartoons that were actually good.

And then today, I wrote a journal about how much I love it and reccomended it to all 132 of my own watchers. I don't know how many will actually read them, but those that do won't regret it, I'm sure. Of course even if they all did, 132 watchers to you is probably like one to me. :iconotlplz:

I'm really glad that I joined the fandom late enough to not have to suffer through too long of a wait, because it probably would've driven me mad. I look forward to seeing your new comics in 2013.

Hell, I might even finally get a tumblr just to follow your work.

... I'm sorry for my babbling :iconsulkplz: