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Zombie Football

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Daisy plays a little football with Elwynn's head.

One of two new t-shirt designs over at [link]
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wouldn't that hurt?
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...Wish I could tear my head off and punt it......sadly..I'm only a zombie for rootbeer.
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I absoltely LOVE the expressions :heart:
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This is just way too funny ^^ :rofl: It looks like something that would do great as a future cartoon :D
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This picture made me laugh so hard! XD
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"And she goals!"
Cheesy and lame I know, but the picture begged for that.
Nice, I wanna know who's winning in that game.
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When I first saw this I thought of the scene in hocus pocus when the zombie's head it whacked off XD
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... The idea is so simple... yet it's so funny.
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now that is funny!!
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lol that too rich :D
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XD This is so friggin' adorable. I love everything, above all the expressions.

Elwynn is all "OHSHIT"

Zombie Football, the best kind of football.
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you are much better than Disney.
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It makes me happy inside!
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Bahaha Thats awesome ^^ I see a new sport transpiring here o-o ya Jsut need Elwynn's Okay on it ^^' I'm Sure the Medical expenses for fixing his head wont be too bad
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Is Elwynn a willing participant? His head looks terrified! :D

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Elwynn is almost never a willing participant. X3
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Elwynn could have just bitten Daisy's foot before she kicked his head... but that would have made thing even worse! :XD:
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I love it! What is it lately with you and Elwynn's head? Actually, do not answer that.
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