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Mario mosaic

This mosaic is created from a library of 7,000 screenshots of Mario 1, 2, & 3 (the Super Mario All-Stars version). The final composite uses 1980 images. The large image was created by Nintendo for the release of Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64.

The amount of time spent playing all three games and collecting screen shots was around 70 hours of playing time, going through every level of all three games.
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This artwork of Mario and the Mario from the 64 boxart are the defining designs for me.

Great work my friend.
very nice work !
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So. Awesome. *-*
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AMAZING!!!! i'm speechless!
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Great Job! Looks awesome! :w00t:
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That is really freakin' amazing. :wow:
this mustve been a total bitch to do X.X
Excellent! Can you tell me how to do pictures like this?
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This was created using a mosaic plug-in for the Gimp, unfortunately it's no longer available. However if you do some research into mosaic software you'll turn up a few other programs that do the same thing. the longest part of this is obtaining the individual pictures. For all my video game mosaics I play the games and use a program to take screen captures of the game every two seconds. This is what comprises the library of images for the mosaics.
Thank you. Interesting. I think I will look for some mosaic software.
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Did you do this manualy or did the computer do it? either way though, the time spent getting the screens is amazing!
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I spent time playing through all three SMB games in the All-Stars version for the SNES and conducting screen captures while playing. I then used a plug-in for The Gimp to compile the actual mosaic.
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You should check out my mosaics!
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Nice picture man.
Love the icon as well.
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..... :jawdrop:... I'm speechless. It's just that good.
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Seriously...I don't understand why this doesn't have more faves.
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I don't know either. =^ )
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i love this pic
but dude you have way too much free time
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is there a software to make these kind of pics? Can you please tell me where I can find it?
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The plugin for the Gimp that I used for this is no longer being distributed due to a lawsuit on the part of Robert Silvers who is claiming the plug-in violates his patent on these types of images.
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Thats crazy!
I could never do that!
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