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Homestar Runner logo

The always fashionable logo for Homestar Runner
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THE ULTIMATE LOGO!!! Homestar Runner totally pwns.
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Fancy. I want to mount it on my wall ^.^
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Ooh, I like it! Nice job on the letters. I like the glint of light. H* has always been a favorite website of mine...

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I know NOTHING whatsoever about Homestar Runner (whatever that is) but I'm faving this just because it looks so darn cool.
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Nicw lighting, but maybe slim down on the size of it.
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I know it's quite large, I just wanted to make it available to anyone who used that huge resolution so they wouldn't have loss in quality to enlarge a wallpaper to fit their screen.
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cyooool! i love how it looks like a paper cut out --what program did you use?
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First I recreated the logo in Illustrator, then I took that file into Zaxwerks ProAnimator. I did a full animation of the logo coming on screen and then individual pieces flying towards the camera.
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wow! i'm just now learnin illustrator, actually. I've been on photoshop for years.
do you plan to submit the animation as well?
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I will if I ever convert the mov file to flash. While It's not a high priority for me right now, if I have the time to I will.
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