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Firebrand Pt5 Ch5
Chapter Five: The Fires of Orgrimmar
Tohbie had given some thought to making her way out into the wilderness where she could replentish her supplies for free and maybe even earn enough money to replace what she couldn't craft or gather. But the atmosphere in Orgrimmar repelled her as surely as what she hoped to find in Shadowprey urged her onwards. She and Tukal made her way into the city as soon as the sun rose, and if they'd woken with any doubt about their memories of the strange events the night before, the signs nailed to wooden posts driven into the rocky earth beside the road left them with no questions.
Citizens of Orgrimmar
Beware the soothsayers and prophets of doom that have taken over our streets. Don't not be taken in by their mad raving. They only want to weaken us in the face of our true enemies!
She exchanged a look of trepidation with Tukal before they parted ways to do their own seperate hunting for supplies. Tohbie had not been in Orgrimmar for a long time, had not,
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Mature content
Firebrand Pt5 Ch4 :iconcoyoteslaugh:CoyotesLaugh 0 0
Firebrand Pt5 Ch3
Chapter Three: Deal
Tohbie hadn't let go of Tukal. He hadn't tried to make her.
Hail had, in fact, pierced the balloon before letting up. It was likely what had saved them all. The ship had been too damaged to land properly, but the slowly escaping hydrogen had lowered them enough not to crush them all against the earth when it became quickly escaping hydrogen, and the elemental storm that had overtaken them did not follow them to earth. It was not to say they'd escaped the landing unscathed, or even that many people had survived it. The zeplin had driven into the stoney ground as Ashzara, tearing fall-bright trees from the soil by the roots and shattering ancient trunks in a half-mile swath of destruction. The passengers quarters, booked beyond their planned capacity, had been a scene or horror, walls red with blood and the living tangled with the torn bodies of the dead while the scared, injured, and dying wailed a chorus of agony cut through by the beat of driving hail and the creak
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Firebrand Pt5 Ch2
Chapter 2: Hold On
Wind battered the side of the zeplin, throwing the ship wildly back and forth on groaning ropes and chains below the canvass baloons overhead, and driving sand-fine shards of ice across the deck. The crystals crested over Tohbie's shoulder, lanced across her cheek briefly trailing angry red streaks over her blue skin, catching in her hair and frosting it white. She breathed in deeply as she woke, rolling against Dekk's side and tucking her nose further benieth the elk pelt draped across them. The sun was only an hour from rising, trapping them in a cloudy indigo sky and leaving the distant sea below and the long departed shores of the Borean Tundra lost in starless blackness. Below, she could hear the ocean roaring sympathetically with the turbulent winds buffeting the derigible. The deck rocked, and Patches slid several feet across the splintery wood, claws dragging noisily as she slid into Tukal's side.
Tohbie could have waited a week and would not have had to suff
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Firebrand Part 5 Ch 1
Part Five
Chapter One: Family
The wind danced across the tundra with a shrill whistle, whipping flurries of snowflakes across the mossy ground like foam on the sea. Desert dry and deep winter cold, it was a wind that sent most rational creatures seeking shelter. The hearty Taunka stoked their fires and turned to work that could be done within the warmth of their tents; tundra caribou closed their eyes against the bullwhip lash of the wind and lead their herds to the grazing land in the sheltered costal valleys; Gorloc hissed and murmured to themselves in their own strange language and settled into the warm pools of the glacial hot springs. Only two forms cut through the stinging wind and driving ice.
Patches steadied herself on her three good legs to look back at her pack as the sounds of Dekk's labored breath became distant. The icy ground stung her travel-worn pads and frozen snow caked the fine fur in her ears, muffling what little sound made it past the howl of the wind. The world
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WoW Firebrand Pt1 Ch1
Firebrand, Part One, Chapter One: Branded by Fire
Dawn threatened at the edges of a world that stretched far and blue to the horison. The Echo Isles were a jewel green string of pearls sheltering the mainland from the harshness of the sea, and it was over black glass that a hewn wood canoe slipped toward the red beaches of Durotaur. One short paddle broke the water into churning saphires with a musical chime, pushing the shallow vessle gracefully through the water. The figgure propelling the boat sat at the tip of the bow on folded legs, counterbalance to the piled supplies behind.
She was a creature of the ocean, as if her true parents were not the trolls of the Darkspear Tribe, but the fickle elemental gods of the seas. Her skin was the blue of the tropical water with muscles that rippled like waves benieth, manifesed in rings of inked crests that circled her biceps and thighs, bared by torn canvas shorts and a swath of green cloth tied about her chest, stiff with dried salt. Braided
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K. Sooliawa Evans
United States
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Deviant Art's constant battle to infect my computer with viruses has driven me off, but I still exist and post art on the web via FaceBook. You don't need to be my friend to view my art. It is all set to Public. Come visit me at

Since my FaceBook page only posts as the word "link" you can also just look me up under the name Kristin Marie Ivans and not have to worry I've sent you somewhere seedy.


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