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(Animation) Lucyface

8K Views… -- There's an animated version of this -- basically a parody of Azumanga Daioh's eyecatch bumper thingies ;P
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haha, Azumanga! Such a classic. xD
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I really don't know why Lucy doesn't smile much.
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Nice smile Lucy
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Made your Look.
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Love Love Love Freaky sweetLove Love Love 
TashaelaGrayLovesArt's avatar
This is cool. Lincoln finally managed to get a full smile out of her. I like her almost smile, too in Picture Perfect. Nice work!!
LazeeDoodler's avatar
Oh ... oh dear my heart ... oooh this is it this is where I go
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Lucy is soooo adorable!!!!
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The animation looks so cute! :heart:
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This must be Pan Pizza's desktop screen by now
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Nice animation. Fluid and simple.
MrOogie-Boogie's avatar
Eyecatch Bumpers... A shame Western Animation Series don't use them.
Good Video in any case.
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You did a marvelous job bringing these Loud girls to life in such a great way. The tiny moment where it seems static makes Lucy's smile and happy little jump a lovely surprise. The rose is a great thoughtful touch too. Then Lana's sweet little smile and big wave are adorable, then even better with the goofy little bit she does at the end for fun. Beautiful work on the girls and the movement and animation style are very true to the original as well. Thanks.
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Azumanga Daioh is probably one of the best anime comedies I've ever seen. And seeing it mixed with The Loud House just makes it even better. :D (Big Grin) 
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Cool :D
Will there be more? It would help someone (anyone) make something similar with Loud House
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That's nice. Do you have a link to the animated version?
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