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Wakey Doodle by Coyotemation Wakey Doodle by Coyotemation
As of today I'm on a 3-week sick leave from work due to chronic stress, and one of the goals during my time off is to rekindle my absolutely fucked creative spirit. Paint, sketch, animate, model - whatever I need to or want to do. Nothing serious, nothing I don't put time into if I don't feel it's necessary, but also if I want to do so then I will. Stuff like that, y'know? So let's do some animu mango.

So, here I was sitting, thinking I want to get back into drawing CHARACTERS. Because I just haven't done that in fuck knows how long. So I whip out and dust off the ol' Intuos and start dooling. Only to realize I've lost all sense of proprotion of the human body. So here I am, like, shit, I can't remember how to do hands! How the hell do necks work?! I figure, shit, I'm a 3D guy. I can solve this. I can think outside the cube - literally.
So I get a hold of this thing called DesignDoll, fills the role of one of those pose-reference dolls you can get from art shops, but it's digital. Bam. Everything makes sense again.

So, yeah, semi-lewd or whatever, but this is what I ended up with after a bit. I'm rusty as shit, and my lineart is trash. I did try to color it, but goddamn do I suck at that so that attempt will never see the light of day.
his shading is barely excusable as well. But it was fun, anyway. And it's kinda cute. So there.

Anyway yeah bye
Ladyofthemadhouse Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
take all the time you need. You need to relax. Your health is the most important thing. hope you feel better soon
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February 8, 2018
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