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New Webby Vanderquack by CoyoteMao New Webby Vanderquack :iconcoyotemao:CoyoteMao 49 21
Sonic REINTRODUCTION Ep.IV - Matter of Perspective
Located in the outskirts of Cloud City, on one of the bigger floating islands designated specifically for industrial use, Robotnik Engineerings headquarters towered over an incandescent grid of surrounding factories and power plants. The processes that took place inside this seemingly dormant giant were for the most part automated and so only a rare manager or a sleepy technician occasionally disturbed the silence of the pristine white corridors, hurrying from their oversized cubicles to the coffee machine and back. These people’s collective conscience, appeased by sizable paychecks with impressive bonuses and considerable social packages, ignored any rumor that might have otherwise tarnished the company’s reputation in their eyes. “Whatever the board of directors decides goes” went the saying and the employees did what they had to, no questions asked.
Just as well anyway: everything that happened in those tidy white halls was just a façade meant to divert
:iconcoyotemao:CoyoteMao 0 0
Rainy Day by CoyoteMao Rainy Day :iconcoyotemao:CoyoteMao 16 8
“From the Cloud City Historical Archive databanks:
Dr. Ivo Robotnik, born approx. 130CE in the region of the Old Earth known as Eastern Europe. His experience in industrial engineering and cybernetics earned him a position as Chief Engineer aboard a colony ship during the Second Exodus…
…celebrated as one of the founding fathers and most notable citizens of Cloud City after the many discoveries made by Dr. Robotnik himself - including the method of robotization - were implemented by his company “ROBOTNIK ENGINEERINGS”, not only improving the living conditions of the new wave of colonists, but also greatly speeding up the process of human adaptation to the conditions of our new home planet…
…expressing the belief that building a strong bond between the human nation and the native peoples of the planet Freedom was essential in setting up a brighter future in which everyone would live in harmonious prosperity. Dr. Ivo Robotnik later volunteered to
:iconcoyotemao:CoyoteMao 1 0
Run, Anais, run! by CoyoteMao Run, Anais, run! :iconcoyotemao:CoyoteMao 43 12 Widget the World Watcher Spritesheet by CoyoteMao Widget the World Watcher Spritesheet :iconcoyotemao:CoyoteMao 4 25 Rebecca Cunningham Sprite by CoyoteMao Rebecca Cunningham Sprite :iconcoyotemao:CoyoteMao 30 10 Buster Bunny - RPG Maker MV by CoyoteMao Buster Bunny - RPG Maker MV :iconcoyotemao:CoyoteMao 43 7 Babs Bunny - RPG Maker MV by CoyoteMao Babs Bunny - RPG Maker MV :iconcoyotemao:CoyoteMao 42 2
Sonic REINTRODUCTION Ep.II - The Egg-Hydra
For the longest time the world around him seized to exist: there was no sense of direction, nor any way to tell the time, just an endless white void that seemed to stretch infinitely in every direction. Then the nothingness began to recede and silhouettes of an unfamiliar landscape oozed through the shroud of blinding light. At the same time as those vague outlines turned into tangible things, a multitude of sounds came into existence, filling the air with the crackling of fire, the night songs of insects and the rustle of wind in the palm trees.
Surprised, he found himself lying on the tiled floor of what looked like an inner garden of some ancient palace. Wooden torches hanged on the stone walls of the courtyard, giving barely enough light to retake the abundant decorative plant life from the darkness. And in the middle of it all, surrounded by ferns and fuchsias, set a curiously ornamented fountain with seven columns placed in a semicircle, each one aflame with a different color of
:iconcoyotemao:CoyoteMao 4 1
Spy Fox: Problem With Gadgets by CoyoteMao Spy Fox: Problem With Gadgets :iconcoyotemao:CoyoteMao 24 7 Mabel Pines by CoyoteMao Mabel Pines :iconcoyotemao:CoyoteMao 57 12 Dipper Pines by CoyoteMao Dipper Pines :iconcoyotemao:CoyoteMao 44 11 Wacky Sports - Plucky Duck spritesheet by CoyoteMao Wacky Sports - Plucky Duck spritesheet :iconcoyotemao:CoyoteMao 9 5 Dizzy Babs by CoyoteMao Dizzy Babs :iconcoyotemao:CoyoteMao 21 3 Arthur and D.W. Read Faceset by CoyoteMao Arthur and D.W. Read Faceset :iconcoyotemao:CoyoteMao 32 6

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