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Coyote the Trickster

I don't know how I failed to add this when I drew it, but here's a drawing I completed several months ago when some fans of an older drawing wanted a print, but I no longer had a large enough file to make one.

I drew the original several years ago, right around the time my brother passed away, so the anatomy on the coyote isn't ideal. I didn't want to change the form of the drawing too much when I redid it with vectors, because the original has been so popular, and whatever it is that people like so much about the first one I wanted to retain that feel.

The drawing contains a great deal of symbolism for me. There are elements from about four different Coyote legends, and the "zebra striped" legs are based on the costumes of Hopi dancers. This drawing in its original form has been very popular with people looking to get tattoos, and I receive a lot of requests from people looking for permission to have the tattoos done. If you are interested in having this drawing made into a tattoo, all I ask is that you leave me a comment or a note letting me know you're getting it done, and maybe send me a picture when it's finished. :) This drawing is very dear to my heart, and as I said, it carries a lot of symbolism, so it means a lot to me that it holds so much meaning to others as well.
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Gorgeous to look at ;)
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Beautiful work!