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Tell Me Why It Hurts ch1
Piper hoisted the heavy duffel bag over his shoulder with a groan, his muscles screaming from overuse.  He was exhausted, annoyed and starting to question the logic that had made him come back to the Rogues in the first place.  He'd spent some time on the 'right' side of the law, both before and after Trickster's death at the hands of Deadshot.  It hadn't lasted though; the stress of losing the blonde haired man had unhinged him a little.
Trickster...the man had been loud, obnoxious, annoying, frustrating as hell and horrifically homophobic, but his passing had hit Hartley far harder than it really should have.  They'd just about started piecing their broken friendship back together when the other man had been cruelly ripped away from him, but the pain that followed had been far more intense than anything he'd felt before.  Cradling James' lifeless body in his arms, sobbing hysterically, Hartley hadn't known what to do.  It fe
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Tell Me Why It Hurts ch2
The duffel bag fell to the ground with a thump and a crunch, flopping over to one side, but none of the men assembled paid it any attention.  Five sets of eyes had fixed themselves on a point not too far behind Hartley's head, a shocked silence spreading across the assembled audience.  Even Axel remained completely still, face twisted into a stupid expression that would have made the Piper laugh had he been in the right frame of mind to see it.
He knew that voice, knew it too well.  He'd heard it too many times, in his dreams, since James had left him.  Occasionally, he heard it while awake too, speaking to him whenever he worked a little too hard, stayed up a little too late, and it was nigh on impossible to ignore.  The musician figured he was going crazy – again – telling himself over and over that James was dead, he wasn't coming back, and it was his fault.
The hand on his shoulder convinced him that he wasn't imagi
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Plushie: Chibi Trickster Len - VOCALOID by Serenity-Sama Plushie: Chibi Trickster Len - VOCALOID :iconserenity-sama:Serenity-Sama 50 6 Bad Boy Laura by ArthurIsMyAlias Bad Boy Laura :iconarthurismyalias:ArthurIsMyAlias 3 3


Hi. I am a big fan of Vocaloid, so you're most likely going to see me post Vocaloid snapshots of the Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA series. Here are a couple of rules that you all have to follow:

1. This is probably the biggest rule that no one doesn't get. DON'T FAVE MY STUFF. I don't want my stuff getting faved. If this happens, I will either block you for a limited amount of days, or if a certain person keep breaking this rule, you could get blocked permanently.

2. Reply under my comments if you want to thank me for llamas, watches, or faves. Failure in this rule, or sending me random comments will result in having your comment hidden or reported as spam.

Thank you for taking your time reading these rules.



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