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Skin Reaper



My second entry for Seventh Sanctum's B-movie Bonanza contest: [link]

Skin Reaper (2006, USA)

In a small suburb, creatures from an ancient legend comes out of their hiding to prey on the unsuspecting humans.

It is now up to a few teenagers to find out the secret behind the creatures and destroy them, but how do you destroy a creature whose only weakness seems to draw it nearer?


Stocks used:

Visit these people! They're totally awsome!

If you see your or somone elses stock in this picture and I haven't mentioned you or them in this section, send me a message and I will put you in the credits.


Used Photoshop for composition, mostly playing around with Blending-options and feel. Tried to keep the details to a minimum as opposed to my other entry. [link] Not really satisfied with the title-font, but what the heck.

Used Fusion 5.2 for some of the textures, but mainly for grading. It helps to remove the plastic/fake feel of it by sort of smearing out the colours and destroying the blacks and whites. It gives you a more watered out feeling.
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Wouldn't a weakness that draws someone closer be awesome? I mean, if kryptonite attracted superman, it would be so easy to have him fall into your diabolical krypto-trap.

Heheh, either way, this is a really good contest peice.