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young John Rich by CowgirlXena young John Rich :iconcowgirlxena:CowgirlXena 1 0 Bigandrichinavatar by CowgirlXena Bigandrichinavatar :iconcowgirlxena:CowgirlXena 1 0
Obsidian Mirror and Country Songs - Chapter One
She didn’t think her life was going to turn out this way, if you asked her in previous years if she really thought zombies could ever happened then she would’ve laugh softly and shook her head. Zombies were the stuff of novels, movies and tv shows like The Walking Dead she was sure of it and so was everyone else. But here she was holding a gun in some abandoned school way up in Russia sitting in a corner of a makeshift base that used to be a classroom with a gun in her hand and an obsidian mirror around her neck.
The mirror had no use to her, Tezcatlipoca didn’t want any reflection shooting off of it and potentially attracting any zombies while he was out on a run with Dierks nearby the school. That was a smart move Martina though as it was bright and sunny outside, although cold as it was February in Russia, which meant it was bitterly cold.
Speaking of Tezcatlipoca she also didn’t realize that gods existed until the end of the world. She had met him back in Na
:iconcowgirlxena:CowgirlXena 2 2
Never Smoke Weed with Xochipilli Again
(Parody of I'll Never Smoke Weed with Willie Again by Toby Keith)
I always heard Pilli's weed was top self
Just to expect from a god himself
He is into flowers and gets high a lot my friend
And I'll never smoke weed with Pilli again
I learned the hard lesson in a big Aztec town
He rolled up a joint and he passed it around
The last words I uttered before I passed out
I will never smoke weed with Pilli again
I'll never smoke weed with Pilli again
The party is over before it began
You can pour me some pulque on the rocks my friend
But I'll never smoke weed with Pilli again
Well I danced and I sang on the streets on his month
It went into the night, god the party was fun
Alone in a room, it was just me and him
An offer of a smoke and I knew I was in
I'll never smoke weed with Pilli again
The party is over before it began
You can pour me some pulque on the rocks my friend
But I'll never smoke weed with Pilli again
Now we were playing the drums and drinking octli
He told me this stuff will g
:iconcowgirlxena:CowgirlXena 2 6
Anime Quetzal and Tezca by CowgirlXena Anime Quetzal and Tezca :iconcowgirlxena:CowgirlXena 3 5
Little Snapshots
It’s 694 and you are standing before the pit where the gods made the fire where you and Tecciz ran into to become the sun and moon respectively.
It has been only just a few hours with your new status and responsibility, but you can’t bring yourself to accept the fact that the others chose you to be the sun of the new world just yet. Deep down you already start to question if they made a huge mistake.
Its 642 and its another one of those days where you spend it holed up in your room with a crippling sense of self-doubt and unworthiness. Your skin is covered in scabs and the sight doesn’t help with your issues. You wonder why you are a part of this pantheon when you’re really just an invalid embarrassment to everyone.
Its 704, you’re ten years old as the new sun and everyone keeps calling you arrogant for needing all those blood and sacrifices. You knew the power wasn’t going to your head, yet everyone saw differently and got pissed. Why couldn’t
:iconcowgirlxena:CowgirlXena 1 6
King Quetzalcoatl by CowgirlXena King Quetzalcoatl :iconcowgirlxena:CowgirlXena 1 2 King Tezcatlipoca by CowgirlXena King Tezcatlipoca :iconcowgirlxena:CowgirlXena 1 10
It was 2024 and the world has ended in a way, but there was no outside force that caused this. Nothing from space or any of the scary beasts and creatures from the world’s many pantheons. In fact it was more like Mictlantecuhtli’s actions that led to the downfall of humanity, It was the “end of the world” party on December 12, 2012 that was the starting point and the Mesoamerican gods knew Earth would live to see another day, but they all decided to have a party anyways just as an excuse to drunk.
And drunk was the Aztec god of death that night, it was towards the latter half of the party where Mic was taken back to Mictlan via his wife after having too much to drink. He didn’t think too much about it as Mic got this drunk before and nothing happened. The god of chaos was wrong as the next morning it appeared that Mic has done some kind of spell to bring back millions of undead Mexicans spanning across from pre Hispanic to those that died the past year.
:iconcowgirlxena:CowgirlXena 0 0
A Little Known Ability of Quetzal's
Whenever Lionel felt bored, he would either go on the internet and troll various Christian related chatrooms or he would go to the library room of the Aztec pantheon and read various books. Since he already spent half the night before trolling one particular one, thus getting himself banned which it turned out the mods were more tech savvy then he was used too so he couldn’t use another nick, he decided to go read.
He walked into the room and it was practically empty save for Tlaloc on one of the tables who appeared to have fallen asleep and drooling on a novel he had under the warm sunlight coming from the windows. Lionel grabbed a codex and sat at another table, it was one he hasn’t really read again in a long, but one he has been meaning so he opened the book and began reading.
The first ten minutes of reading there wasn’t really anything of particular that jumped out at him, most of the stuff he knew already because he was told or he already found it in various ot
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Tezcacoatl (Aztec gods OC) by CowgirlXena Tezcacoatl (Aztec gods OC) :iconcowgirlxena:CowgirlXena 0 2
Tales of Tlaloc
Pen and Paper
Tlaloc was invited to give a lecture at an university about the Aztec culture and mythology from a god’s perspective. Originally they had asked Quetzalcoatl to come down and speak, he would’ve made a more logical choice he thought given how he is god of culture and knowledge, the creator of humankind who taught them various things. But Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca, ever the bickering idiots, manage to knock each other out in one of their fights so he voluntarily took his place.
He spend the next few days preparing the speech; sure he could talk about it off the top of his head for the duration of the event, but he never spoke in front of a huge audience before that wasn’t religious based in any way. So he ended up thinking long and hard about what he wanted to say and typed it up on his computer, keeping it informative but lighthearted as well with jokes here and there evenly throughout.
He was also lectured by Huitzilopochtli a few times, annoyingly en
:iconcowgirlxena:CowgirlXena 4 2
Aztec Love
It was a couple of days or so before the most romantic day of the year, Lionel and Quetzal would pretty much spend the entire day cuddling up to each other and going out doing something people in love do, ie going to the movies or dinner...or both. Which is what they end up doing, then they would come back home and have sex. Inbetween all of those activities they do, they give each other gifts and Lionel would take it further by making offering to Quetzal the morning of Valentine's Day.
He was down somewhere in Los Angeles for the time being with his step-son Tonatiuh to look for flowers and chocolates. Perhaps taking Tona with him to a chocolate wasn’t a good idea on his part as he thought of that now, seeing the sun god come up to him with armfuls of boxes of chocolates, but he wanted to come with to get something for Tlalcihuatl.
“Tona we are not buying that many boxes, go put them back.”
“But Papa! I love chocolate so much and you know
:iconcowgirlxena:CowgirlXena 1 0
Wnutgif by CowgirlXena Wnutgif :iconcowgirlxena:CowgirlXena 4 10
A Different kind of Cihuateteo
It was a cliched warm night at Tenochtitlan, well it was always had nice enough weather year around given where the city was situated geographically speaking. Nice, light breeze blowing through as well, and the people nearby had Quetzal to thank for that. He was currently just sitting somewhere, well more like rooftop, and just observing the people below and the activities they were currently in. Being a god associated with knowledge and culture, he likes to come down into the mortal world and play a game of deducing random people.
He may not have the mind reading powers of his brother, but he is intelligent enough to go head to head in a round of deduction with Tezcatlipoca. It was fun to do so with his brother, even if half the time they end up waking up half of the city(or their pantheon) with their arguments. Actually read half the time as most of the times due to being eternal rivals and whatnot, throwing their powers at each other a number of times, even accidentally breaking a h
:iconcowgirlxena:CowgirlXena 1 1
Smoking Mirror Through the Years
Tezcatlipoca was living on a ranch during this time in Colorado, taking up the job of cowboy. He was managing one of the largest ranches n the state and he was pretty proud of it too. He had picked up on the skills of being a cowboy fairly quickly from his neighbors and had observed them using his mirror, watching them work and carefully making notes so he could blend in just fine,
Of course they knew he was a god, letting the fact be known was still part of his plan to spite his pantheon, or former pantheon rather. He was never gonna stop trying to piss them off as much as he could. He, unintentionally however, did find that people didn’t seem to mind too much that he was an Aztec god if he put in a good honest work and didn’t act like too much of a jerk.
Though there was also the problem of a more religious nature, namely people who would call him the devil or an aspect of Satan and whatnot just cause he was a different god. Usually all he had to do was point
:iconcowgirlxena:CowgirlXena 7 11


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"You are not stupid for seeking people you identify with. You are not an idiot for finding friends and feeling like you have somewhere you belong. Your particular brand of happiness might be pretty fucked-up, but you’re not fucked-up for pursuing that happiness. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, wave that freak flag high." - Noah Antwiler

"I've always been crazy but it's kept me from going insane" - Waylon Jennings

Gotta love Waylon Jennings! Lol
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