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Probably half the people out here are playing, and every time I go to the park, every single person there is, me included. It's a pretty amazing game, but I'm starting to see a lot of team hate going around, which is gross. I'm thinking something like an NPC team rocket that occasionally takes over gyms would be a cool way to bring the player teams together and disincentivize aggression/enemy mentalities.

I joined team instinct btw - can't say no to electric type stuff.

I ALSO HAVE A FUN STORY FROM JOINING: like the beginning of basically all games, I kinda rush through the intro parts to get to actually playing. Caught my starter, a bulbasaur, and of course had to give it a dumb name because that's what I do with all pokemon. "whippyboy" was what my brain farted out in the first few seconds, so that what I typed in the prompt.
Execpt it wasn't a prompt to name my freshly caught bulbasaur.
For whatever reason, the game has you name YOURSELF after catching your starter.
So. I am now whippyboy.

I suppose I deserve this.

We are quickly collecting small animals. Not only did we catch a mouse in the kitchen recently, but Brice brought home an abandoned ~8-9 day old sparrow he found in the alley at work. I have been caring for him over the past day or two and he seems preeetty okay with his situation. Seems to be handling stress alright, considering, doesn't seem sick or wounded and doesn't mind human interaction. He will even flap and wobble into my hand if I present it to him. Posting pics and things on my twitter
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I finally finished a music video I've been slowly picking away at over the past year for Darkness Visible. Happy to have this all of my plate now hah.

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I ended up taking something of an accidental hiatus because Dragon Age Inquisition took over. I just HAD to load it onto my new laptop with the intent to save it for later (hint: I did not save it for later). So. Like often with large, story-heavy games I pick up, I obsess over it for roughly 2 weeks or until I finally finish it. Open world games like Elderscrolls are the worst offenders. I'm not a completionist by any means, but I am a pretty thorough player, and basically ended up doing all available side quests before reaching the next stage of the main quest.

In any case, like with every custom-character RPG, I started out making Devon so I can roleplay according to his personality. It was....kinda difficult to in this one, primarily because the PC has voice acting which is fine if you're making up a character right then and there and let the dialogue direct them, but also problematic on two counts:
1) You don't always read the dialogue choices in the way the dialogue is actually going to be delivered by the character, so it's not uncommon to say something really OOC when you thought it was something else. 
2) Devon was running around sounding like Giles, the librarian of Sunnydale, instead of the barely literate hick that he is.

I started out this playthrough with Devon as a Dalish tribal hunter. Unfortunately, the dialogue options for "I'm an elf who really, really hates myself and all other elves" were expectably too thin for Devon, so I ran on an earlier stage in his life where his racial loathing hadn't QUITE solidified into what it is. Devon's overall a friendly person who supports anyone's interests and freedoms - so long as it doesn't involve spending his money - and so made friends with basically everyone within the inquisition (except Solas, who was generally a target of what subtle abuse DA:I allows). He and Leliana became good friends because they're both spooky, intense muderers, and Varric was always on his team because they kept up with each others interests in finding novelty in any situation.

Dorian quickly became his lover. Very quickly. I was hoping to romance Iron Bull, because Iron Bull, but Devon and Dorian never found a time to part. But to be fair, if ANYONE is down for a three way here, it's Dorian and Iron Bull. Devon/Dorian made an amusing pair though. I imagine Dorian would probably make a lot of sharp tongued witticisms at Devon expense (in just about every scenario), and Devon would know that he is, but not know what they mean or how to respond with anything more than rolling his eyes, scowling, pouting or minor violence. Dorian is more or less akin to a posh Raleigh - they're both basically just smart, elitist assholes, their elitism is simply directed in different ways.

Like basically any long-term, involved relationship Devon has, the partner slowly finds that he's basically just a thrill-hungry hunter who acts on his whims and greed and cares little for sentiment or intellect. Devon had no qualms destroying the remnants of a thousands years old Elven society and consistently putting himself in reckless situations, which was a struggle for Dorian's desire for historical preservation and general safety. I wouldn't imagine they'd last much longer after the whole end of the world thing.

But he and Iron Bull are super cool friends, so maybe after that...

I'll probably play again with new characters, mostly because I really want to see Josephine and Sera's romances and also play as a qunari! :V Maybe I'll stream or live tweet my playthroughs next time? Idk. The recorded dialogue options really bug me, there's just way less room for imagination and interpretation for the PC.
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Just got in a new laptop the other day - literally the most recent model of the one I had previously - and am pretty in love with it. Moving over didn't take long and it gave me the opportunity to tidy up all my things. Also it seems like Adobe let me activate my software without having to deactivate it on my other laptop, which was a pleasant surprise. I guess maybe the products are linked to the account and not just the computer anymore maybe?? If so, that should greatly reduce tendency of panic attacks over computer trouble for me, and is really what they should have done to begin with.

I've had no problems with Windows 10 so far and generally like it, barring the comparable lack of detailed control over appearance. I use my desktop as my start menu to avoid constantly forgetting what I'm doing when I open a new menu thanks to my poopy short term memory, so super tiny tiles/grid are preferable to handle the clutter, but seemingly impossible with Win 10. I am very fond of the cleanness and sharpness of the new appearance overall, though.
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First, thanks for all the responses! It's just interesting to hear everyone's thoughts and see what kinds of influence concepts like divination have (and it's handy for some currently secret purposes) and I really appreciate the thought some of you went into. So for fairness in sharing thoughts, and to say a little more about the project I'm working on:

I think that forms of divination are, as far as belief structures and efficacy goes, bunk, but I don't think they're valueless. I think that divination is less relevant on any kind of metaphysical/mystical/prophetic level, but super useful in regards to just...dealing with shit. It's a nuanced coping tool that helps people make decisions and look at things differently. It's frustrating because while I'm very INTERESTED in mysticism and divination and would LOVE to have something like that be a part of my life, accepting any form of these beliefs feels like a strange mix of both laughable and just straight skin-crawly gross. Additionally for me, the cultures around these ideas are also often...not great. It's generally not anything I relate to or identify with or even find appealing, and there's a distressing amount of manipulation happening within communities that use them (emboldened and supported by point 2 below), which pushes me that much further away.

Divination is such an utterly human thing though, which is so lovely as a point of intrigue and insight to how people work and why they do the things they do. There are a lot of things to talk about in regards to what divination speaks of in people, but that's a massive separate conversation that's I'm only going to touch on; there are also a lot of aspects to talk about for any form of divination in regards to it's claims and functionality, but I don't think the majority of them are honestly worth talking about. I find the most valuable points of interest are what each has in it's function as a tool:

1) it revolves around story creation. Humans are all about storytelling. Looking into any amount of divination just inundates you with all kinds of fictional and nonfictional stories of people's experiences or the nature of things.

2) Tries to explain things that we otherwise don't have the capability of knowing - how people work, what and why things happen, our place in the universe, literally any kind of meaning or sense in anything. Point 1 is heavily involved in this point.

3) Sets up a situation where we can either better understand places or decisions we need to make in life by altering our perspective or simply takes away the stress of making certain decisions ourselves. Akin to flipping a coin, although significantly more complex, where you either are given an answer so you either don't have to think about the problem or you're given a new perspective through force where you discover what option you REALLY wanted.

The first function is pretty neutral. Stories are just how we work. It's the most fun aspect. Storytelling is great.

The second function can be relieving in some ways, but very easily become problematic depending on the claims made and to what degree of force they are applied. In my opinion, this point is a cake made of fear and confusion which may be eaten in non-toxic quantities, but is readily able to be served as a primary factor in manipulation, suppression and oppression.

The third function can be beneficial, and is the primary focus of my intrigue. I think it's a fantastic coping and decision-making tool, it just tends to be fed and feed into point 2. I want to compare it to writing/drawing prompts: it's be far easier and simpler to work from a foundation than to move forward with nothing to go on. Point 2 does this as well, but in more problematic ways. Point 3 can be used for manipulative purposes, but I think it's personal self-revealing nature makes it significantly less threatening than 2, which tends to prescribe more specific and non-personal ways to think and feel about things.

The project I'm working on now, called 13th House, is more or less an exploration and criticism of divination and mysticism, but also an alternative space to utilize aspects of divination that may be beneficial/enjoyable without the same background culture and weight of things like astrology. I've actually attempted something similar before in the form of a fake cult, but it didn't pan out the way I was hoping and I never published anything of it; a lot of that is being rolled into this project. I wanna have fun with mysticism, make up stories, and find things to relate and identify with, like stars and animals and monsters, and see what things they make me think about and what things they reveal in me. I wanna have other people enjoy and relate to and explore them with me without taking it to weird super serious or super dubious places. Hopefully, 13th House will be a nice place for anyone to play with these kinds of things and maybe even find something to help them out in their lives.

Just for the sake of noting: nothing I've said is a judgment of anyone who believes in any kind of any thing. I'm not gonna tell you what you're supposed to think and I'm not gonna disparage you for thinking whatever you like for whatever reasons you may have. That's a pretty dang frivolous fight. Criticisms I make are of belief structures and their aspects in and of themselves as well as their potential for harm, irrelevant of what beneficial properties they may have.

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What are your opinions? Do you follow or use them? Why or why not?
What about other kinds of divination - I Ching, tarot, etc.?

I'm working on a project right now that revolves around forms of divination (I will reveal what in particular that is around the beginning of March~) and decided it would be cool to hear y'alls thoughts on these things! I may note my feels later on in the comments or something for those interested, but not now - I don't want anyone to feel nervous or pressured into not sharing because I might have differing opinions. I just want to know your thoughts, whatever they may be :3c
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Devon, Wisp, Wynter and Wei have all been updated for Don’t Starve’s new DLC Shipwrecked! 
Now you, too, can play a cat trapped on an island - I'm sure a lifelong dream for all of us.

Download Devon: Steam Workshop or from the Klei Forums

Download Wisp, Wynter and Wei: Steam Workshop or from the Klei Forums
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I got a super bad cold or something and haven't been doing a lot for the past week or two, but I feel super great about myself today and I felt like sharing that because its nice to hear that other people feel nice sometimes. I also wanted to thank y'all for being little peaches that brighten up my days with your comments and I hope you feel nice about yourselves too UuU
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I recently got Aviary Attorney, one of the few games I've been excited enough to play that I bought it almost immediately when it came out. The game is a crime-solving visual novel set in in 19th century France just before a revolution, and is styled in ink drawings befitting that era. It's charming and delightful and, although it still has unwritten chapters to be added and updated in the future, I super duper recommend it. It's currently on sale on Steam for $13, so you too can play a weird Poirot/Phoenix Wright/Harvey Birdman falcon lawyer and spend two weeks looking for a sandwich that demands a password.

Unsurprisingly, the game has a decent amount of French in it, which has apparently been a final straw for me. I keep finding myself making things that involve French, which is terribly ironic because I just completely dislike French as a language. It's annoyingly superfluous and sloppy, and any language that involves letters that don't make sounds is just a confusing, messy waste as far as I'm concerned. Although I will say that it's very pretty and flows nicely when spoken - it's a very form over function kind of language. And to note, that doesn't mean I find English a good language either. But French keeps coming up for me and I keep using it and being influenced by it, so one of my two new years resolutions is to learn French.

The other is to work out regularly, I'm very bad at the 'regularly' part of the deal.

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A guy asked me “what’s up, kiddo?” at the gas station today and I wished I had stopped to say more than “Not a whole hell of a lot.” while staring at a wall of chips. His voice was amazing - if Tom Waits’ was a bit deeper and somehow even rougher. I feel the need to advise him to look into voice acting, if not for anything else, than at least for me. Just tell me stories in your nicotine-and-whiskey-drowned voice, gas station stranger.
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thank you for following me, I really appreciate your support and kind words iui
I know I can get quiet and distant and forget to post a lot, and I'm thankful that y'all tolerate my bullshit enough to stick around and chat and leave comments and love (and even donate! Holy shit!!). It really helps me feel more stable in my abilities, and alleviates some of the depression and anxiety I deal with, which in turn gives me more energy and spoons to make more art and be more active online.
I love the crap outta you guys.
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Brice just bought The Yawhg on steam and we gave it a playthrough with us and our two friends claiming a character. It's more or less a game where you can control between 1 and 4 characters over a period of turns before the mysterious Yawhg comes. Where you go and what you do can impact the world in ways you don't expect, and your stats can change the outcomes of your choices. HERE ARE OUR STORIES: 

James, playing the red cloaky buns girl, meandered around the town his whole life, never gaining or achieving much until he was taught the mystical ways of juggling for a dollar and immediately became the most dexterous person the village has ever seen. When the Yawhg came, he resorted to looting, and fled to a town where he lived in luxury - that is, until their own disaster occurred and he was stabbed in a scuffle with other looters. James was left to die in the streets and ending the life of one of the worlds best jugglers.

Sid, playing the mustache man, fought crime and hunted, soon hunting people after being attacked by a werewolf. He destroyed the local alchemists tower, incapacitating the towns ability to learn magic, but paying some penance by working at the hospital. He went on to make a lot of money showing the king some rad sex tips, which ended up being smelted and used for materials when the Yawhg hit. He curiously became a potion maker afterward, despite having no magical skill and also having destroyed the alchemists tower, and died never finding love.

I, playing the prettyboy yellowfella, spent much of my time in the gardens, until they were suddenly overgrown with monstrous man-eating plants. Possibly from the magic beans I was sold and planted there. So I went instead to the forest to chop wood for the town, where I was attacked by a glowing twelve legged deer. It eventually gave up pummeling me, but its bite left me with a little bit more magical power. Later, I hung out at the palace where people were rude to me. Dejected, I went to pickpocket some people, but was instead paid handsomely to be bitten by a vampire. Becoming one myself, I ravaged and destroyed the local tavern, but was also incredibly charming, so I guess I got away with it. I became a leader in the community when the Yawhg came, and when all was settled, I went to seek answers, and possibly revenge, for my supernatural ailment.

Brice played the blue lady we first thought was a witch only to be disappointed, and made my favorite story. He started his life helping the sick and learning magic, but goofed on a potion and threw it out the window to avoid potentially explosive consequences. It landed in the river, where it was promptly forgotten. He went on to explore the woods, where he found a deer curiously growing limbs on its back as it drank from a stream, and as he went to help people in the slum, he found they, too, were developing strange and unnecessary limbs. However, he felt very pretty in comparison. Once the Yawhg returned, he went to work again as a doctor, making that his lifelong career and presumably treating mostly people with extra limbs. He found his best friend in the world in a coworker, whom married, moved away and lost touch. No such friend could be found again.

Brice and I are gonna snuggle in today and play it through a few times to see what stories we can get and what other things can happen. It's like 4 bucks on steam right now for the halloween sale, has lovely art, and I recommend checking it out.
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Streaming some new character refs for Defans Amis. Watching sooomething spoopy on Netflix (or maybe just watching more of Miss Fischer's Murder Mysteries)
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I recently caught a post on tumblr by littlewitchcurry regarding the physical health of artists in association to this concept, and added some more in regards to mental health, myself, because it can be pretty readily intertwined. I felt the need to share it with the rest of the art-types, so I figured I'd make a little summary for y'all to remind you not to be unnecessarily hard on yourselves:

It's pretty common for artists to come across the mentality that you need to be working constantly, immersed in your art, sleeping little and avoiding other activities to ensure that you're improving your art and producing as much as you can. A lot about our culture, including other artists, insists that we are supposed to eat and breathe art, either because people think that makes you a better artist or because people think you can't become a better artist if you don't. The level of normalcy this idea has is pretty toxic, and neglecting your human-ness is taxing and dangerous - we need regular sleep, balanced meals, and social interaction, and even if you can get away with less, that doesn't mean you're okay. 

But a lot about this mentality is also tied to the abilities of other artists. Not everyone is going to be able to work at the same pace, either because of physical or mental conditions, luck, or other situations that can't be compared. Not living up to the working abilities of other artists can diminish self confidence and slow your pace down even further, irrelevant of your assets. 

Your productivity, work time, and growth should be something that’s self comparative: how well are you doing compared to how you’ve done before? Do you feel more stable working in the manner you are now as to how you have been working previously? Do you feel like you’re still growing and expanding ideologically, or do you need to let yourself have more time to experience new things? Have you been feeling too safe for a while, do you need to find a push or a challenge? No one’s needs for creation is gonna be the same as anyone else’s, and mental health is just as important as physical, so count your spoons, learn when to push yourself and when to pull back based on YOUR stability and health, and make sure you're okay.
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So I've been working on a Defans Amis short animation over the past month and a half or so. A pretty notable feat considering it was 7-8 weeks to go from start to finish on a *17* minute long animation. I haven't been sleeping much. I started working on it because I had been sitting on some plans to do some looping gifs of Alette and Beau related things, and a composer I know asked for something to compose and play live to for a project at his college.  

I learned today that evidently his lecturer decided - with just two weeks before the performance and almost a full 2 months after the start of the project - that the composer should do some other kind of performance, which happened to include some stills, but *NO* animation I had been working on. -n- Neither of us are happy.

The animation will still be completed soon and will still get it's music, but holy shit I would probably drop out of that class or just accept the shitty grades if that was how my professor approached the work I did. He was also unclear about the deadlines and performance dates as well so??? Augh. On the upside I can chill some take more time with everything and  time things more like I'd prefer.

But seriously. AUGH. AUUGH.
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go watch Dear Zachary:A Letter to a Son About His Father. Its currently on Netflix and is a documentary made to explain and share the life of about a man who was murdered by his ex to their son and, avoiding spoilers (which I'm very glad I was clean of before watching) the response of his friends and family along with the events covering the next few years as they learn said ex was pregnant. It was filmed by his friend and consists heavily of just intensely intimate interviews and older footage/photos, and easily has some of the best developed tone and pacing I've seen in a while from docus in this vein. I really recommend it, but its definitely a roller coaster as far as your heart goes, so be aware.

My only complaint is that it got a little faith-y towards the end, which is by all means understandable and probably even preferable to many viewers, but pretty always takes me out of things and makes them feel pretty damn squicky. That's an entirely different conversation, though.
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A couple of people have noted that Boneworm is similar to the infectious fungus in The Last of Us. I didn't know anything about this game until it was mentioned, so looked up a bit of the lore and they're pretty dang similar (fairly unsurprising since they're both visually impactful fungus infections). I watched some play through of the game and it's largely another zombie apocalypse feel, with a lot of focus on survivor interactions/psychologies. By no means am I saying any of this bad, I'm just hoping to differentiate Defans Amis universe enough so that it doesn't feel associated even while using similar base concepts. I'm thinking in particular that I'm going to rework the mutations to be less ambiguous and have a more iconic/ominous/occult feeling, which would honestly help bolster the folksy-myth vibe I was hoping to push anyway, as well as better tie to the references and inspirations I have to Catholicism/saints. 

Otherwise, I'm sure the writing, aesthetic and mood differentiates the comic fine, I'm just concerned that some base concepts don't feel quite their own yet. If you happen to have any feels on boneworm, I'd love to hear them~

Read more about Boneworm on my illustrated work doc! | Read the Defans Amis animated comic here!
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I've been reworking the Defans Amis universe and have more or less finished developing the cause of the apocalypse: boneworm. Boneworm is a parasitic fungus that pretty much left the world to be decaying remnants of human civilization. In a very short period of time, it managed to infect nearly every animal on the planet, many of which have died off. Those who manage to make it past the most dangerous early stages of infection grow mushrooms out of the open sores the fungus imposes on them and steadily mutate, generally developing features ambiguously akin to another species. Eventually and invariably, though, boneworm will grow too large and will overcome it's host.

I'm working on some communities and reworking some characters that Alette and Beau will come across in the next chapter now and will likely post most of my doodles and info on my tumblr.

You can see my illustrated doc detailing boneworm, how it affected the world, and general concept stuff on google docs. I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts~!…
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Streaming inktober and Defans Amis drawings. Watching Corpse Bride and other stuff, I’ll let whoever’s joining me decide what to play next!
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