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El estupido sobrino de Tony, amante de los psicotropicos y dotado de una garn naríz. Pese a sus muuuuchos defectos, todos le queremos. No se porque, es un gilipollas.

In the briton's mumbo jumbo:

Tony's big nosed psicotropic-loving stupid nephew.
Despite his flaws, we all love him. I just can't tell why, he's jerk.
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Me gustaron todas las pinturas. Tus caricaturas son excelentes.
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a mi chrisi me cae bien, aunque sea un zumbao.
gran trabajo tio, sublime ;)
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A mi tambien, le queremos como es.

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spot on likeness. that constipated owl face.
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amazing characterizations. you are blessed with an eye for the soul of the subject.
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You know what's really hard to find on deviantart? Art of my favorite Sopranos characters, who happen to be:

1. Brendan Filone
2. Matthew Bevilaqua
3. Sean Gismonte
4. Dino Zerilli

In that order. :]
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Mmmmm...I wonder why...

Just kidding.

The paintings were meant to be accompanied of an article, so I had to pin it down to just the most important roles.

I wanted to do Junior, Adriana and Furio, but it's too late!
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oh well. If anyone ever does get to do my favorite characters, it'd be nice.

to answer your wondering, I like characters who get killed, they're my favorites, also the style in which they are killed.
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In that case Ralph Cifaretto is one of my favourites.
Cool death!!
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I like Ralph too. He makes my top 20. Although his body pretty much got mutilated after his death. He was beaten to death by Tony but his body was mutilated. I prefer execution-style slayings, as they're enigmatic, I assume you understand now why I like my top 3 the most. But Ralph makes my top 20.
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we all love Chrissy
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