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My Wife by MrBootybreath
Be My Alpha Female? by tribble-of-doom
Mysteeerious by tribble-of-doom
Baby Flutter Ref by tribble-of-doom
COTW | My Promise Was to You by WesternValentyne
The Mad Eyed King by EvilSnail1
saaaaammmmmyyy by ToothyBreadstick
COTW || Every Night by WesternValentyne
Pack of Night
A WILD DRAWING APPEARS by tribble-of-doom
She Touched The Butt by tribble-of-doom
I'm Sorry by tribble-of-doom
Why The Long Face? by tribble-of-doom
Kingdom of the West
CotW - Moon Redesign by RocketMeowth
Yin-yang and Moonscar 2 by RocketMeowth
The Milestone of Loss by RocketMeowth
May the Moment Last Forever... by RocketMeowth
Luna Likes Colbat Too Much.. by tribble-of-doom
Stalking Lupis by tribble-of-doom
Away, Nakalla, My Noble Steed by tribble-of-doom
Rune And Cuff by tribble-of-doom
Other Packs
Rockin' The Super Glorious Magic Space Goggles by tribble-of-doom
Alphas by tribble-of-doom
Rock, Rock, Rock by tribble-of-doom
Be My Alpha Female? by tribble-of-doom
Wolves Animals outside the Packs
Awww Sheit. by tribble-of-doom
Torrie is Concerned by tribble-of-doom
The Line Must Be Drawn Here And No Further by tribble-of-doom
Alari Is Just Tear Bending by tribble-of-doom
COTW T-Shirt Entry- HAROLD BE PIMPIN'... by addiapple223
COTW tshirt entry by fluffylovey
Luna+Harold - Cow of the Wild by BlazingAuroralSun
Feather Ferals
Poor Lil Kia by tribble-of-doom
B'Cuz I Has Teh Fancy Wings by tribble-of-doom
King of the Castle by tribble-of-doom
STOP - DON'T TOUCH ME THERE by tribble-of-doom
Past Contests
COTW Family First Contest by hawk722
Current Contest
Cow of The Wild BG: Inside Barn :daytime: by Creativepup702
The End won our contest vote! Illustrate how you think/want Cow of the Wild to end.

1. No flaming/trolling on each other's art. Creative criticism is allowed.
2. No stealing other person's artwork or use of line art/bases.
3. Nothing that would be rated over PG.

Prizes have yet to be worked out and donations are much appreciated. Contest will end Feb. 22nd!

Let the contest begin!
:earth: Freedom :earth:
Since majority voted for a new contest I present you with the fourth Cow of the Wild contest! Here are the themes for this contest. You can only vote once.

The End - Illustrate how you think/want Cow of the wild to end. (9)

Dreamers - Draw a character's craziest dream (or nightmare). (2)

Freestyle - Whether it's the love between two wolves or the death of a beloved character, draw whatever you want! (must be Cow of the Wild related of course) (7)

Vote and Enjoy!
:earth: Freedom :earth:
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Episode Guide

The Official Cow of the Wild website -->…

The Cow of the Wild Wikia -->…

:iconmillyapprovesplz: :iconsammywantsitplz: :iconyinnysoldplz: :iconrunewtfplz:

Season 1

Episode 1: "Child's Play" -->…

Episode 2: "I Dare You" -->…

Episode 3: "The Fence: -->…

Episode 4: "Those Lost..." -->…

Episode 5: "Dreamer" -->…

Episode 6: Unnamed -->…

Episode 7: "Omega" -->…

Episode 8: "The West" -->…

Episode 9: "Like A Rock" -->…

Episode 10: "Leaving Home" -->…

Episode 11: "Times Change" -->…

Episode 12: "Leaving Home" -->…

Episode 13: "New Places" -->…

Episode 14: "New Faces" -->

Episode 15: "Good And Bad Intentions" -->…

Episode 16: "Coming Togethers" -->…

Episode 17: "Things Best Left Forgotten"
Part 1 -->…
Part 2 -->…
Part 3 -->…

Episode 18: "Admierance" -->…

Episode 19: "Back To Haunt"
Part 1 -->…

Season 2

Episode 19: "Back To Haunt"
Part 2 -->…

Episode 20: "Fall From Grace, Rise To Power"
Part 1 -->…
Part 2 -->…

Episode 21: "Romance is boring"
Part 1 -->…
Part 2 -->…

Episode 22: "Family First" -->…

Episode 23: "The Meeting"
Part 1 -->…

Group Info

Milly is a strong, friendly but very dim-witted cow who has always dreamed of joining a wolf pack ever since she met a wolf pup along her fence as a calf. Finally after a long year of howling at the moon and critism from the other farm animals, Milly escapes her farm and joins the Pack of Night. However, she'll soon learn all the wolf packs are rittled with lies, secrets and schemes. Everyone has their own story. Will they all tie together in a happy ending or will everyone end up getting blood on their paws?
Founded 7 Years ago
Jan 19, 2011


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