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Please, I told you everything!

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The goons nabbed Batgirl, tied her up and humiliated her. Then they threw her in a hole and began filling it with cement. They demanded to know the location of the Batcave or they'd bury her alive. At first she was brave and defied them, but as the cement crept up her body she eventually told them. They kept filling the hole around her. In desperation she started telling them more and more, each time with an agreement that they'd pull her out. She told them her real identity, Batman's identity, her father's political secrets, Wayne industries bank account numbers, even poor Alfred's prescription information.  The goons couldn't help but to laugh at her as the cement covered her face and suffocated her.
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Excellent portrayal of her emotion of fear. You can actually sense it.

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Little bitch betrayed all her friends to save her own pathetic skin. She kinda deserves to sink ;)

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Awww...poor thing. Doesn't she know Gotham's goons are merciless?

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Great expression

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Beautiful. Sink bitch :-)

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how will batgirl get out find out same bat time same bat channel

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Holy fucking shit

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I just totally Love it xD!!!

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I hope they removed her boots.... her toes deserved the entire treatment.... :D

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I would LOVE to see Batgirl, seated in a chair, hands tied behind her back, being fitted for cement shoes, with her boots on the floor next to her.... :D

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id love to see her in a hole up to her shoulders in wet cement, so I drew it.

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I know, it's a great pic. Have you seen the ones in my Favs? :D

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