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Amy McLaren
Amy's narrow escape from the men who abducted her ended in terror as she plunged into the unseen quicksand.  Their cruel laughter as they joked about rescuing her, and the echoes of her own screams through the swamp, were the last things she heard before suffocating under the soft, goopy bog.
'Okay, I'll Blow You'
"Please don't leave me here. 
Where are you going?
Okay, yes you can fuck my throat,
I'll do anything you want.
Just please get me out of this Quicksand!!!"
Dream Someplace Fun
I know I may be a little late to this party, but a follow quicksand enthusiast, A-020 had indicated that last week marks the 30th year of the 4th Elm Street movie featuring the scene where Freddy stomps Kristen's head into the beach sand.  His awesome representation of that scene… motivated me to also want to pay tribute.

When I was in 9th grade we didn't have cable or a vcr, but my mom's boyfriend had a device to descramble HBO.  Every time this movie came on HBO in 1989 I had that shit timed out to a T.  As soon as Kristen's mom gives her the sleeping pill I knew exactly when to catch that scene.  Watching the exquisite Tuesday Knight fall into the beach quicksand trap and then Freddy pushing her the rest of the way down, her hand reaching up, and then just the last bits of her blonde hair going down.  There's no other scene I've watched more times. 

Although, there were always 2 things I hated about that scene...
1. Her hair!  What the Fuck?  She had gorgeous hair throughout the entire movie until this scene.  Teased up bangs, a weird pulled back half bun/ponytail kind of thing, and the mullet-esque curly shit draping down in the back.  It was just confusing to look at. She was beautiful right up until they turned her into looking like a B-squad cheerleader from the first Teen Wolf or something. Who's fucking idea was that?
2. And worst of all!!! She doesn't die here! They keep her alive for another 15 seconds just so Freddy can throw her into a furnace.  Why?!??!  So she could give Alice her powers?  I can think of 5 dozen other ways that could've happened before she goes down in the quicksand.  They could've gone from the sleeping pills to the furnace and never even bothered with this scene.  It was the most irrelevant not-death scene in the entire franchise.  I mean, you put Tuesday Knight (and probably a stunt double) through all that getting all sandy and shit, (although the way she struggled to get out when they showed her from behind was absolutely the best it could've been), making poor Robert stand on a beach in the sun in that heavy sweater and plastic make up, put the stage crew through all the trouble of digging a hole and figuring that shit out, all for a scene that didn't matter.  They should've had her die in the quicksand!!  I always turned the movie off right after her hair gets pulled under, Fuck the rest of it!!!

But anyhow, I couldn't get the sand to look right.  The more I fucked with it the worse it got, so I gave up.
I've gotten several messages inquiring about the possibility of doing commissions or requests. Rather than personally responding to each one I'll just post an answer here.
Life is too short to do requests for free. So please just don't bother asking.
Commissions on the other hand are something I might consider at some point, but currently I really don't have the kind of free time it would take. I will post here if and when that becomes a possibility.
I do appreciate the interest in my work.
Thank you!


Shana O'Hara
United States


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Scarlett from G.I. Joe! by ChrisPapantoniou
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Here is a link if you are interested...

If you have discord :) (Smile)
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