How to install covergloobus on Ubuntu 12.04+

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The PPA for CoverGloobus hasn't been working since Ubuntu 11.10, but this doesn't mean you can't use it in newer versions.

If you are using Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10, 13.04 or even Linux Mint 13 or 14 you can use CoverGlobus by downloading the .DEB package

This is version 1.7.3

Download DEB package for 32 bit system…

Download DEB package for 64 bit system…

Installing themes is more easy now, just download them and put the folder in:


Right click on CoverGloobus >Configuration > click on the Theme tab and apply your new theme by choosing it from the list

I hope this will be helpful to all

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Juan-Mt's avatar
Please, be continue with its development :)
in Elementary not worked
artbhatta's avatar
hi, thanks to this, i got in working in Ubuntu Studio 13.10 Saucy Beat1.
yo-bhan's avatar
Since eOS use Music not BeatBox not worked :( (Sad) , any chance to add plugins Music in Covergloobus  for eOS?
really apreciated :)
theWiz974's avatar
CLEARviewMaui's avatar
Thank you!!!!!!
I always use coverGloobus!
Now I will use it in Ubuntu Gnome 13.04!
jivebs's avatar
did anyone know how to configure covergloobus for noise/music the default media player of elementary os.. though am using beatbox..  thanks..
jivebs's avatar
oh i found it.. :) no need
ryan-k-mckee's avatar
What did you find!?! How do you do it?
jivebs's avatar…

download and unzip it.
:) just read the info. where to put the files.
dqvolo's avatar
Thanks mate!!! :) you rock :)
jivebs's avatar
JeferDM's avatar
Gracias por compartir!!! Buscar en google me daba resultados viejos que no funcionaban ¬¬
gabriela2400's avatar
doctormo's avatar
those debs could be added to a ppa easiliy.
gabriela2400's avatar
Well, if you could do it people will thank you.
doctormo's avatar
If you could do it, people would raise you up as a god for learning how to :-)
gabriela2400's avatar
I'm not interested in people's adoration. ;)
doctormo's avatar
Are you interested in learning or knowing that you're awesome?
gabriela2400's avatar
I've already knew that. hahshahahaha
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