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Undertale Doodles
I've started playing Deltarune, after rewatching Vargskelethor playing Undertale. I was reminded of how amazing the game was, and why I loved it in the first place. I couldn't help but draw some stuff.

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The occasional clink of fork to plate was the only noise being made in the dining room. Though most of them were a tad glad that they didn’t have to see the interviews right then, they were still down a bit from seeing the two Warners be reminded of the event months prior.
The silence was beginning to irritate his nerves, so the eldest Warner decided to arise conversation. “What did you mean... With the s-heads I mean…”
It took a moment for Blam to realize he was talking to him, “Oh yeah, I meant those cupboard-head brothers. The red one’s a jerk, and the blue one’s a clumsy dunce.”
“You mean.. Cuphead and Mugman? They’re not so bad.. to me at least,” Yakko disagreed, he twirled noodles onto his fork simultaneously.
The Comical snorted, he closed his eyes in an egotistical manner. “Once you get to know them, they never leave ya alone - that’s when they become a pain in the ass.”
Yakko frowned a bit at the last word but decided it wasn’t worth arguing about. He moved his gaze over to Oswald, “I’m sure Oswald is glad he didn’t have to hear his younger brother talk about ‘im.”
Oswald raised a brow at him, “What? I’m not glad.. well, maybe a little - but not for the reason ya think.”
“Last time you were with him, I saw you smack him in the head with an umbrella,” Tails objected, softly chuckling.
The rabbit was a bit impressed that he had joined in, considering how introverted he was. He guessed he had finally gotten used to them (and it only took a few years of them being together constantly). Nevertheless, he protested, “Yeah, as a joke. It was a friendly gesture, really.”
He picked up his glass to take a sip, then continued. “Besides, as long as he didn’t say anything questionable... I really wouldn’t care.”
“What would be questionable?”, Hatty asked, patting the sides of his mouth with a napkin he had neatly folded.
“Well, ya know... Uh… If he said anything about some personal... things,” his sentence wavered more towards the end.
“What things?”, Blam questioned, saying the word almost in disgust.
The Toon became surprisingly quiet, before looking off to the side. “Nothing…”
The table became silent yet again.
“I.. I think I should call my brother-”
“Don’t!”, Oswald cut the skeleton off.
Papyrus looked at him with a hurt expression, “I haven’t talked to him in so long.. He’s probably terribly worried about me. I mean, you saw how.. upset Mettaton seemed when he had to bring up me. I couldn’t bear to imagine what my other friends are feeling…. Don’t you miss your friends and family..?”
Oswald just picked and stared at his food, “No.. I don’t.”
“Not... Not even in the slightest?”
“No,” he repeated, more firmly this time.
The Monster’s “mouth” opened slightly, but then clicked shut. He looked down at the table, tapping his index finger on the surface. Papyrus snuck a glance at Wakko across the table, he was surprised to see that he hadn’t touched his food in the slightest. He hadn’t even picked up his fork.
Yakko glanced over at the feline at the other end of the table, he saw him doing the same motion he had been doing for the past five minutes; whirling his forefinger in a small circle on the tablecloth. What made him concerned though, was the definite depressed look on his face.
“What’s bothering ya cous’?”, he asked.
The cat’s eyes shifted upward, “Nothing.”
“Your tone says otherwise, what’s wrong?”, Yakko wasn’t buying it, and he had an idea of why he was like this. He didn’t want to immediately point a finger though.
Not yet, anyway…
Felix sighed, which sounded more like a wince. “I said I was fine.”
Yakko thought for a moment. Well, what is there to think? He hasn’t been like this since...
Nevermind what he had said...
“It’s because of her, isn’t it?”
The cat blinked, the motion with his finger stopped. He looked up at the Warner.
That was indubitably it.
Felix’s ears drifted down a bit, “Wh-Who?”
“You know who,” Yakko’s voice was getting a bit louder, stern.
A few that were sitting at the table looked up at the two. More started to feel uneasy.

Something was about to go down.

Felix stayed silent after Yakko’s statement.
“You still can’t stop thinking about her? Felix, it’s been years,” Yakko started again.
“I-I-I’m not thinking about her,” the other Toon stammered.
“Then what are you thinking about?”
Felix once again went quiet, he couldn’t think of an explanation.. a lie rather…
He accepted it, “Yes, okay? I am. I am thinking about her.. I just- I knew someone was going to mention her… But the fact that we didn’t see, yet... It just made me feel even worse.”
“Sheba died twenty years ago.”
“I-It doesn’t matter, I..”
“Yes, it does matter!”, Yakko’s voice getting close to a yell.
“Yakko, I don’t think-”, Tails intervened.
He swiftly lifted up his hand to stop him, momentarily looking at the fox, “This doesn’t include you.”
Felix was getting more and more distressed by the second, “I can’t help it, Yakko.”
“If just thinking about her makes you this upset... Then there’s a problem, and you can help it!”
That’s when Felix snapped, “Well, someone was certainly very quiet when they mentioned Dot!”

The room became dead silent.

Wakko’s eyes had jolted up and looked at his brother. The eldest sibling had his mouth partly open in shock, his eyes were widened. Wakko began trembling.
Felix soon realized what he had just said, his face quickly softened. “Y-Yakko, I’m s-so sorry... I didn’t mean..”
Yakko whispered something under his breath.
He had gotten up from his seat, slamming the table - hard enough to where just about everyone’s plates let out a sharp clank. Everyone jumped in startlement, Felix especially.
He started shaking, mostly in fear. “I-I-I s-said I w-was..”
“You don’t get to say fucking ‘sorry’!”, Yakko’s voice was most definitely a yell now, “You have no excuse! No excuse! You thought about her nonstop, and you refused to talk to anyone!”
Felix had stood up as well, tears were gathering in his eyes. “You’re being a hypocrite! You did the exact same thing when Dot died!” He pointed an accusing finger at him, “You were stuck up in your room for weeks, and you didn’t eat, you didn’t sleep! You ignored your brother - who needs you! You tried to kill yourself!”
Yakko faltered for a second, glancing over at his brother. Tears were filling his eyes as he was watching the scene unravel. Yakko shook his head, a hateful expression glued back onto the feline. Hot streams started going down his face. This wasn’t Yakko, this was anything but Yakko...
“At least I wasn’t the one who caused her to die! You - ignored her! She was suffering, and you did jack squat! I did everything I could, even if it risked killing me! You were too much of a coward to do anything!”, his voice was now breaking at how loud it was getting.
“Yakko that’s enough!”, Tails involved himself once again.
“SHUT THE FUCK UP!”, Yakko screamed back.
“Don’t talk to him that way!”, Felix’s voiced cracked.
“Why?! Because he’s your replacement for Sheba?!”
Felix’s face went blank, he stared at him in utter disbelief. It wasn’t long until his expression was switched to one of pure anger.
That was the last straw.
“That’s enough!”
A new voice made the two stop dead in their tracks of enragement.
Oswald raised his voice, it was filled with harrowment. “God.. can’t you two see what you’re doing?”
The two stopped.
When they did... new whimpering and crying were heard. Eyes broke off and went to the small ball that was Wakko. He was pressing his ears down onto his head, eyes were squeezed shut with streaks coming from them.
"P-Please... no more... no more yelling...", his voice quivered in a sobbing whisper.
Yakko and Felix's faces almost immediately softened. They did realize. They realized their arguing was hurting others... and they hadn't even bothered to even think of it...
"Well don't just stand and gawk at each other, sit!", Oswald ordered the two.
They blinked out of their trances, doing as they were told.
"Sorry Wak," Yakko apologized, full of guilt.
"S-Sorry...", Felix mimicked, he was still blinking away tears that threatened to spill.
After the words were said, Oswald took a deep breath. He massaged his temples, "Okay... today has been nerve-racking... I understand. I was a bit nervous and anxious too. But that does not give you two the excuse to scream at each other."
He paused, whilst he did... Wakko was beginning to calm down. His weak eyes had opened, but his hands still remained on his sensitive ears.
The rabbit continued, "There's a time where you need to stop talking. But that doesn't just pertain to you, Yakko. I could say that, with disappointment, to Felix here as well," he glanced at the two interconnectedly, "It's been months... months since we've had a nice, quiet, relaxing, and peaceful meal. I think it would do us all a huge favor... if we tried that out."
Yakko and Felix were thinking to themselves a bit. It took a moment or two until Yakko chuckled.
He said with a smirk, "I'd love to...", but the smile went just as fast as it came, "but not here."
Yakko stood up from his chair, then afterward ramming it into the table. Oswald caught his drink before it fell from the quake, he then scowled at the other Toon.
The eldest Warner picked up his plate, then swiftly turned towards the exit.
"Come on, Wakko," he commanded.
The younger sibling gazed at him stilly. He hesitated a little, before grabbing his plate as well - then solemnly following his brother.
The group watched them as they left.
Felix's hands shook apprehensively, he hid his face, so revolted in his own being. Tails wanted to ask him if he was okay... but that would be a rhetorical question.
"I've lost my appetite...", his words were so faint that barely anyone understood him.
He got up from his seat, stiffly escaping the dining room, through an opening different from the one the siblings had taken before.
An awkward silence once again plagued the room. No one looked at each other.
"That was... something else," Hatty muttered.

The argument at dinner was nothing like anyone had seen before. The two Toons had never even snapped at each other in the time that they had been friends. Not to mention when they finally did, they let everything out.
And when they let everything out, it was... everything.

Tails tried talking to Felix after the fight, but he had locked himself in his bedroom (and everyone else on the outside, including Tails and Papyrus; the ones who shared the space with him). He almost began to beg him to open up, but he thought pushing his friend wasn't going to do either of them good. It would probably just make it worse, considering how the cat handles things that mess with his emotions. The kitsune had breathed a sigh, and given up. He proceeded down the hallway, to which he noticed Papyrus sitting cross-legged next to the Warners' door. Curious, he approached him. The Monster was holding a clipboard and pencil.
"What are you doing?", Tails whispered, being sure the two on the inside didn't hear him - or more precisely, one of them.
"I'm writing to Wakko," the skeleton replied noiselessly. As he concluded, a sheet of paper was pushed out from the space under the door. He picked it up with care and laid it on the board. He resumed as he wrote, "When Yakko got all quiet and demanded him and him alone, Wakko needed someone besides his still brother to talk to. I took the proposition... he does need comfort as well..."
He finished and returned the sheet to the crack. The tips of fingers from a small, gloved hand retrieved the paper. Soon after, a stifled giggle was heard on the other side. Tails smiled at the sound, glanced back at Papyrus, who also had the expression.
"We're telling jokes right now," he clarified.
Tails started to think. What if he tried talking to Yakko? Sure, he'd have a harder time... but he had to get through to someone. It was going to drive him and everyone else crazy if there were two children that were holding forbearing grudges against each other. He felt that he had to - at the very least, try.
"Is this unlocked?", he asked, focusing his eyes towards the wooden barrier.
"Yes... but-"
"I want to get Yakko to see through," Tails stopped him before he could oppose.
Papyrus looked at him with desperate and troubled sockets, "Tails, friend, you know how Yakko is when he is upset. You should let Wakko do his thing, and bring him back."
"Papyrus, this is turning into an endless cycle. Yakko gets mad, he goes to his room, he stays in there for hours on end with his brother... then he forces himself to leave, being just a sliver better than how he was when he went in."
"Tails... you... you do know how intense he can be..."
The Digi sighed, "And you know how this doesn't really help him... at all."
Papyrus became reserved for a moment, twiddling the pencil between his fingers.
Tails' ears drifted down, "When you're in a situation like this, it's better to talk it out... Maybe I could convince him to speak to Felix. It's healthier that way."
The paper from before was shoved back underneath the door. Papyrus put the canine's suggestion on hold. He picked up the sheet once again, reading it. The hand and paper fell from his face a bit later, he looked up at Tails.
"Wakko was listening in, he... he agreed. He accepted that his brother could use a little... push," Papyrus explained.
"Alright," Tails replied, glad that someone picked up what he was putting down. "But... I hope that you understand where I'm coming from."
"O-Of course I do, I just... I don't want to risk you getting hurt," Papyrus revealed to him, his voice still showed uncertainty to the plan.
"I'll be fine Papyrus, if I need help, you'll know."
Tails then wrapped his hand around the knob and gingerly turned it. He opened it to two figures on a single queen-sized bed. The Warners' room had certainly changed, not just in a visual standpoint, but atmospherically as well.
Wakko looked at him, his face looked tired and timid. Tails felt a spike of what even amazed him: anger. How could Yakko force this onto his younger sibling? With how much he worries for him with every breath he takes, you'd think he'd consider things like these and how they would affect him.
The younger brother watched him as he marched over to stand in front of Yakko. He was met with a definitely-more-than-irritated pout. The Warner had his knees up and crossed arms in front of his face, he rested them and his head on the peak of the bent legs. He did not look up at him, nor did he even acknowledge his presence.
Tails crossed his arms and frowned at him. If he had kept going with Felix, he probably would've gotten him. But Yakko was the crux of the whole thing. If Felix was forgiving - but not him - it didn't even matter. Plus begging wasn't exactly going to sway with Yakko...
"Alright, enough is enough, Yakko. You and Felix have to make up."
Yakko didn't budge. He kept that grouchy scowl on his face, and his furrowed brows seemed like they were beginning to freeze.
"Yakko, neither of you were in the right. The things Felix said were uncalled for; I'll admit that from him to you. But you've gotta fess up too."
Still nothing. But he wasn't moving until he did.
"Yakko... Both you and he have gone through a lot. It doesn't matter when or what happened. You both lost people you loved... why can't you see that he understands?"
Without moving his eyes, the hunched Toon finally spoke, "Leave me alone."
His words were spread out, they grumbled in a meaningful way that he didn't want anything to do with what he was insinuating.
Tails was still standing his ground, "I'm not leaving until you get over yourself."
Yakko's eyes locked with his, giving him a cold and intimidating stare. "I said leave, now."
"Please, if you'd just-"
It took just a second for Yakko to get up and shove Tails against the wall. He pinned him by grabbing fist-fulls of his shirt, he was almost picking him off of the floor. Yakko's nose almost touched his.
He said through clenched teeth, "What about leaving me be... don't you understand!"
Tails couldn't reply, he was frozen in fear... for the second time today. The Toon's dark eyes didn't move from his, and they sent ripples of panic through him.
"Yakko- please stop!"
Wakko tugged frantically at his brother's pant leg. Yakko removed his eyes from the fox for a moment, looking at the terrified expression on the shorter Toon's face. Yakko's brows raised and relaxed, and his mouth's snarl eased. He then looked back at Tails, who just about had the same expression as his brother. His eyes soon became lighter, and he gazed down at his hands - which still grasped at the kitsune's rending shirt. Shivering, the hands let go. Yakko backed away, and Tails had let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. The other two watched as the tallest fell back onto the bed, covering his face with his gloved palms.
He shuddered, "God... fuck... keep it together Yakko."
He felt as if he was about to murder the Digi. His friend had a point, this isolating wasn't helping anymore... in fact, it was just making him feel worse.
"S-Sorry... I shouldn't have...", Tails started.
"No... I'm sorry, I acted wrongly. You're right- you're right... I can't keep d-doing this."
The eldest Warner took a deep breath, uncovering his face. He slowly sat up, glancing at the two in front of him. Wakko looked back at him cautiously, as Tails was fondling with his snagged shirt.
"Sorry about your shirt...", Yakko murmured, he rubbed the back of his neck in guilt.
"It's fine... really. I'm sure Felix can tidy it up..."
"Felix...", the Toon paused, "...I... I need to apologize to him." He slung himself off the bed, only for him to go down again. Yakko looked at Tails tensely, he then gave a nervous and breathy chuckle. "H-heh, I th-think I should lay down for a bit... I'm a little l-light-headed..."
"Alright... well... I'll say sorry for you. Don't worry, you get yourself some rest," Tails replied.
He had started making his way towards the door, but before he could place his hand on the knob, a tall figure flung it open.
"Papyrus- Papyrus it's okay! Everything is fine!", Tails reassured.
The skeleton's bugged eyes relaxed a bit, his gaze shifting between the fox and whats-it. He then let out a heavy sigh, his pupils going back to normal.
"O-Okay... splendid. Everything is okay now?"
"Yeah, Yakko just needs a bit to recollect."
Tails looked back at Yakko, who was pinching the bridge of his snout... He was probably beginning to have a migraine... Papyrus let out yet another sigh, but softer this time.
"Alright... I guess it was a good idea to let you get involved after all."
"I guess it was..."
They both then looked at the siblings. The younger had sat next to the older yet again, resting his head against his shoulder. The room felt a lot less tense.
Papyrus leaned over slightly towards the fox, he spoke quietly. "I think we should let them be now."
"Yeah...", Tails replied, knowing now that Yakko wouldn't repeat his bad habit this time.
The two silently slipped out, leaving the siblings to themselves.
Wisc - Chapter 2
(Sorry for inactivity, a lot of school stuff going on. Hopefully this new chap. of Wisc will fill up the void?)

You can also find this story on my Wattpad, for those who are more comfortable with that website:
Human Tails and Blam
I guess a part two to the digital drawings of human versions of these guys and Yakko.
I wanted to redue Tails because he turned out looking weird (I realized soon after uploading it that his eyes were too small; I couldn't put my finger on what made it look so off). He looks 20x better now. 

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Miles “Tails” Prower had always liked the rain, well.. when it wasn’t thundering. Thankfully it wasn’t right then and was the first of many downpours that were going to happen in the state. The hurricane hadn’t even come to hit shore yet, and it was already filling the streets with water.
He felt water starting to seep into his shoes, making walking uncomfortable. Though he didn’t have rain boots, he had his yellow raincoat, which he had had for years. But he kinda wished he had brought an umbrella since rain was showering him in the face. After a few minutes of treading the concrete, keeping his eyes lowered and traveling by memory, he looked up to see that one of the stores had a crowd in front of it. Confused as to why they were all out there in the rain like that, he studied them as he walked by. On closer inspection, it was a protest. All of them were humans, and they held some posters.

“Characters are not safe from themselves.”
“Why should we trust THEM.”
“Toons are still corrupted.”
“We’ll wake up this town, then the country!”

Tails didn’t know what in the world they were mad about. He just assumed the group was filled with prejudices, which really wouldn’t be that big of a surprise. He faced forward again, still being sure to not get anyone’s attention. If people saw who he was, he would be in big trouble. After a couple more minutes, he soon arrived at Creative Colors. The fox opened the glass door, hearing the ring of the bell above him.
“Welcome to Creative Colors, a store of art with no uncreativity. So no green. But don’t take my word for it,” a red puppet-like clerk leaned on the counter, some thick strings of yarn on his face fluttered as he spoke.
“Hey Red,” Tails greeted, closing the door behind him, “How have you been?”
“Good as I can ever be, considering I’ll still have to work through the hurricane,” he responded, his monotone English accent sounding as sleep-deprived as ever.
“Really, why’s that? I thought all stores not carrying grocery were supposed to close?”, Tails approached the counter, removing his hood. Red was one of the few people who wouldn’t tell a soul about him and the others.
“Paige is strict about keeping this place open, it’s policy for her. If I’m living, I should be at this counter during my hours... Even if the ceiling is being torn off the store.”
“Oh, well... sorry that you still have to work..”
“Eh, I’ll live, probably. I just hope Bird and Manny don’t burn down the house while it floods. But enough about me, you came for your order... Pastel blues, shades light, darker, and darker.. all medium containers. Is that right?”, Red said, as he begun scrolling through the computer next to him.
“Yep, that’s it.”
“Hmm, oh.. and sorry for not being able to get the greens you wanted. You know..”
“Yeah, I had forgot... It’s fine though, I can manage.”
“Improvising, I like that... Well, I’ve got your paints ready and packaged. This is the smallest order you’ve made so far..”, Red picked up and placed the box on the counter.
Tails rubbed the back of his neck, “I’ve been thinking of a project pertaining to my blueprints from a while back, so I just got the paints I needed for one last painting before get started.”
“Sounds interesting,” Red sluggishly tapped the buttons on the register, “That’ll be fifteen dollars and sixty-two cents.”
Tails handed him the cash, and Red rung the money.
“Thank you for shopping at Creative Colors, and please come again… if you’re not wearing green,” Red handed him the box. He could feel the slick outside through his gloves, it was made to be water resistant for rainy days like these.
“Bye, Red. And stay safe,” Tails lifted his hood and started walking towards the door.
“I’ll try, you and your friends be safe especially..”, Red waved, once again slumping against the counter.
The kitsune exited the store, hugging the package in his arms. He began to walk back down the street, continuing to avoid any interaction with other people.
He came to the area where the protest was taking place, they were a lot closer than before. Tails’ pace started to quicken as he became nervous, maybe if he got away faster they wouldn’t see him... But his attempt failed.
One of the protesters noticed him.
“Hey, you!”
The fox jumped, startled, he froze in place. He wanted to keep going, get back to the others, but his legs wouldn’t let him.

Why does this always happen to me?

The sound of nearing feet pattered the ground, “You’re character, aren’t you? I can tell because of that lump on your back, trying to hide your tail! Why were you walking so fast, scared to see your people being hated?”
Tails stayed quiet, keeping his eyes glued down and his face hidden. The man’s threatening tone was starting to scare him.
“Hey! I’m talking to you!”, he wrenched his arm back, forcing the kid to face him. Tails dropped his package in the process.
The second the man saw him, his eyes widened.
“Holy shit, it’s you!”, he exclaimed, his grip on Tails’ arm ending.
“Tom, what are you doing? We’re trying to protest, not annoy people passing by-”, a woman confronted him from the crowd, she saw the fox as well and she had the same reaction. “Woah, is that…”
“Yeah, this is their leader. He’s one of the eight who went missing,” Tom grimaced.
“Missing? He doesn’t look so missing to me..”
“Yeah, why don’t you explain that to me, Digi.”
He grabbed the chest of Tails’ coat, he also caught some fur, and when he yanked him forward he winced.
“What are you guys doing?”, another person followed, along with a few others behind them.
“I’ve found a little something,” Tom hissed, turning back, “you’ll never believe who it is.”

“Hey, that’s the fox!”
“What’s he doing here?”
“Wow.. is that…”
“I thought he was hiding..”

The people reacted to Tails like he belonged in a zoo, he had enough. He tried to escape, by pulling himself back with all his strength, but to no avail.
“Don’t try leaving now, freak,” Tom jerked him back in place, the rest of the protesters were cluttering around them, “Let’s see if you’re the real deal..”
Suddenly he grabbed onto the kitsune’s neck, squeezing hard. Tails choked, unable to breathe.
“Hey, HEY!”
A new but familiar voice was heard amongst the people. The hold around Tails’ throat loosens, he gasps for air. They all turn to see where the voice came from. Everyone blinks in awe.
“Alright, that’s enough - back off the kid,” a grey and white rabbit approached the two, a stern look was on his face.
“Why should I?”, Tom barked.
“Oh, I dunno.. Maybe before I call the authorities saying that ya assaulted a minor…”
The man’s face dropped, he stared at the star just before letting go of the fox. Tails gently wrapped his hand around his aching neck.
“You’re lucky you’re famous, anyone would believe you… You just said that to protect your own kind!”, the man’s scowl returned.
“Actually, he ain’t my kind, doc. He’s a Digi, and I’m a Toon..”
“All of you characters are the same!”, he huffed and started walking off. The others hesitantly followed soon after.
The two characters watched them for a few moments.
“Are ya okay, kid?”, Bugs put a hand on his shoulder, “Ya need t’ be more careful around these protesters, ya never know what they’re gonna do..”
“Y-Yeah... Th-Thank you..”, Tails muttered, still caressing his hurting neck.
“Don’t mention it,” he replied, giving a soft smile. He noticed the box on the ground, and picked it up, “I’m assuming this is yours..”
He handed the box to him, the fox took it carefully with both hands. “Yeah,” Tails murmured.
He started to slowly back away, before turning, but the Toon stopped him.
“Hey, you be safe, okay? I.. I dunno what you’re doin’ nowadays… But just be wary, especially with this hurricane comin’.”
“Yes sir..”, Tails replied, he didn’t want to be rude... But he really just wanted to get home.
Bugs noticed this, “You can go, eh… tell Yakko I think about ‘im. I heard what happened to Dot..”
Tails’ ears lowered under his hood, “I-I’ll be sure to…”
“Thanks, kid. Bye now.”
The two went their separate ways. Tails raced home, not bothering to keep himself unnoticed.

A big dog laid back in his desk chair, a fudgesicle in hand. A short white rabbit sat below the desk, holding two generic action figures. He spouted random phrases in differentiating voices, making explosion sound effects everytime they tapped one another. Suddenly stopping, he stared at the two figures, after a few moments... He threw them out the window, crashing and shattering the glass whilst doing so. Max The Lagomorph rested his hands at his sides.
“Sam, could you repeat that info statement pointlessly - before I shoot myself in the head in boredom?”, he asked the dog casually.
“Sure thing, little guy… Well, when we got that soon-to-be-identified-as Sammy Squirrel back here, we waited until he awoken from his coma-esk slumber. We asked why he tried turning the mayor and the who-it’s into ground beef, but he responded with ‘I dunno what you’re talking about, I don’t remember anything!’”, Sam read the statement he had written down, every once in a while taking a lick of his ‘sicle.
“My favorite part was when we got to lock him in the closet with a bunch of venomous snakes,” Max replied.
Just after, a muffled cry was heard from said closet.
“Yep, but I’m sure he’ll be fine,” Sam chuckled. He then stuck the entire fudgesicle in his mouth, taking it off its stick. He swallows it and then continued reading. “What we noticed is that he was foaming at the mouth like he had rabies or something… but then when he had awoken, he was normal. Well, as normal as a cartoon squirrel could be…”
He flipped back and forth between the two pages, one his statement, the other was an identification paper of the Toon.
“What interests me, is that he has no criminal record, nor does he have any negative health history… and characters can’t contract earthly diseases… So what did he have?”
“You mean he doesn’t usually foam at the mouth and chase civilians?”, Max asked, cocking his head to the side.
“Well, pal… Sorry to break it to ya, but not everyone does that…”
“Really?”, the lagomorph said, in what sounded like genuine surprise.
The rickety door of the office opened, revealing to be Bugs Bunny.
“Well welcome back!”, Sam greeted, sitting straight in his chair.
“Get over here ya ol’ stinker!”, Max squeaked, hugging the taller rabbit. He looked up at him, “How’s our undercover cop doin’?”
“I think it’s exhausting already, I dunno how you guys do it…”, Bugs replied honestly.
“You got that right, it really grinds my gears when I step in chewed gum on the asphalt.. then it gets stuck on the bottom of my foot…”, Sam made a false frown.
“Yeah, that’s when I track them down and shoot them,” Max said, “It’s my favorite pastime, really.”
“Huh, well, I just had a little thing where a few anti-character protesters were harassing a kid…”, said Bugs, taking off his raincoat.
Sam’s face froze, before turning blank in disbelief, “Really..?”
“Yeah, I think he was on his way home from Creative Colors. When I saw him, a guy had ahold of him by the neck… I dunno what would’ve happened if I wasn’t there..”
“Ugh, well that’s something to worry about. It’s already bad enough that we have those missing persons..”, Sam frowned, this time it was a real one.
Bugs was about to say something about the kid being Tails, but he shut his mouth before he could say anything. He thought it was for the better Sam and Max didn’t know that.. Especially since the three of them were supposed to be on the lookout for him and the others. Sam nor Max would fire him, but he was sure the commissioner would if he find out, and he would surely kick him out before he could utter a syllable. He was a chill guy, but when it came to getting the job done - he was strict.
Bugs changed the subject, “While I was gone, what did you guys figure out?”
“Not much, we may need the help of The Geek… I have a feeling this has some science-y solution.”
“Yep, you hold him down while I get the scalpel..”, Max clawed his hands, squinting his eyes menacingly.
Sam chortled, “You crack me up, little buddy.”
“Maybe I could help,” Bugs suggested, walking up to the desk.
“Go for it, I’ve been having my canine brain wrapped around this since this morning… I’ve got no clue what the deal is with this guy, if none of us can figure out - then The Geek surely can,” Sam leaned back into his chair again, resting his hands behind his head.
The grey rabbit took the two papers, looking quizzically between the two.
“I like when he does that,” Max said, seeing his concentrated face.
After a few moments, Bugs’ eyes drifted up. “This sounds like something I’ve heard a while back..”
“What’s that something?”, asked Max.
“Well, sounds like something from an outbreak months back... Before you two came to be the police here.”
The duo exchanged glances, “Outbreak?”, they said in unison.
“Yeah, there was a rabies-like disease that only gets contacted by characters,” Bugs looked back down at Sam’s statement, “And if your statement is true... Then it wouldn’t make any sense; he was fine after he woke up.”
“Does that mean shooting people in the head cures rabies? Then why haven’t we been doing that with people with cancer?”, Max said in fake anger.
“Well, when they were treating people, they used a special elixir to stop it. But I don’t think you just have that in your bullets, do ya?”
“Nah, but unless it’s absolutely necessary - we have thinner filled bullets for Toons, and suction bullets for Digis... But those do the exact opposite effect, of course,” Sam answered, rubbing his chin in thought, “Maybe when my little buddy shot him, it reset him maybe..? I dunno, I’m not that good when it comes to that sort of such.”
“Does The Geek know anything about corruption?”
Sam blinked in surprise, he looked at Bugs a bit uneasily. “Uh, yes..? Why?”
“I think corruption just might still be here…”, Bugs said darkly, placing the papers back onto the desk.
“What? But I thought it was gone, vanquished!”, said Sam worriedly.
“Destroyed, burned, disassembled, and demolished!”, Max exclaimed.
“Unless The Geek proves otherwise... I think it’s still here…”, Bugs stated, also getting nervous at the thought.
“Well, we’d better figure out immediately, to the lab!”, Sam shouted.
“To the lab!!!”, Max screamed.
Sam slammed a button under his desk, opening a downwards tunnel in the wall. The two ran and jumped down it, squealing “Whee!” as they went. Bugs walked up and looked down the dark slide, his eyelids drooped down and he shrugged.
“Ehh, I guess... I mean, what do I have to lose?”
He then sat and slid down, following the two down to the depths; to the laboratory of The Geek.

Tails reached the mansion at 8:37, and about time he reached the doorstep - the rain started to let up. He opened the door, being greeted with the high ceiling room of the grand staircases. The fox took off his soaked raincoat and hung it on the hanger where many other coats were suspended. He shifted his feet on the entrance rug, removing any rainwater or mud that had stuck onto the bottoms. Tails then proceeded to one of the staircases with his paints, his footsteps echoed in the silence. Once at the top, he went to head down the corridor. But he was almost immediately stopped by a black, feline Toon.
“Tails! There you are, I’ve been worried about you. Where have ya been?”, Felix The Cat said worriedly, his ears drifted down.
“I told you I was going to Creative Colors... Did you not hear me?”, Tails responded, still a bit anxious from what happened not long ago.
“Oh…”, Felix murmured, he blushed, embarrassed. “Sorry, I knew.. I just- I had totally forgotten…”
The cat glanced down a bit from his friend’s face, seeing his neck - which was.. a lot darker than usual… It set off alarms in his head, but he was unable to mention it.
“It’s fine, Felix.. Where are the others..?”, he noticed how quiet it was in the hallway; where all of their rooms were - minus Oswald’s.
Felix blinked, gathering his thoughts back to their conversation, “Th-They’re in the TV room, they’re waiting for some interview on the news.. Oswald said it would probably be a good idea to watch it.”
“Huh, why’s that?”
“They’re… interviewing our friends and family..”, Felix said softly.
“What? Why?”, asked Tails, confused and conflicted.
“I guess ever since we ‘got rid of’ corruption, they’ve been suspicious of us, and deemed us missing since we never really go out in public… That, and something.. bad... happened yesterday, they think we may have had something to do with it..”
Something bad happened yesterday..? Well, that would explain the angry protesters...
Tails sighed, “I just hope that they have something nice to say.”
He walked past the cat, continuing down the hallway.
“Where’re ya going?”, Felix asked, watching him.
“I’m putting my paints away, I’ll meet you and the others in the TV room,” the kitsune called back.
Felix looked to the side, “Alright..”
He hesitantly started making his way towards the others.
Tails, on the other hand, was already on edge.. and now he had to hear the Freedom Fighters talk about him...
On live television.

“Can’t wait to hear what the shitheads have to say..”, Blam, a partyhat-wearing Comical said, slouching on the couch. His head was rectangular and white, and his black limbs splayed from his dark grey torso.
“Brother, language!”, Hatty, a suit-wearing Comical scolded behind him, looking similar to him. His head had a more cube shape and was much taller than his brother (who was exceptionally short). The formal Comical had pale skin from head to toe. His English accent pierced the room.
“You know you are literally the only one who cares, right?”, Blam responded.
“Eh... that’s false,” Yakko butted in, his height exceeding Hatty’s. He leaned on the top of the couch, “Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’ve told ya not to use swears around my brother.”
His brother, Wakko, sat on the other side of the couch with Blam. He looked up blankly at Yakko.
“Well, I’m pretty sure he’s heard more than the word ‘shit’... Just sayin’,” the lazy Comical retorted.
Yakko’s eyelids drooped down, and he refrained from saying anything else.
“See?”, Blam furrowed his brows at his older brother.
“Alright, let’s stop until someone gets angry enough to start a fight..”, Oswald said flatly, sitting in a chair close by, by his lonesome.
“I doubt they’d be mad enough to fight..”, a skeleton Monster stood beside Yakko, Papyrus looked at the rabbit in disbelief.
“Then I wouldn’t think too hard on it.”
Everyone looked over when they heard the creaking of the door opening.
Felix closed the door behind him, “Has it started yet?”
“No, it’s at 9 o'clock, sharp. We’ve still got a couple more minutes,” Yakko answered, looking up at the clock on the wall, “They’re talking about the hurricane, won’t be too long until it gets to shore…”
“Where’s Tails?”, asked Wakko, speaking after a long while of being silent.
“Indeed, I have not seen him..”, Hatty added.
Felix scratched the back of his head, “He said he’ll be here in a bit, he had to put away some paints he bought. He had gone to Creative Colors in town..”
“He’s always buying paint, yet don’t ever see him use it,” said Oswald, raising a brow.
“Tails likes to paint when he’s alone... He said it helps him focus.”
“He must need to focus 24/7 then,” said Blam firmly, not taking his eyes off the TV - which was now showing a weird bee-butterfly hybrid struggling to share the weather’s condition, whilst trying not to get taken away by the winds that were rising in speed.
Felix was silent for a moment, he then remembered the conversation he and Tails had just had. Or, to be frank, what he saw during it.
“I-I think there’s something wrong..”, he faltered.
Yakko looked at him in concern, “Whaddya mean?”
“With... With Tails.”
“There’s always something wrong with him,” Blam grumbled.
Hatty shushed him.
“Could you.. elaborate?”, Yakko asked, tilting his head slightly.
The feline wrapped his arms around his waist, “When I was talking to him a minute ago - I noticed that... Well, he had a dark spot on his neck…”
“Like a bruise?”, Papyrus raised.
“Well see, he shouldn’t have been out. He knows what would happen if someone caught him,” Oswald stated coldly, crossing his arms.
“Are you suggesting he was attacked?”, Hatty asked him fretfully.
“For all I know, yeah. Unless he had done it to himself..”
“Wh-What?”, Felix was startled by what he said.
“And why would he do that?”, Yakko retorted, loathing just the thought.
“I’m just sayin’...”, Oswald said calmly.
“Well, I-I don’t think he would-”, Felix was cut off from the sound of the door opening once again.
Tails looked up at them, once he was in. He felt the awkwardness in the room, especially since they were all looking at him. He knew they were definitely talking beforehand, but he didn’t bother to start setting up tedious questions for each of them. It just wasn’t worth it.
Wakko broke the silence that could practically make the walls shrink away.
“You can sit next to me if ya want,” he offered, smiling, resting a hand on the space between him and Blam.
“Sure,” Tails replied, starting to walk over. He smirked at Blam playfully, “You won’t mind will you?”
“As long as your tails don’t suffocate me, I’ll be just fine,” Blam snitted.
As the fox sat down, he was sure that his tails didn’t hit the Comical, and he laid them by his side. Blam’s eyes switched between the TV and him a few times as if he was suspecting Tails to do something. The room was silent again afterward, until a few moments later the clock struck nine.
“Here we go..”, Yakko whispered uneasily.

“So far, the now dubbed - Hurricane Chasity, has been starting to come close to the coast. From what we know, it’s been named such because of its category of one, confirmed by our meteorologists… For those who don’t know, Chasity means pure - and innocent. But don’t let that get your guard down... It would be smart to stay indoors, and for those specifically living at the coast - keep your ears open for any new information, just in case evacuation is needed,” a robotic Monster, Mettaton, announced. He had dazzling eyes of energy, “Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we will return to any news of Hurricane Chasity when needed - after this special segment interview. If you may or may not have heard (if you were living under a rock), there are eight missing persons, which will be listed before we proceed to ask questions pertaining to them towards their loved ones. Be mindful of any information we tell you - or any that is revealed by these people.”
The display then changed to show the word ‘MISSING’ in red lettering, a picture of Hatty flashed on screen, along with his name underneath. Hatty became visibly daunted, clasping his hands together and squeezing, as he saw his face on the screen.
“First, Hatty Hattington, eldest former prince of Toons. He is a 4”11 Comical, thirteen years old; he was reported to be last seen February 16th of last year, at the edge of the infamous Twin Forest.”
The image then changed to Blam, along with the name. He wasn’t moved, nor did he react in the slightest.
“Second, is Blam Boxxington, or highly known as Birthday Boy Blam - the younger former prince of Toons, he is related to Hattington. He is a 3”6 Comical, twelve years old; he was reported to be last seen August 8th of this year, inside of a gaming store. It was said that he was arguing with the cashier, about the… constant re-releases of the game Skyrim?”
Oswald rolled his eyes at the statement, obviously agitated. Blam’s face still stayed the same; blank as ever. “He said the game was flawless,” the boy grumbled.
“Third, is Yakko Warner, former TV star from the show Animaniacs. He is a 5”4 Toon, fourteen years old; he was last seen April 7th of this year - with his brother, Wakko Warner, in an alleyway near a cafe in Neverwood.”
Yakko lowered his head in what seemed to be shame. He glanced down at his brother, knowing that his name would be said in just a few seconds.
“Fourth, is Wakko Warner, also a former TV star from the show Animaniacs. He is a 4”2 Toon, eleven years old; his last appearance was with his brother, Yakko Warner.”
Mettaton took a deep sigh, “This next missing person has been confirmed as not missing, but deceased.”
Like all the others before, another picture appeared... this time being Dot. Yakko held his head in his hand, staring solemnly at the photo. Wakko under him, started to cover his face with his sweater.. not wanting to look at the visual.
“I’m sorry to say, that a few months back, it was confirmed that Dot Warner - former star on Animaniacs, sibling of Yakko and Wakko Warner - is dead. Her body has not been found, but with evidence found by the police, this conclusion was established… Dot was ten years old, she lived for approximately eighty years.”
Everyone in the room could feel the resurrected despair radiating from the two siblings, it had been months since their loss… But that didn’t mean the hurt had gone away any. It left them empty, mostly the eldest Warner. And even after each passing day of thinking of what happened, Wakko couldn’t process what had transpired - partly because he just mentally couldn’t, or that he thought it was a really bad dream - that it just couldn’t be real.. and that their little sister would be up waiting for them. Yakko was the one who had fallen to his knees, crying - sobbing, actually. His brother had his eyes stuck on their once lively sibling, silent streams going down his face. What illness she had was unknown, making it just about impossible for them to save her. Any medications, specific treatments, IVs, anything.. was just used to delay her unavoidable demise.
When Dot was finally immobilized in her bed, she knew it wasn’t going to last any longer...
But even though she did, and had accepted it... Yakko just couldn’t.
His entire life shattered into a million pieces.. in just moments.

The screen faded, then came back to the original set up. Yakko was surprised and relieved he had kept himself together. He looked down at his brother once again, seeing if he was okay. Wakko still kept his nose stuck under the neck of his sweater, his now weary eyes looking back at the TV. Yakko’s ears flattened a bit on his head.
He then felt a gentle and boney hand on his shoulder, “Are you okay?”, Papyrus asked in a tone that was the softest it had been in a long while.
“Y-Yeah, I’m fine,” he replied just as quietly and said nothing more. Though he did feel a little twinge in his chest that wouldn’t release. Yakko shrunk into himself a bit, joining in to continue watching, whilst trying to ignore the feeling.
“...Fifth... The fifth one of the missing persons is Papyrus The Skeleton,” Mettaton was still recovering from the previous report, and was then immediately met with a very familiar name thereafter. It was getting a bit hard for him to keep his words steady, “He is a former knight of the Royal Guard, he is a 6”3 Monster, and is twenty-three years old….”
There was a moment of silence before he continued, his voice faltered a little.
“He... He hasn’t been seen since the day all characters were freed; about 1.2 years ago…”
Papyrus felt guilty at the sound of his robot friend’s failing attempt to describe him. None of his friends had heard of him since then.
He wondered how his brother was doing…
Mettaton took a deep breath, trying to keep his composure, “Sixth, is Oswald The Lucky Rabbit. He is the former king of Toons, he is a 4”6 Toon, and is twenty-eight years old. He also has not been seen since the freedom of characters.”
Much like Blam, Oswald did not budge…
“Seventh is Felix The Cat. A.. quiet Toon, he is 4”8 and is thirteen years old. He was reported to be spotted in the backyard of citizen’s home in Neverwood, September 9th of this year. He was said to be, ‘picking daisies from the resident’s garden’.”
Blam found this humorous, snickering at the description of him. Felix frowned at him, being a bit confused at the quote ‘a quiet Toon’ - considering he was in a ton of things.
“Now, eighth; last but certainly not least-”
Tails, who had been dead silent the entire time, knew who was next. He held his breath, and he absentmindedly wrapped his hands around one of his tails.
“-Miles “Tails” Prower, a former member of the Freedom Fighters of Mobius - a segment of the Digi world. He is 5”2 and is thirteen years old. And.. to our surprise..”
Oh no…
“..We’ve had a report, stating that he was seen just under an hour ago. He was seen by a group of protesters on Puppeteer Street, in Neverwood, what he was doing exactly is unknown. The account is being investigated, any proven rendition we receive - we’ll bring attention to.”
The kitsune squirmed ever so slightly, gazing over at Oswald, who had his brows furrowed in obvious disappointment. He quickly fixed his eyes back to the TV.
The screen transitioned back to a view of Mettaton.
“And now that you are all familiar with these persons, let’s get to the..”, Mettaton was cut off, a voice offset suddenly started talking to him. He soon had a rather puzzled expression, “O-Oh, well that’s strange... Sorry, my sweeties, I’ve just been informed that the interviews scheduled tonight have been rescheduled to a different date.”
A couple of the characters blinked in surprise; some resulting in surprise, confusion, relief, or a mixture of all.
“The interviews have been moved to next week, on Tuesday. For more information, please visit our website,,” the metallic character read off. “If you see any of these characters, please call the authorities. Stay far away from them, or stay inside (if possible) and don’t take your eyes off of them, because some can be deemed dangerous…”
The room stayed soundless, even after the segment ended. Tails had tilted his head down, closing his eyes slowly in inaudible relief. Though it had just been rescheduled, he still had a nervous knot that had twisted itself in his stomach.
The eight started heading out, to go and get ready for the night’s meal.
They each had a feeling it was going to be pretty tense.
You may have noticed I haven't uploaded in a while. This is because school started about a week ago, so I'll be less active. But that doesn't mean I'll stop updating stories and uploading art.
BTW I'm now 14! Thank you so much for the amazing support of my time on DA, and the llamas you've given me as a gift or as celebration of my b-day. :)  When I get the chance, I'll update my bio so it'll be correct.

Anyways, that's it for now.



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