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Ok, so i've been on the deviantArts for a while now, and after some consideration I've decided to open myself to art commissions!  I'm pretty new to this so please bear with me <xD

Commission Types:

Character Bust
Inked Lineart = $5
Gray toned (similar to a Manga) = $10
Color = $15

Character full body
Inked lineart = $10
Gray toned = $15
Color = $20

Background = add $5~$10 depending on complexity
Additional characters = Add 50% per additional character.

Send me a note if you're interested, im pretty flexible, so don't hesitate to ask for specifics. lol
For OC's please give me a reference.
I'm gonna keep this PG-13, so no nakie people and all that stuff. I do this completely digitally, so there won't be any "originals", I'll send you a .tiff (or any file format you want really) via email (or any other means you prefer)
I'll accept payment through paypal, we can discuss details via a note.…

If anyone wants to join me in the debut of my comic streaming, please come in and say hi. I'm down for keeping this up if anyone actually is interested ;D
Constructive Criticism is most welcomed!

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Okay, so after a couple month's of....intensive practice....I've decided to start Exiled Abyss: The coming of Ragnarok again. I might even dabble some more in "The Elemental Storm" but most of my attention will be directed at getting Episode II off the ground (Doesn't make sense, but shut up). I might touch some of Shawn King here and there, but no promises.
Speaking of promises, I've made one to myself. I'm going to make sure I submit at least one decent project to me DeviantART every two weeks or so. After looking through my gallery there's like four or five pieces from December (being the most recent) and the next most recent is like May or something. Pretty dismal, I know.
This is probably going to be the end of my difficulty from school, once I start my major classes it should be smooth sailing. So less doodles and more actual finished work and if all goes well comics.
This is a statement to myself (and the three people who see this) that this will happen.

So if you like comics, stick around to check it out, ALSO if you like GOOD comics check out :iconshono:'s comic "Shadows of Oblivion". It's some kickass shit. ;D
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Well this has been a big transition from me. With almost 10 years of drawing manga/anime style, I've decided it's best if I start drawing my comics in a more domestic style. So far my biggest inspiration is :iconshono:, who I think captures a nice balance of the two (I'd recommend checking him out too). I've rarely seen a comic series in that style that is mostly about demons and angels and such (It always seemed like a Japanese, thing, I've never seen it done any other way) but he's seems to have a good grasp on it.

any who, Exiled Abyss is going to have a complete work over. Volume 4 of The Elemental Storm will finish in it's current style, but once I hit vol. 5 that will change. The Coming of Ragnarok will restart in the new style. I've pretty satisfied with this change, I think it's for the best. And I really do believe, that the weeks it's spend me to learn to change this style made me a better artist regardless, and if I decide to return to my old style the pieces I produce will be significantly better than before. Thanks to all the people who've supported me in this change and :iconshono: for being such a kickass artist.

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Well I moved my comic to a comic hosting website. It can be found here…
Ideally anyone who's been reading it on this website, and pays attention to the story, please make an account on drunkduck and leave some comments for me, whether it's commenting on the story, questions about the plot or (dare I say) artwork, or hopefully critique to help me improve on it.

This chapter of the comic is coming to an end, transitioning Tsuk, the Water Wielding Samurai, to Nohj, the Earthbound Gentle Giant. More is revealed about Yenek's and more about his powers. After Nohj, all's left is Belac and then this volume ends. Nohj's part will be more plot and character driven, and Belac's will be more dynamic. This is definentally the longest volume I've had so a lot! Volume 1 is the second, i believe ending at 122...this is at 137 AND STILL GOING. This should be a 200 pager, easy. xD.
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