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BG Summer: Sewing Chaos



Continuation of this...

Imoen: Alright, girlie... ye can join us, or ye can be sent ta Davy Jones Locker!

Skie: No! I can't stand the smell of gym shoes!

Minsc: Boo! You traitor!

Imoen: 'Ey, Teel! Don't you get too far ahead! Leave some fer the rest of us! And Aerie... was that really necessary?

Aerie: 'E were reaching fer a weapon, cap'n!

Imoen: Fair enough, I guess...

Tenya: Can I have a sword? Can I?

Imoen: You? Ye think I'm crazy?

Tenya: Awww, c'mon!

Imoen: Be good, n'maybe I'll let ya fire the cannon later, okay?

Left to right:
Minsc, Tenya, Imoen (with Boo), Aerie, Haer'Dalis, Shar-Teel.
Skie Silvershield, Yoshimo.

Characters from the Baldur's Gate games, by Bioware.
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Yoshimo: But... I'm harmless....
Shar Teel: I wouldn't trust you, er ye, any further than I could throw you, er, ye.
Yoshimo: That far? Thanks.